09/01/18 1816 PT -- I am back. After a fun day, and seeing the comments on the forum and some Facebook Messages, went to reset the server, change the main password on the files, then realized I had the wrong links set for the PAC-12 Feeds. Those are since corrected and working.
08/31/18 1648 PT || The future of this service is in limbo. || Outside of Extras (NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, etc)... If you can't find a feed here, that's because it won't cooperate well enough with THEOplayer, the video player in use. It will be made available by IPTV only as the streams work smoothly outside of it. (Channel list to come.) || For those that request an IPTV trial by 12a PT 9/15, you'll get the 1st month free.

New Format as of 7/7/18

At Global Gizmo Watch Party Live, you will find access to not only the 93 combined feeds (as of 8/1/2018) of the PAC-12 Conference [of champions (513+ NCAA titles)], but to other common US based (to start) TV Broadcast networks such as the ESPN family of networks, NFL, Fox Sports family of networks, etc.
  1. Mobile friendly
    1. navigation
    2. video player
      1. Chromecasting (7/10/18 2340 PT)
      2. Cross-device support including Xbox and PS4
  2. (517) 639-9479 sharing (beginning 7/15/18 2345 PT)
  3. metropolitic sharing (beginning 8/9/18 0630 PT)

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