Cloud Policy Management

Cloudpol is a B2B product for companies to store, deliver and manage their policies on the cloud.



Manage all policies in one place

Host your policies centrally in the cloud. Delegate the boring stuff to us!

Embed policies in web platform and App

Embed your policies in your web platforms or any mobile SDK.

All policies audit ready at any time

Audits are not fun. We make them less painful with our one click audit export.

Different roles and permissions

Apply specific user permissions to policies or an entire group of policies.


Delegate the effort of managing and deploying your policies to a tool that was built withthat sole purpose. We promise to keep your policies safe, available and easy to change.



5 Users
10 policies
Publish on Web



Unlimited Users
Unlimited policies
Publish on Web
Mobile App SDK integration


Contact us for personalised workflows, policy fields and changes to the audit export format. This plan includes a dedicated account manager.