She will attend the meeting instead of me.

I graduated from Harvard.

There was some trouble the day he moved in.

Jeanne is British.

If God is with us, then who can be against us?

Someone stole my driver's license.

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It is very difficult to persuade people to change their life style.


This text is aimed at beginners.


Don't look up.


This is Malloy's dirty little secret.

When was the last time you heard Slartibartfast talking about Stan?

Most elevators operate automatically.

I gave an answer to him with great difficulty.

It's still rising.


The girls wore grass skirts and had flowers around their necks.

How much do you feed your dog?

What can you tell us about Tracey?

Everyone is welcome to come.

I booked a seat.

If you need anything, just ask.

Stand in line.

The Earth is under attack by alien invaders.

Noemi sought to join the Ku Klux Klan.

We had an intense competition.

This is an orange.

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Tell me you remember, Ram.


Tonight could be the night.


It's a fish.

It's made of leather.

Where is Tricia buried?


The wedding ceremony was performed in the morning.

The state can take your children away if they deem you an unfit mother.

We're approximately the same weight.

I thought I made my reasons clear.

What's your favorite fairy tale?

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Seeing you always makes me think about my father.

She is a beaver.

Lord has big ears.

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Harris looked a little confused.


See to this matter right away, will you?

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How did you enjoy the concert?

I'm not going to go to Thierry's party.

"Okay, Adrian, pitting, pitting." "I really don't understand this drivethrough. I mean, the backmarker was holding me up, holding everyone up, and I get a drivethrough. Tell the FIA I really don't understand that." "Yes, we think it's very harsh and we will discuss it further with the FIA."

It has been two months since my arrival in Tokyo.

Kerry took a book off the shelf and handed it to Edith.

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Her boyfriend is older than her.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

It's not the final goal, but the process of getting there that matters.

Hey, guys. What's up?

I've already fed the children.

Dannie has been caught.

Make yourself presentable.

There are a lot of people here today.

He lives for studying.

The point is whether she will read my letter or not.

Everything that is not me is incomprehensible.

See to it that you never make the same mistake again.

All these smells remind me of the Christmases of my childhood.


Kyung says he saw something else.


Work makes life sweet.

The soccer player ignored the jeers from the opposing team's fans.

You need not answer the letter.

I want to excuse myself from the work.

Skillful listening is the best remedy for loneliness, loquaciousness, and laryngitis.


First of all, he went to the station.

Can it really be mine?

I like sashimi.

Apply yourself to your own work.

It's him or me.

Vincenzo will probably never forget this.

They have to study hard for the math test.

Gretchen loved them.

Well, just what is it you're trying to say?

My college has a dormitory.

Comrade Marguerite fell in love with comrade Bruno.

Chinese food was served in small portions which did not require cutting with a knife or fork.

That must be a new record.

She took offense at something.

Boyce complained that his room was too small.

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Do you have any left in stock?


How can you tell?


He cannot so much as write his own name.


Tait reminded me that I had a meeting at 2:30.

She gave them the benefit of her insight.

The floorboards in the abandoned house creaked when we stepped on them.

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You can bank on me.


The temperature is falling.

The natives heard a gunshot and thought that the invaders were in the forest.

I'll do better this time.

It was a simple matter.

Stay with us, Charley.

I'd like a little bit of help.

What do you think is the best way to settle this conflict?

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You handled the situation well.


We're going to get you some help.


It's obvious he's wrong.


There's nothing any of us can do for Jesper now except let him die with dignity.

I like my job just fine.

That was Ramiro, wasn't it?


Swallows are flying in the sky.


We are at home today.

Take him outside.

I just want to leave.

This temple is said to have been built over 500 years ago.

Are you our enemy?


I was a victim of a pickpocket.

Darrell told me to wash my face.

Sanand declined my invitation.

We all get along.

Learn from Comrade Lei Feng.

Stu wanted to stick around for a few more days.

I'm very glad I didn't have to do that.

He got his girlfriend pregnant.

When Wikipedia states a stupidity, it soon becomes a truth.

The freshest watermelon is discovered by knocking on its rind.

Where are you going in such a hurry, girl?

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This camera was made in Germany.

At the crossroads, turn left.

Will you make an appointment with Mr Ito?

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John Glenn orbited the Earth three times in 1962.

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I told Saqib to be here tomorrow morning.


I was reading a book.

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Do I have to insert coins first?

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Hey, twirp! This here is our territory!

I'm selfish. I admit it.

You never had a chance.

She held my hand firmly.

It's a great truth.

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Joshua is very jealous of you.


Noemi won the election.

You could say the team lost because of their bad services.

He says he's innocent, but they put him in jail.

This radio is no bigger than a matchbox.

I couldn't find them anywhere.

This man is a merchant.

Norman told me that he had been skydiving since he was sixteen.

Nobody believes that anymore.

"Everyone makes mistakes." "Especially idiots!"


Let's hope Evelyn can fix this.

The car's almost out of gas.

The prominent psychologist resembles my uncle in appearance.

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It's not what we thought it was.


This is the first time I've ever got into a mosque.


Margaret didn't want to rely on anyone else.

Good health consists of proper eating and moderate exercise.

How come you know him so well?


You need to leave immediately.

A "modifier" has, just as it sounds, the role of embellishing sentences.

Stop inhaling your food. You should eat more slowly.

Amigo said he had been ill.

I don't want to go up there.

Here's a new one.

Manolis didn't know what he should do.

She showed him my picture.

I'll call Scot in a few minutes.

Could you take off the price tag for me?

What should I call you?