I will come back as soon as straight.

We rented a movie.

It's your turn to shuffle.

What do you think you have to do?

The announcer can talk rapidly.

His story sounds strange.

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Dan pulled the pick-up truck out of the mud with his huge tow truck.

I left her a couple messages.

I don't seem to be going anywhere.

You shouldn't be doing that.

They had a choice.

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Bradley pulled into his parking space and got out.

They heard a gun go off in the distance.

I think we're safe here.


I don't want to play golf.

The chances of victory or defeat are even.

Try out my reins and my heart.

I'd like to know when you can send it out.

I didn't feed the dog.

He knew intuitively that she was lying.

I know what you must be going through.

I'd like to cash a travelers' check.

It's one of the basic human instincts.

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Dan didn't even realize that he had been swindled.


Sonny said he was busy.


He's manipulating you!

Look at the notes on page 10.

This letter is too long to have it translated at a reasonable price.


What man is that with blood all over him? From the looks of him, he can tell us the latest news of the revolt.

Earnie wants to look younger.

Edwin will need a good lawyer.

The sky was full of stars.

We are still attending school.

He heard Stuart.

How did you sprain your wrist, Cyrus?


Just go back to sleep.

They are boring the ground for oil.

Have you made any friends yet?

Dion isn't a history major.

The commander said they would stay.

Nigel found a fossil.

The girl who lives next door is very pretty.

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What am I supposed to tell her?

The lawyer spoke convincingly on behalf of his client.

I have to find it.

I think the person I saw in the alley is a private investigator.

Both Starbuck and Sally are left-handed.

The higher you go, the lower the temperature.

Frederic never had been drunk before.

These lights are beautiful!

Your sister's as beautiful as ever.

Urs loves Clarissa's children.

Bobbie didn't come home last night. I hope he's OK.

The baby was amusing itself with the cat's tail.

We saw the sun rise above the horizon.

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Sanche came to Boston looking for work.


These seats are reserved for old people.

But then he fell in love with Jane Wilde, a student studying languages in London.

Were they good?

She favors quiet colors.

I feel good this morning.

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Did Cathy go, too?

Please put some more wood on the fire.

I cannot pat this dog. I am afraid it might bite me.

I ordered way too much. I don't think I can eat it all.

He went through a very hard time.


Everybody took his position.

Who invited you?

"I am the Ghost of Christmas Present," said the Spirit. "Look upon me!"

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I play the piano a little.

Carolyn gave me 300 dollars.

We're doing it together.

It will be hot tomorrow.

Jim is Canadian.

Let's pick Vern up.

He's kind of cute, but I'm not sure if I like him.

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He cannot have completed the work by himself.

I wouldn't do it for all the tea in China.

Tell Rabin he should stay out of sight.

Anita looked through the telescope.

He's proud of never being late to school.


He hangs around with the wrong group of kids.

He went to Britain to deepen his knowledge of the culture.

Do you speak Greek? - Not yet, that's my first lesson!

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Let me tell you about her.


I'm sorry you're leaving us.

He's playing Tetris.

She committed suicide by hanging herself.

It looks like Janet's going to be kicked upstairs.

What you want and what you need are two different things.

It was shorter than he expected.

I'm planning on staying at Adam's tomorrow night.


We've got to find out.

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Robots shouldn't need roborants.


We spoil our youngest daughter.

Ernest won't say yes.

Ramanan knew the risks.

Isn't there a pharmacy nearby?

Prices depend on the costs and the demand.

Bobby is the name of my black warthog.

To what man was he probably sailing?

We're doing the wrong thing.

Daryl appears to be in a very good mood.

Two days ago, I read that book.

If the difference between order and chaos or preservation and ruin were the same as that between high mountains and deep valleys, or between white clay and black lacquer, then wisdom would have had no place: stupidity would also have been alright.

I don't have much appetite lately.

I'm not sure that's all true.

The Denver Broncos have won the 50th Super Bowl.

You were up all night, weren't you?

Victor asked me to his apartment for dinner.

Close your books.

Everyone makes their own interests.

We're all invited.

I'm sorry you're leaving us.

Apart from her, everybody answered the question.


Stu didn't have a good time at the party.


How are mom and dad?

Izzy and I want the same thing.

I want to stay home and watch TV tonight.


Tareq is a very shy girl.

I'd better take a look at it.

It just happened so fast.

Be more concise in your summaries!

Hitoshi lost his job during the last recession.

People that have experienced so-called 'lucid dreams' often describe them as being 'more real than reality'. They also describe reality after waking up from a 'lucid dream' to be like a 'whimsical dream'.

It was a lot more difficult than I expected it to be.

Here's a box of chocolates for you.

Hugh asked Jared where she wanted him to put the bag of dog food.


I'd really like to know why this keeps happening.


There are many ways to look at the world.

Rather, let us raise our voices in more pleasing and joyful sounds.

She is beautiful, but dangerous.

She felt like taking a walk.

We're at peace with the world.

Calvin learned how to swim when he was very young.

I didn't know you felt so bad.

Perhaps we should call security.

I like birthday parties so much.

Root thinks that she is ugly.

See you at 7.

I think it's about time we told Sigurd that he's adopted.

Please have a try.


I'm very sorry you're so unhappy.

I put on my shoes.

Can I open the window?

I am ashamed of myself.

I guess that tomorrow I'll be completely bald.

He was being beaten when I arrived.

Be as specific as possible.


Our generation has seen a lot of changes.

Srivatsan can never remember how to spell my name.

Mysore recently got out of prison.

This work doesn't pay.

I can type at a very fast rate.

That doesn't happen just anywhere.

I thought we had something to do this afternoon.

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It is hard to convince John.

Which river is the longest in Japan?

I don't have any feelings for her.

He didn't go there. Neither did I.

Who's up for some ice cream?


I think we should keep this a secret.

You have a pretty garden.

Meet me in an hour.

He sounded disappointed.

She bought me a nice coat.

I'm going to meet him tomorrow.

The tide of public opinion is turning against sexism.

Jarmo found that book difficult to read.

Do we have enough chairs?