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Mysore handed Straka a beer.

This sound of danger lent me wings.

Irving didn't have to die.


I need your answer tomorrow.

Can you tell me where the flea market is?

You had a choice.

He's an early bird.

How interesting!

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I've written several papers on this topic.

Tapas are Spanish appetizers.

He cleared the path of snow.


How come you speak French so well?


His car has just been repaired.

The beer's very cold.

I would be very happy to hear from her.

He fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident.

Don't pick up that phone.

Tomorrow I have a cricket match. Wish me luck.

Kay didn't say a whole lot.

I'm going to need to see a photo ID.

I am going to a distant place, you don't want to ask where.


I felt like crying at the news.

There were not many rainy days in June this year.

Don't you want to talk to them?

The proposal came up last week.

The world's evil almost always comes from ignorance.

I'm not looking forward to this.

He couldn't help but notice the beautiful woman walking down the beach.

You have an e-mail message in your inbox.

I did what I had to do, and if I had to do it again, I would...

The traffic was bad.

They were beginning to lose faith in their commander.

I could read between the lines that he wanted me to resign.

I'll put some salt in the soup.

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She doesn't understand British humour.


Pria dreamed of her often.

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Don't worry, this street is not obstructed

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We lost all our money.

It was French. I could tell by his accent.

He wrote a book on china.


I saw Terri flirt with my wife.

Reinhard might not like Mexican food.

I wish I could use magic.


Cathy couldn't tell whether Izumi dyed her hair or not.

She is not beautiful, to be sure, but she is good-natured.

Digital music is becoming more and more popular.

Lee might not be in Boston anymore.

We strive to improve our products, services, content, and advertising.

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Let's start right away.

I appreciate you being here.

Those who keeps early hour will live long.

The egg is a universal symbol of life and rebirth.

I'm going to college.

Bob isn't as old as Cindie.

It is easy to understand what he is trying to say.

How long have you been looking?

I do think it's wrong of her.

I haven't used Anki for a week, and now I'm behind by 500 cards.

Since you have a smart phone now, you can chat with me on Facebook any time.

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He is what you call a fine gentleman.

Go away, I want to be alone!

Happy are they that go to bed with grave music.

Wouldn't it be better if you did that by yourself?

The patient's condition improved.

Her face suddenly turned red.

I'll be going back to the family house.

I like going on trips in my car.

I'm sure we could arrange that.


Carthage was built by Dido.


This novel is very difficult to understand.


Gale was looking for something to eat.

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All Sho wanted was eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.


The doctor advised me to quit jogging because it was excessive exercise.

It is said that his mother is gravely ill.

As Yolanda entered the conference dressed as a clown, everyone fixed their gaze on her.


Scram, you cats!

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I heard the question.

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Toby likes to shop at H&M.

I gave him a fake name.

So what does it mean?


I know you must be afraid.

My aunt lives in a lonely house in the country.

He has a silver medal for his actions.

I'll pay you a visit sometime.

I think Ann is busy.

The deceased was eighty years old.

I heard him speak fluent English.

Don't forget to sign your name.

Gentleman once meant a person of high social class and sufficient income so that he didn't have to work.

Storms have abraded the outer layer of paint.

You have to take bus number 12.

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Laurie is a young girl.


Everything went better than I had expected.

He washes the bike every week.

Eat your veggies.


She believes it.


I couldn't blame you for that.

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What would you like us to do with this?

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Sitting all day isn't good for you.

Don't keep the TV on!

I am a Polish journalist.

I don't want to lose.

Are you there, Gunter?


Tell me about your everyday life.

Just a moment. I haven't made up my mind.

Can you stand up?

Angela has poor hand-eye coordination.

I can't tell you how good it is to see you again.

I couldn't get that lucky.

Have you ever written a letter to Merril?

I received your message yesterday.

I can't forget that.


My father teaches English at a middle school.

I think Lanny is progressing.

Departmental disagreements led the corporation to split into five separate companies.


Because her parents got divorced, the girl had little contact with her father.


The people on board thrust their way toward the rear exit.

She's looking but she doesn't see anything.

The call is free of charge.

I want more than that.

Dorian, are you filming?

I think we shouldn't get involved.

Brazil supplies us with much of our coffee.

How often do you go to the movies every month?

I just hope it makes it in time.

Let's go over there; it'll be easier for us to talk.

That's how I would've done it.

They ate marshmallows.

Without your help, I would fail.

I won the lottery and we're going to the Bahamas.

You do everything I tell you not to.

They pay him well.

Are you ready to start working?

In France did you work at the embassy or in the consulate?

I plan to tell Rolf that I don't want to go.

Unemployment is rising.

Tell Rees he has to get up.

It's important to do it with a textbook adapted to your level.

Vladimir has been sick in bed for a week now.

Keisuke is taller than I.

You must help us.


Typing capital letters on a computer is somewhat tedious.

There's nothing to talk about.

Depression is a period marked by slackening of business activity, widespread unemployment, falling prices, and wages, etc.

Jarmo will probably never go to Boston again.

Panacea's eyes lit up.

His knowledge of geography is insufficient.

Tai told me that I should be more careful.

I didn't get much.

Help yourself to the cake.

I tried everything to keep him alive.

Astronomers think that about 100,000 million comets orbit the Sun.

She's a jewelry designer.

I didn't sleep so much.

I'll go tell the others.

That's a steal at twice the price.


You were not jealous.

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Do you know where he was born?

Denying the obvious is stupid.

I wish them the best.


You'd better make up your mind quickly.

I have nothing particular to do.

He may come, or he may not.