Did you believe them?

I'll give you what for.

Raanan owns a sporting goods store.

How can you help him?

I need envelopes.

If you hammer a nail into the stud, you can hang the picture from it.

They were cut off in the middle of their telephone conversation.

Some people think that French is a hard language to learn.

Jasmine and lavender are my favorite scents.

I got home and the first thing I did was taking my shoes off.

Show me another camera.

The bodies of reptiles are covered by scales.


It did the trick.

I didn't have enough time to finish my presentation.

Defeat him.

I've always wanted a pet.

When my father came, I had eaten my apple.

Mott resigned in early October.

Hein and Juliane spend a lot of time together. I think they're in love.


You can get in touch with him at his home tonight.

We try to set a good example providing my staff with 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

I've given you everything I had.

But there's very little time left.

Oh, no. I broke a string in my racket.

Can anything be done for Hiroyuki?

Please try to express the same with simpler words, so that our foreign colleagues can understand it better.

We sleep seven hours a night on average.

I think that the circumstances were very risky.


Air is invisible.

I can understand Brender.

I've been helping her study for the GRE.

You're going to need better shoes.

What did you give Mike on his birthday?

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You must allow me to help.


Dan helped Linda with her essay.


He left his daughter a great fortune.

Klaus disregarded Amy's advice completely.

Tomorrow he'll play tennis.

I'm especially concerned about Juergen.

We made an agreement to meet exactly at ten.


We don't have an hour.

I leave for Boston tomorrow at 2:30.

She is very smart, and what is more, she studies hard.

The stairs collapsed and he fell.

I can't explain the reason for your tantrum.

Please show it to me again.

We must take into account the fact that she is old.

He asked me if I had found it.

On leaving high school, I went to Tokyo.


His weakness cancels out his virtues.


I wonder what happened to Damone's garden.

I worked alongside Raj.

I've contacted her.

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Michelle will fill in.


That's Butler's daughter.

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Sid was reluctant, but he agreed.

When will you have an opportunity to see me?

I see this house.

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Hans looks like he wants to leave.

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Back in my days, Tatoeba would load in under thirty seconds.


It is no wonder that he passed the examination.

This is Pete's flat.

Do you know of any inexpensive stores?

The wedding is still a few days away.

Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?


I won the scholarship.


The members of the committee are all men.

You should tell him the truth.

We've already been here for over an hour.

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You don't even know who your father is.

All of a sudden, the door slammed behind Luc.

You can take whichever way you like.

She has married nobody.

I think Barry is literate.

Dan didn't know where Linda was heading, but followed her anyway.

In Japan, it's very hot in the summer.


This is insoluble in water.

You cannot key in numbers because the NumLock LED is off.

Bud is not my sister.


It's very small and narrow.


This is all I can do for you.

The church dates back to 1173.

He visited me every time he came up to Tokyo.


You said you were thirty.

Don't sound so surprised. You know I can do whatever I want to do.

The cost of living in the United States was rising.

The refrigerator is open.

He peels his apple.

I know what I need.

He has two children who are the same age as me.

Jeany wished he could tell Mark about what had happened.

I replaced the broken cups with new ones.

What does Ranjit think of all this?

The audience was cheerful.

Kay is no longer a child.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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I want to say thank you.

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To study English is important for young people.

We'd like to leave.

Why do you want to work for our company?

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Human beings differ from animals in that they can think and speak.


Anything seemed possible back in those days.


I have explained to him that.

It is rare that he should make such a mistake.

Please wait a bit.


I was curious as to the result.


Hsi's hardly got a good word to say about his brother.

We'll have to double our budget for next year.

Help yourself to a drink.


What I need is a shovel.

Linder did nothing but watch TV all day long.

Ready or not, we have to be on stage in five minutes.

The waistband has lost its elasticity and now it's all crumbly and itchy.

We've already talked about that.

He looks like Johnny Depp.

The thief was arrested red-handed.

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Why does this have to be done?


Tomas's family lost everything.

He taught me most of the things I know.

Torsten would fall from her chair if she were to find out how her so-called friends talk about her behind her back.

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She looks like a Greek goddess.

Those girls look like guys.

Get their weapons.

She hasn't got a lot to give.

I make it a rule to jog early in the morning.


Jacobson wanted out.

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Your lies pain me.

The house stands by itself.

It could just be a problem with the spark plugs.


I am your older sister.

I think you should send Chip to Boston.

Such drastic economic growth cannot be sustained.


Some people don't believe in God because they can't touch Him.


Water is a liquid.

She made up her mind to go to America.

He works in a jar.


Nicolas's hardly said a word all day.

A stranger came up to her and asked her the time.

All these apples are very sweet.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

I wonder why Ramanan was late.

Dan angrily attacked Linda.

Let them do their jobs.

Who do you think'll be at the party?

Roger was born in 2013.

Mysore swindled Farouk.

You never asked why.


I don't understand some people's ways and how they can be so inconsiderate of others.

It is horrendous that the phenomenon of child soldiers still exists.

We're on the right track now.


It's windy today.


How does Jess feel?

Randall will finish the job by 2:30.

Boston is a great place to live.

Something tells me I should've said no.

I tried in vain to persuade him not to smoke any more.


At the outset of the long voyage I was seasick, but I gradually began to get my sea legs.