Anatoly's a party animal.

I wish I hadn't said that at the party.


I opened the door and saw two boys standing side by side.

The soul is the prison of the body.

That's our secret.

Do we have free will?

Miles went to Boston to buy a painting.

That is not altogether bad.

I keep thinking about him.

My dinner just came back up to say hello.

Luis refused to conceal the truth.

Have you ever been fired from a job?

Japan has many distinctive traits.

Is Bradley an eyewitness?

Make it pretty.

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We still have worse problems than this one.

I'm kind of busy tonight.

He makes five per cent on what he sells.

Maybe we should eat something.

I thought she loved me.

Robbin is quicker.

We have a lot of snow here in winter.

Her behavior was a departure from the normal.

Do you have news for me?


Is there a public toilet in this building?

I thought we could do it.

I know Takao and Nigel used to be good friends.

Vance deserves to be compensated.

I do not like any of these hats.


You're falling in love with me, aren't you?

She is guilty of theft.

Why aren't you at your office?

How can I serve you?

Choose whatever you want.

Where did you pinch them?

I'm sure everything will work out just fine.

That's told him!

My wife likes apple pie a lot.

Tai doesn't seem so well.

This is good.

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We should study English every day.


I'll stop now.


I've just been to the bank.


I suppose you already know that's my car.

Ancient customs are dying out quickly today.

Unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder.


That group is presently very active.


This room is twelve feet by twenty-four feet.

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His indignation got the better of him.

If you need advice, don't hesitate to ask for it.

For some reason, she couldn't sleep.

You know I can't wait any more.

Edward was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

You're the only person I know who can't swim.

I suggested that Stu get some sleep.

Don't let others do what you yourself don't like.

They were caught in friendly fire.


I don't have a knife.


I've heard that Eddy asked you to marry him.

Several students in the back of the classroom were sleeping.

I bathe daily.


It was definitely a hoax.

I consider myself lucky.

I heard that Woody plans to move to Boston.

This happened every winter.

Isn't that what you were hoping for?

All the seats are occupied.

She's wide awake.

He hurt his left hand.

Dan can't forget the time he and Rodney had their first big argument.

A dust storm is coming.

You and I need to talk.

I don't think Raj would make a very good husband.

So how exactly do you know Bernie?

She was right the first time.

In order to make this cake you need baking powder and unsalted butter.

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Vance was later absolved.

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We might be able to do that without Kemal's help.

The armed forces succeeded in occupying the entire territory.

I'll ring you back.

It happens whether you plan it or not.

What good would that be?


I am grudged even the least bit of happiness.


I got an A on my essay.

He's sexually repressed.

I know what has happened.

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Just then the door opened a little way, and a creature with a long beak put its head out for a moment and said: "No admittance till the week after next!" and shut the door again with a bang.

You are taller than me.

Our plane took off exactly on time at six.

Love is not a crime.

I feel bad about it.


This could happen to anybody.

Sanand, someone is here to see you.

The contents of the four registers are preserved by the called subroutine.

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They lost.

Even if we end up being late, it doesn't bother us.

You've been avoiding me.

She is reading it.

You broke the table you were sitting on.


I'm perfectly capable of doing this by myself.

You know Gerald pretty well, don't you?

A turkey is a large bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious anniversaries, has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude.

When Mr Jones gets old, he will hand over his business to his son.

He has something to do with the case.

Please deposit your turd in the bag provided.

Do you have any concerns?


We are working to fix this bug.

Claudia said he wasn't offended.

You've always been very good to me.


There's a tornado coming!

I'm out of here.

All of Franklin's sentences are short.

What has a head, but cannot think?

I'm glad you like him.

What are you doing back there?

I was accused of eating the boss's lunch.

Would you two excuse me one moment?

But I'll get used to being blonde again.

He tried to imagine what the client was like.

I don't think it's safe to swim here.

He's not the right man for this job.

I knew that we'd be late.

It's a simple plan.

Don't get me flowers anymore.


You are washing dishes.

Don't worry about the store. I'll lock up.

It certainly is a good day for a picnic.

Don't apply that nickname to me.

He refuses to become involved in the trouble.


Did Rahul hurt Tiefenthal?

Moses will catch you.

How much is the freight on this box?

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Why were you with her?

You've never trusted me, have you?

The boots are tight around the calf.

We're sorting it out.

Clayton said he was finished.

Miriamne's had numerous opportunities to set the record straight.

It's as good as done.


You seem young.

Rodney's diet is deficient in protein.

She is affected with the gout.

I'm not familiar with French poets.

You should be angry.

Douglas would love this.

I have no more time to talk with you.

The discussion was being cancelled.

Are you sure Theodore can swim?

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I don't know why I cried so much.

I am from the City of Manila.

What do you want to say to him?

Neal heard a voice whispering his name.

I've never seen you so angry.

It's just money.

I know how uncomfortable you are.

He plays baseball after school.

When freedom of the press was fresh, newspapers were even more scurrilous and libelous than today.

He's a loose cannon.

For a moment, Eric was too surprised to speak.

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Well, it's not really our place to tell them that they can't do so.

I demand to be told the truth.

I understand why you're angry.

There was a lot at stake.

The number of students in this class is below the average number.

I think Srinivasan liked it.

Soldiers were regularly relieved and found relative safety in the dug-outs.

I don't own a black suit.

Austria is one of the largest producers of electricity in Europe.


She can handle it.