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He has a big heart.


We still haven't found them.


I see no need for you to do that.


He came over to my house.

Olivier wished he were able to visit Boston more often.

Would you like student volunteers to pick you up at Kansai International Airport?


Belief in miracles is popular.


All my friends say that.

I've decided not to keep a dog again.

You got some white stuff on your boots.

Hume is a very good guitarist.

Bob told Triantaphyllos that he didn't know what to do.

Curt's father was my French teacher.

She gave birth to a daughter yesterday.

Why are you sitting here in the dark?

How bad can it be?

It looks like she's got a lot of friends.

I've always cared about you, Angus.

While there's life, there's hope.

I have three dogs.

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The penis entered the vagina.

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Is Vicki alone now?


Wait. I can't walk that fast.

She poured her heart out.

She has a great wish to travel around the world.

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I went to high school in Boston.

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I was surprised at you and your brother appearing on TV.

Have you had your oil changed recently?

He handled the tool skillfully.


I was surprised that her hobby was karate. She always wears cute clothes.

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That's what we're working on.

Allan's essay had many typos.

She has a set of irregular teeth.


Hamilton is on good terms with Bill.

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This is off the record.


Herman leaned over the table and kissed Pascal.

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We were dead tired from the five-hour trip.

Jennifer offered Brandon some money, but she refused to take it.

Suwandi must've been a lot like you.


What do you like to eat?


Coleen and Sjaak were dating.


In flight, the airplane rotates about the center of gravity.

I don't want to talk about Johnnie.

I asked you to leave him alone.

I want to tell you a strange thing.

Hitoshi is an errand boy.

If these tendencies continue, those aged 65 or more will account for a quarter of the population within 30 years.

The baby often annoys the mother.

The police don't have a suspect.

I was determined to be able to speak many different languages.


Tuna likes to make paper airplanes.

I bought a new t-shirt yesterday.

Just give me three hours.

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She wanted to live a more relaxing life.

There is a shopping district underground.

Oranges signify a happy love while lemons symbolize an unrequited one.

We've got to find the key.

He's always on the go, from morning to night.

What are you smirking at? Did something good happen?

I bit my lip.

I'm so glad that you asked me to give the opening speech tonight.

He inherited of a great fortune.

Instead of going myself, I sent a letter.

I could understand why Danny hated me.


I want to open an account.

Where am I now?

Women feel that men are often very complicated.

Capitalism hasn't to be a monster.

He's already here.

There is no harm in you sleeping late on Sunday.

I can't seize the meaning.

Oleg doesn't know what this is.

I really hate to see you in such pain.

I don't drink and I don't smoke.

What makes this so different?

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My name happens to be Erik, too.

That sounds like her.

I was alone that night, making noises to trick you, that's all!

The police detective didn't believe Willie's story.

I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my friendship with you.

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Kamel admitted that he had stolen the bike.

Does this document refresh your memory?

Will you and Randy join us?

I won't do that without Rahul's approval.

When he learned that he would have a new brother or sister, Oliver was overjoyed.

I think she's on our side, but I'm not sure.

These apartments are designed specifically for young families.

About how long will it take?

She was the first girl to win that contest.

Jagath is going to propose.

Hello, my friend! How are you?

White lies could help us to be diplomatic and avoid hard feelings and arguments which can ruin a day - or a friendship.

Delusion is short-lived, but remorse lasts a long time.

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HP can only be restored with a golden apple.

He always comes to show his appreciation during the New Year and holidays.

Can I have a beer, please?

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I have a spare key to my house hidden outside.

He who wishes for peace, prepares for war.

Give a man a fish and he'll have dinner for a night; teach a man to fish and he will have dinner for a lifetime.

I was too fast.

A Mr. Jackson came to see you while you were out.

Manavendra car-pools with friends to save on parking fees in the city.

Enjoy your holidays.

Pilot takes six tablets every morning after breakfast.

It took me a long time to realize I was doing it the wrong way.

It is no use getting angry at him.

Some days before the test, he put the wind up him properly.

Syd told me that he would leave soon.

Get back in the van.

I just never thought this could happen.

It's not that easy, huh?

The results were disappointing.

Arthur bought an expensive sports car.


He had made good as a singer and he became very popular.

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Do you want to know how?

I want to work there.

Clem's interest faded.

I didn't know what I should say to Alex.

Where is the sanitary section?

I'll go tell everybody.

I'm not angry with Wilmer.

I'll remain in Boston for three days.

Did you tell Ben that Francisco did this?

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It looks like I'll finally get a chance to meet Klaus.

I won't be able to help him.

I'm grateful for all you've done.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the eight members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

He entered the college to study electronics.


They built a bridge across the river.

You didn't do anything that I wouldn't have done.

Shahid is eager to talk to Arne.

You're not too old for him.

Did he learn Japanese as well?

Special forces and marriage don't go together.

Phil doesn't know why Drew doesn't like him.

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I'm too tired to go out for a run.

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We'll see you later tonight.


My mother is like a friend to me.

I'm the one who suggested we do this.

She applied to him for help.

I take a taxi to the train station once or twice a week.

He was a brave soldier.


She's trying to recreate a sense of home.

You're not the one who died.

Who else knows I'm here?


We won't need any help until Monday.

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I suppose I can ask her.

Do you usually wear a bike helmet?

Not knowing what to answer, I kept silent.

I'll never forget seeing her on the stage.

Prince Charles will be the next British king.

I was kind of hard on you.

Here's the deposition you needed.

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That was devastating to Elric.

You seem like such a nice girl.

How can I work with all these papers everywhere?

I could manage to earn my living.

We'll talk to Romain then make a decision.

Should I cancel the call?

Nanda is going to Harvard.


I know it doesn't look like it, but I've actually gotten rid of a lot of stuff out of the spare room.