I fell asleep in the middle of the lecture.

I've met someone.

Instead of listening in class, I'm translating sentences.

Hardworking as he was, sometimes he felt disinclined to study.

I didn't know that Clyde could speak French.

Drinking on an empty stomach is bad for your health.

We'll talk about the details later.

What else do you see?

Does Dustin think that I should go talk to Sugih?

The young plants are potted during the winter.

Of course, I can't tell him.

I always confuse which side is port and which starboard.

They flattened his nose.

I met him there.

If I'm lucky, I will arrive on time.

May I set the table?

The problem isn't her.

Frankly speaking, I think he's a good boss.

You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

She is very becoming in a black party dress.

He helped an old lady to get up from her seat.

It's been ages since we last talked. Let's catch up this weekend over coffee.

Hadn't we better be going soon?

She's six years older than I am.

The conference was not a complete success.

Marcel knocked on the front door.

The fire brigade arrived to find the house well alight.

Our passports were all we needed.


There is no sign of life on Mars.


This job doesn't require special training.

He asked me questions similar to those asked by many others.

We had to yield to their request.

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I ran as fast as I could, but I missed the bus.

We just need a little more time.

Gary never mentioned you once.


I just hope everything works.


Jarvis is fairly popular, isn't he?

He cheated on me.

I'm staying over at my friend's place.

Everybody in the family wore glasses except for Tai.

You're just nervous.

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Why didn't you go after her?


What you said is right in a sense, but it made her angry.


They are paid by the week.


His jumbo jet ought to have arrived in Osaka now.

Bancus and I had a conversation on IRC.

Who wrote this song?


You have a beautiful home.


Stop stealing my sentences.

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Would you recognize her?

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We all pondered over what had taken place.

Is your hair still wet?

Miriamne and Malcolm live nearby.


Stop inappropriate content the moment it is posted.


That was the best meal I've ever eaten.

No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them, with powder and lead - Thoughts are free!

Have you ever thrown stones at crows?

What was wrong with the old way?

He can do better.


Didn't you remove them from the premises some years ago?

That is the restaurant where we had dinner yesterday.

I will help you as far as I can.


Irvin was unable to answer.


Would either of you like coffee?

I would enjoy that.

Why do you need a new umbrella?


I've said it before and I'm saying it again: don't touch my things!

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Communists don't believe in the stock exchange, which is really a big casino.

Were you there when it happened?

A professional is painting the house.

He's looking at us now.

Let's ditch these people and go home.

They're 30 minutes behind schedule.

Where are you going with those?

These are pens.

My wife thinks I'm crazy.

I told Earl.

He took a taxi to the hospital.

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I really hate myself right now.

Thomas was watching Jacobson and John.

Wolfgang can understand Swahili.

If you behave like a flunkey, you're treated like a flunkey.

We can not learn Japanese without learning Kanji.

He taught himself French.

Nadiya Savchenko is a real living legend.

Are you sure you want me to help you with your homework?

Today's school does no poorer a job than it used to.

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Cristina couldn't get out in time.

We'll figure things out.

Someone who sees something wrong being done and does nothing about it, is as culpable as the perpetrator of the act.

I was sure I understood it, but on thinking it over, I realized I didn't know at all.

I understand completely.

My father usually comes home at six.

I'm sorry I couldn't write to you sooner.

"Help, help," she cried.

The sun having set, they were still dancing.

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The cat was unimpressed.

It's said that she loves him.

Just tell us what you need.

He is a teacher and novelist.

Write down what the teacher dictates in the French class.

She's the pirate queen.

I promise I'll try harder next time.

Did you get the package I sent you?

Lars seemed to know exactly what he was doing.


To kill someone for committing murder is a punishment incomparably worse than the crime itself.


Take the elevator to the fifth floor.

What is it famous for?

Don't cry / For the good times gone. / Smile instead / While they're still going on.

Correcting one another, we will all improve our Esperanto.

Translate every line of this text.

I live just up the road.

Don't touch that dial.

It was a walk in the park.

Raise your hands!

Don't sugar my coffee.

On the floor were two pairs of shoes.

Let's not squabble.

He lost hope and killed himself by taking poison.

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I can't hit her back. She's a woman.

Omar promised to make Jayant a sandwich.

We can understand everything they're saying.

Even if you had studied a lot you would not have passed the exam. It was too difficult.

Your T-shirt will dry soon.

These are my parents.

I played with a computer.

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I sent him a book along with a card.

Customs include food, celebrations and dancing.

Liber saw Brender enter the store.

I have a great deal of work to do.

We spent some happy years together.


Let's visit Tiefenthal.

Axel is wasteful.

I thought they were all Canadians.

You forgot to let the dog in!

You can't treat me like that.

He was a big, slow-moving man.

I love autumn.

It was once believed that the earth was the center of the universe.

I wonder what Nora thinks.


I made sure of that.

Mr. Nakamura went bar hopping in Tokyo.

The car pulled up in front of the bank.


We expressed the hope that they could go abroad again to study geography.

In case of fire, ring the bell.

Molly is downhearted.


Here, everybody feels respected and appreciated.

I am diabetic.

Those and I never did get along very well.

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How did you come to love her?

I am a member of the sales department.

She wants answers.


She got angry with us.

What would I say to Harv?

Craig asked us to hurry.


She scratched her head.


You're being modest.

Jeff enjoys movies.

It's a pleasure to meet you all.


He has a special regard for her.

They decorated the room.

What can I give you in return?

Don't play with that key!

Ladies first!