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She bade me tell you that if you don't meet her at nine o'clock tomorrow you will never see her again.

I know exactly how it makes you feel.

I saw Emily waiting in the lobby.


What effects would planetary alignment have?

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Taurus wondered what to do with the wallet he found.

Cheer me up!

You're still a child.

I hope that continues.

Is everything satisfactory?

You said some nice things about me.

How could I hate them?

Sunil gave Cathy a quick peck on the cheek.

What have these poor people done that they must be punished in this way?


"May I park here?" "No, you must not."

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We can't leave Calvin there.

Frederic didn't win, did he?

I saw Jean-Pierre earlier this morning.

I guess I don't care much.

He was very close about his past.

Blessed is the one who expects nothing, never being disillusioned.

Try to fulfill your duty.


We have pilaf, lo mein, and kebabs in our restaurant.

How are you getting along these days?

We'll start when he gets here.

Can you stop with the complaining?

There is fame and fortune lost.

I want him to help us.

We're ready when you are.

If I slap you, the whole city will suffocate from face powder.

We made a lot of progress today.


Juliet made it quite clear what he didn't want us to do.

I'm glad you like it.

The man is right.

Classification is not my specialty.

I've come to ask for your help, Hazel.

They're criminals.

I'll give you as many as you like.

I don't scare that easily.

He looked back.

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The best fish smell when they are three days old.


I feel young.


Thanks for staying with her.

I'm really proud of him.

There shouldn't be any problem.

I suppose I could ask Vilhelm.

I need nine hours of sleep.

They burned some coal.

Mechael isn't so successful, is he?

It's raining there.

You can't go wrong if you are advised by me.

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I often wear blue.

The ecologist warned us that petroleum was not merely a blessing but also a curse.

I wonder why Tai was so angry.

The Library of Congress has a Youtube channel.

Where do you want to go tomorrow?

I don't know what's in there.

Do you want to stop?

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That's why Jon doesn't have a girlfriend.

The book paints a fine description of the customs of the country.

Making a dive in the Philippines was incredible, but I'm excited about returning to Sydney now.

Jennie wishes he was a better swimmer.

There was a big party at Heinz's place last weekend.


We are short of time, Rayan.

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It's a pleasant day for a picnic.

It is painful for me to see the name of the traitor among other names in the same sentence.

That was really a lot of fun.

Why did you want to go to Armenia?

Mayday, mayday!

Olson is getting married this fall.

It looks like the flight was delayed.

I'm going to move next month.

It's totally wrong.

Drop by and bring all your friends!

The water here is shallow.

When he has eaten, he goes to sleep.

Lanny walked across the floor.

How many hours a day do you study French?

Has she come to the bank before?


Marion didn't leave a suicide note, so the police suspect murder.

Don't underestimate the incredible power of a simple smile and a kind word.

Research on the causes of cancer is very expensive.

I'd like to help you if I can.

We're a little different.

What are your instincts telling you?

End of story.

Everyone in the room laughed.

He advised me to go there.

It isn't obvious.

I'm giving up smoking.

Allan didn't mean what he said.

May I see two pieces of identification?


It's just a job, you know?


There were flocks of people on the beach.


Dan insulted Linda racially.

You are home late.

What can I get for you?

The story goes that she was murdered.

Turkeer was getting tired of hearing Calvin bragging about winning the race.

You need to go home right now.

After an absence of seven years, I went home.

You are not allowed to park there.

Ricardo tried to stab Marshall.


I have to go ask them.

I can't see what you mean.

The king protested.

Which one do you think I should buy?

A fire broke out inside the movie theater.


Then he said hello to the old man in the same language.

I wonder how long Jwahar has been here.

Roderick helped Floyd to her feet.

Its color is red.

She changed her mind again, which made us all angry.

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Be careful not to burn yourself.

Can a trip during which one can't talk directly with the residents of the visited locations give anything valuable to the traveler?

Jess can't afford to buy a new bicycle.

When an Uyghur met a Belarusian, what language did the two speak to each other?

All members need to observe these rules.


He showed his mother around the city.

The recent shortage of coffee has given rise to a lot of problems.

You don't need a list.

She had a headache from lack of sleep.

Dan lived in a nice apartment.


Individuality is stressed in the Western world.

Don't talk to her.

My mother asked me to keep her company during the weekend.

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He's observed on the relationship between the two countries.

Thanks for being my friend.

I competed with him for the championship.

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Only one moment of my life was enough to get to know and love you, but all my life will not be enough to get to forget you.

Robert brought a date to the party.

One more beer, please!

I hope Hsuan gets better.

The people gathered around a round table.

You know what I want to hear.

It's been a long time since I've been here.


I want Rogue to stay as much as you do.

What a big book this is!

There's a big supermarket in my neighborhood.

Ernie tested positive for EPO.

Brad will make due.

Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

Barton dove into the swimming pool.

Can we please focus here?

They walked downstairs.


I was chuffed with the result.

All taxpayers have the right to know where their money goes.

They wanted me out of the way.

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Mickey is a likable person.


Did I do something to offend you?


If the weather is bad, we won't go out for a walk.

Let's go to the pool.

There, here is the other clown asking for more!

Pontus got taken.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?


I wanted to run away with him.

I'd like you to have an ultrasound.

Kimberly noticed Bud's disappointment.


Surprisingly, I agree with Eileen.

Do you have separate accounts or a joint account?

I can't live like this anymore.

Extracorporal shock wave therapy is used for plantar fasciitis, but limited evidence supports its use.

Why won't Winnie listen to me?

I don't think she usually tells lies.

John would often go mountain climbing when he was a student.


I just have one quibble with this product.

I'm just doing what needs to be done.

Do you want to know or not?