Finally they gave in to their enemy.

Ken has a lot of great ideas.

I am happy to have so many good friends.

I have lots of things to do.

Give my love to Donnie.

I wasn't thirsty.

I am so busy that I can't help you.

That would be acceptable.


Hey you! Up here!

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This is the money at your disposal.

Ken cried for help.

Emmett had to do everything himself.

My teacher always said, "You can find happiness if you rid yourself of selfishness".

We're behind schedule.

He went for a walk.

Have you ever heard about Hollywood accounting?

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I told you what I think.

Screw the boys.

Hohn did that for Christophe.

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I'll lend you the money, but mind you, this is the last time.


Please give me your credit card.


You are invited to a betrothal party a week from now.


She didn't marry the man.


Best of luck to you.

Don't try to do two things at the same time.

Let's go visit them.

Suresh probably thought I was hungry.

This is a nice surprise.

May we accompany you on your walk?

Japan is a beautiful country.

The experience prejudiced her in favor of the Democratic Party.

In South Bohemia, there is a calm and sunny landscape with plenty of lakes used for freshwater fish farming.

I'm going to my office.

Many women pursue higher education and careers, thus delaying marriage and childbirth.


Let us know if you can't get here on time.

There were many ambulances filled with gunshot victims.

I never get to do anything by myself.

Oh my God! You're so stupid!

I'm sending a car for you in thirty minutes.

He did not sleep a wink.

Hazel likes attention.

I didn't trust him at first.

The high percentage of oxygen makes humans feel energized and alive.

Come on, get up.

In political geography, a boundary is an imaginary line between two nations, separating the imaginary rights of one from the imaginary rights of the other.

Come back and see us in the morning.

There's another way out.

Real thinks that eating at a restaurant by himself is pathetic.

In general, little girls are fond of dolls.

We're all witnesses.

Do you want this back?

He is one of the most popular students in the class.

We haven't heard from her since then.

She wants a new dress badly.

This kingdom needs a new king.


I think Carsten looks very handsome.

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What we want is a chance to earn a decent living.

Your hands are cold.

He praised me to the skies.


Electricity cables are made of copper.

I'd like to hear you talk more about that.

Swimming makes the legs stronger.


Explain it in plain language.


Soles of the feet are insensitive to heat and cold.

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I thought Bert would be much fatter.

We elected him our leader.

Where are you sleeping tonight?

How did you make the decision?

Clay asked his girlfriend's father for permission to marry his daughter.

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It takes courage to succeed.

I filled in my name on the form.

I really had to run for it to catch the train.

Matt is insolent.

The alien is postbiological and is really an advanced machine.

I don't want to offend him.

We got scraped up.

Irvin has asked me out.

Stop wasting your breath.

You can reach me at the address written here.

I don't want to talk to her anymore.

The game was suspended.

She's a drama queen.


Share prices have been erratic this last month.

He went to bed after supper.

Make the best of your time.


Nothing is true except what isn't said.

I like your hair.

You can't keep treating me like a kid.

He censured me for what I had done.

I can't speak French at all.

We don't want to be any trouble.

Where are my sunglasses?


We've got something.

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Sherri is pretty cool, isn't he?

Jenine goes to Boston every year.

Happy is a man who lives in peace and content.

Do I detect sarcasm?

Herman lost his glasses.


Matt bought a present for his daughter.


I wonder how that happened.


I want to lose ten pounds.


Cathrin wants to ask you if you'll help him next weekend.

Thank you for the last invitation.

Kolkka is extremely tolerant.


There are things that should not be known before twenty.

Coffee, please.

She behaves in a childish way.


I don't think I'll go to Boston.

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You're embarrassing.

Ice is water in solid form.

Non-members pay an additional 50 dollars.

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For example, it is 7:00 a.m. in London now.

Stop smoking. You're addicted.

Why did you tell Meehan first?

They are having a party tomorrow.

The school's gates open at 8 o'clock.

It goes without saying that honesty is the key to success.

The post office is the brown building.

I couldn't let them go.

She said 'I love you' to me.

She wanted to know if the photographer could remove the hat from the picture.

Malloy has already told me what I wanted to know.

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You have a crush on him, don't you?


Dorothy is sloshed.


I'm pretty good at French, I think.

Hsuan ate a Greek salad.

What is a life worth living?


Art is dead.


I've just learned a new song in a foreign language.

Blaine never told me where he lived.

It's a lifetime appointment.


Elaine should be getting home.

Are you Chinese?

There's a pig in the sty.


I also heard a similar story.


Janet didn't know that Francisco was asleep.

Hubert stopped rowing.

Was their mother watching the girls?

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I want to be as tall as Merton.

It's not your money that I want.

Advice when most needed is least heeded.

I can't show up looking like I've been working on the farm all day.

Lester can't hurt us anymore.


Do you do that often?


Throw the ball back to me.

What am I doing here?

I'll be sticking around town all summer. I just don't have enough money to go anywhere.

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It would be stupid to say no.

I drive a hybrid.

I don't smoke anymore.

Bobby didn't eat lunch with us.

You should consult him.

Do you mind if I sit down?

He often takes advantage of her ignorance.

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The joke is on her.

I'm sure Jerry will be here.

Oooh sick! What is that stuff? It's all spongy.

He is the magnet of attention.

How will you dispose of this problem?