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Everybody needs one.

They did not want to support him on this issue.

The cup is nice.


He disagrees with his relatives.

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I just wanted to go jogging.

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Now that I've lost him, all I can do is languish.

This is a pretty stupid question.

Can I offer you guys a ride?

What time should I wake you up?

The result was by no means satisfactory.

Amir didn't want to leave.

No need to translate this sentence. I understand it.

Diane's handwriting is almost illegible.

Did you feed the dog?

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This maze is very hard to get out of.

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They say that you never forget your first love.


He realized a large sum by the sale of the plantation.

Willie dropped a bombshell.

Daniel loved me.


I like Lojban because I think in a figuratively Lojbanic manner.


He had to give up his dream after his accident.


He had his hair cut.

He was burning the candle at both ends.

The president will hold a press conference later today.

I rushed to the TV so I wouldn't miss the game.

Recently, the number of foreigners working or studying in Japan has increased.

Traffic was also disrupted including the suspension of the Akita, Tohoku bullet train.

Flashy people irritate him.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this.


It is terribly expensive.

The government was earning more money than it needed.


The whole village was dark and deserted. The stores were closed, the doors, the windows. In the streets, not even a dog could be seen. It seemed the Village of the Dead.

Do whatever you want.

They are not singing, they are flirting with each other.

You could be right, I suppose.

I've never been to Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Would you like to go to a soccer game?

I thought we had a real connection.

We're doing the same old routine: going bar hopping and then to karaoke.

He should have been more careful.


I believe this is mine.


A deep sadness overcame me.

How much did you guys spend?

Carlos finally lost his temper.


His work is a source of pride for him.

Mahmoud is getting close.

Put aside those fears.


A dog has an acute sense of smell.

Are you forgetful?

I think Len got a little tired.


My parents usually speak to each other in French, even though my mother is a native English speaker.

Rajeev is Howard's stepdaughter.

I don't speak French as often as I used to.

Joel gets very argumentative with a few beers under his belt.

When the police stopped him for questioning, Brendan tried to make a run for it.

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I am leaving for Paris tomorrow.

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We went on a really long walk.

To relax, breathe slowly.

Deb painted the wall white.

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I am four years younger than him.

I think Aimee could help me.

I don't think I'm the problem.

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Nate didn't need lessons.

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He left Tokyo for Osaka.


He came to the Irish with all the signs of an apostle, and when the people asked him to explain the Blessed Trinity, he reached down to the ground and picked up a shamrock.

Here is a magic ball of yarn. In whatever direction this ball rolls, follow without fear.

I can help her.


I'd like a little bit of help.

Who was the last person to log on to the computer?

The universe is really big and we're really small.


Three years have passed since he died.

I had a class with Mrs. Tortello.

God is everywhere but He is most manifest in man. So serve man as God. That is as good as worshipping God.

The badly burnt pilot was still in the cockpit.

I need to impress him.

He went to the dentist.

Ron had to take care of Joseph's son while she was working.

Petr knows that's true.

Her grammar is bad.

He usually wants to practise his English on me.

Curtis wants to buy a house in Boston.

I don't want to play golf.

One of the aircraft's engines cut out.

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You can't let Alex drink by himself.

I feel like taking a trip.

Elvis is trying to stay calm.

The defense attorney was pleased by the verdict.

Do you know her name?

Is your father rich?

I told you to stay out of this.

You can arrive at a compromise.

I don't like such things as steaks and hamburgers.


Have you told them?

I did that work on the orders of my boss.

There is only love and happiness in Scatland. Hatred and resentment? Well that's unheard of. It's unheard of.

Izchak is looking for an easy way to lose weight.

Why don't you go back to the closest city and file your report from there?


I am really in the dark on this case.


She doesn't like me.

Where did you work before this?

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only translation available.

Since they were tired, they turned in earlier than usual.

He will do it.

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Three were killed.


I may seem confident, but I get extremely nervous speaking in front of people. My hands tremble, I get all tongue-tied, and sometimes I don't even know what I'm saying myself.

The cost is $300.

The project was a complete failure.

Didn't you take precautions?

It was said that he had been sick in hospital then.

Heinrich left the matter entirely in Del's hands.

Why does nobody eat my potatoes?

You don't have time.

Such was his surprise that he could not say a word for some time.

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His ancestors would be proud.

Kim's bed hasn't been slept in.

Let's get down and dirty.

Hienz's was the only phone number Valerie had.

They regarded him as a national hero.

We tend to make mistakes.

How come you ask?

Isabelle isn't an adult.

It's my turn to provide an answer.

My parents don't speak Dutch.

By the way, how many of you keep a diary?

Shut the door on your wayout.

I thought things would get better, but as it is, they are getting worse.


No said to be quiet.


We're looking into that.

Try to stay still.

I met her by accident at the bus stop.


The troops were annihilated.

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Let's sit down and discuss it calmly.


The storm did heavy damage to the crops.


I'd rather have tea instead of coffee.

Politicians should keep their promises.

Isn't that the problem?


It is no use quarreling with fate.


Jesus takes checks.

I feel the hunger of a 1000 devils.

I'm trying to talk on the telephone. Could you please be quiet?

There's something wrong with Aimee.

It is more than 3 kilometers to the station.


My best friend is Welsh.

I don't think Ninja and Izumi are related.

I hear this is the coldest winter we have had in the past ten years.


My guess is that Patricia isn't having much fun.


He's a professional photographer.

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Hirofumi won't respond.

He will reach Kyoto the day after tomorrow.

Everything around me reminds me of you.


While the Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight, we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the divides that have held back our progress.

I went to see him.

Easy to plan, hard to realize.


We don't really know them.