We couldn't stop it.

I know it's against the law to do what we just did.

The company didn't respond to requests for comment.

A freight train has derailed just south of Stockholm.

He was arrested for murder.

Muplis is a small tool for searching Lojban sentences.

Don't leave here until you have done it.

The body is weakened by laziness just as iron is weakened by rust.

I know very well what they want.

It's a setup.

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Neil never spoke of her.

He is furious with anger.

Jorge Luis Borges spoke English and Spanish since one of his grandmothers was an Englishwoman.

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I feel safe here.


She's having an affair with her boss.

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Where's your computer?


Teresa has not yet made up his mind.

He took charge of the expenses.

The firefighters put out the fire in the blink of an eye.

Rodger really likes this sentence.

Shean asked me to drop by.

Jussi would like to paint his room blue.

I think Clay is possessive.


It's not Larry I'm worried about.

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You're evil.

The girl resembled her mother.

I cannot follow your logic.

The unicorn ran at the tree with all his might and penetrated the trunk so deeply with his horn, that he couldn't pull it out and was thus stuck.

May I have a look at that?

I heard that Shannon was mean to his last girlfriend.

What do you have against us?


Does Kevin always carry a gun?


Who's going with me?

Information is given in English at every airport.

He's a good guy now, so he'll make a good husband in the future.


Ernst was invariably wrong.

She was looking for the keys in her purse when he attacked her.

When did you get this note?

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I wish you were wrong, but I know that you're right.

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Would you be interested in a project you would really like to do?

Tell me what kind of bread you'd like to eat.

Where the fuck are you thinking of going?


You'll get better.

What's your favorite TV show?

More students are interested in finance than in industry.

He kicked the ball out of the ground.

I'm speaking Ottoman.

I think we should've discussed this.

I'm afraid I have to refuse.

I've tried that already.

The picnic was called off because of the rain.

Hienz promised to clean his room.

Perry expects me to help Sanjib clean out the clogged pipe.


Reiner says he's never owned car.

Would you mind watching my suitcase for a minute?

Peter looks very young.


Maybe Knapper has changed his mind.

We were caught in a storm.

Eddy picked up a napkin and wiped Mario's chin.

She took my bicycle before my eyes; she didn't even ask me for it!

Both boys studied hard.

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You should do it this way.

I never drink beer before lunch.

I've worked hard my entire life.

Do you know anything about Boston?

My office is on the fifth floor.

He makes little of our efforts.

What you need is a man in your life.


Natural selection has similarities to selective breeding, but it happens by itself and over a much longer period of time.


Some of them are clever.


How did she come here?

This task is too much for him.

I haven't been to America.


I didn't mean to startle you.

He argues about everything he's told to do.

How deep is the hole?

Loren hid behind the tree.

The rough terrain checked the progress of the hikers.

Don't waste time.

The girl was friendly with a bright smile.

With work, we can expand our markets.

I thought you were coming to the mall with us.

I was unconscious for more than thirty hours.

Read your statement before you sign it.

Spass prefers studying at night.

You have so much potential.

Does Adlai have cable?

I'll go now.

I mean it.

I understood only at a much later time.

Why is Larry mad at you?

This is so romantic.

Edgar left you everything he had in his will.

The beautiful is always strange.

I don't think we'll be able to solve this problem by ourselves.

Can you at least try?


I heard that he was very rich.

I don't like to go out when it's dark.

You'll be told in advance.


I have to check with him first.

She dressed him like children dress their pets.

Adlai talked.


Sorry, but I've already won.

Isn't it neat?

He is as great a scientist as ever lived.

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I must send for the doctor at once.

I hope we will get to the bottom of this mystery together.

I was just hanging out with some of my friends.

I think that's what happened.

She got all flustered when the boy she likes came over to talk to her.

I'm glad you called me.

They dropped in at our house on their way from the movie.


Where does the moon go when it's not in the sky?


I could be playing golf right now instead of doing this.


Spock has bushy eyebrows.


I think you need to find yourself a part-time job.

What time is it in Tokyo?

Jose had to resign.


He plays bagpipes and wears a kilt.


I saw Pablo come out of the library.

I want to see him now.

We forgot to turn off the light.

Rodent is now aboard the ship.

I had lunch with Mike at that restaurant.


I speak Azerbaijani.


I guess that's normal.

We have to do something about that.

He has been without employment for a month.

I have bought those sun glasses in the Netherlands.

Kyung threw Kinch a life preserver.

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Sergeant doesn't live on Park Street anymore.

I can't ask him to quit.

My pastime is reading.


She caused this.


Please tell me you're not going there alone.


We sat up half the night just talking.

I gave him a call.

Have you ever been to Lanzarote?


I'm not sure what Antony wants.


I happened to be in Boston at that time.

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I'm here for him.

Do you like egg rolls?

Where's the closest train station?

We are fed up with studying.

A boy like Jane doesn't deserve a girl like Pitawas.

A little soap and water never killed anybody.

You are tired this evening.

The young girl wanted to be a star of the silver screen.

Naomi is organized.

Can we talk here?

I asked Juliet what he wanted to eat.

We have to follow their instructions.

How long are you going to keep whimpering about that? You can't change the past.

He had to work even on Sunday.

Mother took the clothes off the line in anticipation of rain.


I am leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

I wish there were more hours in the day.

It's a good question.

I have spent more than two-thirds, if not all, of the money for a new car.

I speak Korean.