Whenever he comes to this place, he orders the same dish.

I think we can work something out.

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Annard was still asleep.

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Are you for the war or against it?

"I fell in love with you, not Maria." - "Why have you not let me feel that?"

I'm sicker than I thought I was.

Through the ages, human beings have looked up in wonder at the moon and the stars - just as I did last night.

If I'm late, I'll be scolded.

I can't exactly tell him that.

"Do you know the smell of death", asked John, shoving his fist under my nose.

The champion had the challengers at his mercy.

Eric and I have business.

He has a knowledge of English.

What a beautiful sunset!


We've got three unsolved burglaries.


Exactly one student respects every professor.

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We swam in the moonlight.

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Carole doesn't know why Suwandi is mad at him.

It was once believed that the earth was the center of the universe.

We've offered our support.


Ravi is not as young as I am.


It's the animal in me that wants it.

I sent this message to Todd.

Unfortunately it will be impossible for us to accept your proposal.

Have you read my report?

Duane wasn't really trying to convince Raif to do anything.

The man Ramanan is talking with is Shatter.

I feel lucky today.

Thanks for adding me as a friend.

Drew told me everything I wanted to know.

Jean-Christophe had used up all his sick leave, and had to take unpaid leave when he got the flu.

She has done this.


Here's a copy.

I'm spoken for, I apologize.

Hsi is young, but full of talent.

What should I do in a situation like this?

We're about to have a meeting.

He is popular among general readers.

Sonja hasn't bought bread yet.

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It was her idea. She made me do it.

You gave as good as you got.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it as fact.

This is our favorite dinner.

It's one of the best known books in Brazilian literature.

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I'm a good listener.


Are you better now?


Thomas wanted to do something nice for Cathrin.

Hartmann was strip-searched.

Although he's young, he's an outstanding doctor.

This bottle holds one liter.

Only you can carry the bag.

That's my favorite language.

I don't sleep as much as I used to.

Would you like your ears to show?

It took a moment for Pitawas to find his voice.

I hated Earl for that.

I guess you know who I am talking about.

Is it private?

I never knew I had to do that.

See to this matter right away, will you?

I am already old and can hardly manage all of my affairs.


He has set off for America.

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Those black people have long been deprived of their rights.


Our goose is cooked.

The boat was swallowed up in the fog.

I know that feeling, too.


This is the most comfortable chair I've sat on in a long time.

The trouble is that they have no money.

The football manager tried an elaborate new tactic but it didn't come off.

Sugih believes his life is in danger.

That's exactly what I used to think.

Rusty went to the window and closed it.

We must take care of the elderly.

I used to be tired all the time.

The equator divides the globe into two hemispheres.

If he had carried the map with him, he wouldn't have got lost.

Your own decision is important before everything.

It is like looking for a needle in the sea.

Do you know much about that?

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That will end badly.

Where's my umbrella?

We would like you to come to our party.

Kieran is taller than any of the other kids in his class.

They know who you are.

Sorry, what was your name?

Please don't cut in while I'm talking with him.

I wondered why she didn't have a boyfriend.

Mat hadn't been prepared for that.

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Rudolph graduated with Magna Cum Laude.

They killed time playing cards.

Free advice isn't always good advice.

We can't sell that bracelet.

Jamie hates jogging.

Can't we use a simile here?

Kristin had better not be late again.

There's a bank in front of the hotel.

Suresh has already decided when he wants to leave.

Ellen got the idea.

John chased June.

Where shall I wait for you?

It's a bit strange as far as I'm concerned.

Will check with airline whether below ticket used or not

She mounted the horse.


When is the last time you showered?

Did Bernard die in that accident?

They were always playing.

Hunting wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.

I want to do some shopping around here.


The law is full of ambiguities.


Nothing justifies their existence.

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He's annoyed because she always gets there late.

Do you usually use a pick when you play the guitar?

We'll pay the difference.

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You could learn a few things from Clay.

Seventy-three seconds after launch, Challenger exploded. All seven astronauts, including the first teacher in space, Christa McAuliffe, were killed.

You'll need a screwdriver.

She'll only come if he comes too.

Do you think the situation can improve?

Barton has been pretty busy all week.

John tends to get angry when he doesn't get his own way.

What is the price of this cap?

She doesn't have any evil thoughts.

I can't answer that question.

Would you like to go fishing with me?

Whoever speaks ill of his wife disgraces himself.

Here, I got us a bottle of white wine.

The teacher handles his pupils well.

The path led to the village.

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Ramadoss didn't give it back to me.

What's so hard?

The government ordered their destruction thirty years ago.


I can't pay him today.

Let's see what fate has prescribed.

Do you want to get a drink?

I had a study date with Sugih.

Guido's name was on the list.


Let's go out unless it rains.

We anticipate it with much pleasure.

You always learn in Tatoeba!

It was yesterday that he died.

I want to be a teacher.


So he works at this factory, does he?

He was pretty much drunk.

I grew tomatoes last year and they were very good.

If I had got a penny each time Donald said something stupid I would own a fortune of more than a million dollars.

I think there are enough.

I think that Valerie didn't mean to do that.

I just want them to love me.

She is preparing for college.

A family should not spend all of its money to keep someone alive on a machine.


Ariel seems OK.

What would you do if you had great wealth?

This cap belongs to him.

You don't owe her anything.

He works in the automobile industry.

We weren't given a chance.

How could anyone not like music?

Piercarlo will come later.

Ssi says he thinks it's a waste of time to vote.

You are always good for nothing.

This is the moment we've been waiting for.

I won't be going to Darci's on Monday.

Last month I renewed my driving license.

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It is true that he is good at playing golf.

You implied that you were a doctor.

I'm planning to come.

Jackson agreed to be at the dinner.

My father has no longer a responsible position.

Don't walk alone after dark.

Once a man came to the house to kill my father.