The Senate decreed that a new consul be chosen and the country be delivered from the enemies.

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How important is family to you? It is of course not all that clear what that means. Mainly because 'family' can mean a lot of things. For instance, many people call those who are important to them 'family'. That renders the question redundant, obviously.

What a beautiful sweater!

I'll get Susan ready.


How are we going to repair this?


Don't blame yourself for what happened to Irfan.

I saw Pieter again last night.

He shall receive a talent as reward.


We were exhausted but happy.

Shirley wrote something on the blackboard.

Soccer is one of my little brother's hobbies.

The explanation may be much more complex.

Neil and I are always busy.

Sriram is as good a cook as Stevan is.

That's a blood orange.

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I sat down and opened my laptop.

We haven't spoken a word!

He recovered his stolen wallet.

These aren't for sale.

The baby ceased crying.


He was among the first to start feeling like this.

I don't intend to flatly reject suicide, but I really wish parents would not make their children join in with them.

I don't like being interrogated.

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Thad is so hot.

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You think I don't know who you are, don't you?

Kinch and Lui are second cousins.

There is a Japanese saying that goes: <<The nail that protrudes is hammered.>>

What's it stand for?

Go on Per, drink it.

To tell truth, I'm not so well as before.

My grandfather's life was long and happy.


Tony rushed into the room.

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Maybe he'll come tomorrow.


Leigh is really unhappy, isn't he?


Are you being served?


Let's check with him.

Even before the plastic surgery, Matthew wasn't unattractive.

Don't you have more to say?

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Does the price of the room include the service charges?

That's not big enough.

Is there any possibility that he'll win the election?

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She looked after the children.

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I thought you might back out.

Keep your place.

Excuse me for being late.

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Here are some pictures.

Boys who do not listen to their elders always come to grief.

Many flowers start blooming in springtime.

Are you in debt, yet?

What was that groan for?

Someone invited me to a party, but I was too scared to go.

It's presumptuous to say that it's "production". Isn't it more processing?

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The police are looking into the cause of the traffic accident.

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Should I bring him in on this?

The doctor said you shouldn't scratch your wounds.

Whilst at university, Xiaowang held the post of class monitor.

My bicycle needs to be repaired.

Ning remained motionless.

Limiting yourself is so limiting.

I talked on the phone.

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Kris's suspicious.

Please look at that red-roofed house.

My son tried to become a rakugoka.


Rudy started the car and put it in reverse.

I'll stay here as long as I can.

I appreciate your directness.


Let us help him.


John still wants to come.


I'm sure I've never heard of him.

Leo's quick thinking saved the day.

They're going to have a party next week.

Many Jews were expelled by the Germans.

The smith is working at his forge.


I love you and think about you all the time.

Sometimes, I think I'm in a nuthouse.

Do be quiet, please!

It's not as cold today as it was yesterday.

I don't want to go through this again.

We can not do without water even for a day.

Make sure you cut the board against the grain.

A book which, more than all others in the world, should be forbidden, is a catalog of the forbidden books.

Your pussy is wet.

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John likes to trade stamps with his friends.

My father is busy.

Don't let him move it.


I hope Vincenzo wasn't scared.


Maybe Lum is trying to tell me something.

This guitar originally belonged to Vladislav.

Don't you have any skills?

Write that down.

I didn't promise anything like that.

When you yawn, cover your mouth with your hand.

He is no stranger to me.

Human trafficking is a crime.

We can do so much more.

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Louie removed the splinter from Clem's finger.

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They don't seem busy.

I had no idea you were a teacher.

Do you really think that's a good idea?

Are you sure you're feeling OK?

Do you want some cheese?

I do not want to cut my wrists.

I'm here for a night.

Didn't you find a piece of white soap on my table?

I could just refuse to go.

I tried to talk to Eliot, but she ignored me.

I am eating rice.


Glynn doesn't really understand.

After five brutal rounds, the judges could not split the two fighters, and the bout was declared a draw.

Sony inspires ambition among its employees.


I'm sure Cynthia is going to be there.

It is great fun to play with a puppy.

Elijah swindled Axel out of all her savings.

I wish Ted would do that.

Did Clarissa win the race?

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You're my son.

He walked toward the door.

Her hair fell over her shoulder.

The teacher told him to study English hard.

I am nothing without you.

I'm a fast learner.

Too much liberty spoils all.

He could not restrain his excitement.

Do you have a pen on you?


Douglas has gone shopping with the kids.


Why should I do that?

Let's dance, my darling.

Let me go shopping.


Bobby didn't realize that Raymond had left.

No one knows what has become of her.

I can't open this jar.

Leave it here.

She had something to talk over with him.

Are you at home, too?

Did you work in Germany?

Son of a bitch!

Don't mix energy drinks with alcohol.


Was it all an illusion?

He watched the Swedish film.

I'm not angry with anyone.

That seems risky to me.

Is it possible I also know this lovely person you're speaking of?


Leonard waved goodbye.

The war veteran is a double amputee.

His accent gives away the fact that he's a Frenchman.


Perceived shyness is often simply an expression of politeness in waiting to be addressed before speaking.

Don't quit your day job.

I will be back in less than five minutes.

You've got something in your teeth.

I went out with Steve once.

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She has a lot of friends here.

Can he see me?

This is it. It's over!

Strawberries are expensive in the winter.

I'm thinking of going to Boston.


We turned it into a state problem.


It's too far.