It belongs to my brother.

I had never met anyone quite like Holly before.


I put it back.


The purpose of our trip is to visit a new factory.


I hate to eat alone.

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I thought you said Swamy wasn't here.

This is a beautiful story.

Did Ronni tell you what his plans are?

It took several hours to clear the mess left from the wreck of the truck and several cars.

I really do just want to go.


The president's term of office is four years.


Would you please turn off the TV?

He's gone bankrupt due to gambling debts.

Jarmo is a pacifist.

Edgar watches the 6 o'clock news every evening.

I am sorry that I could not go with her.


It's absolutely false.

He did not ignore our request, and neither did she.

He likes that video game very much.

How many sentences can I add in 16 minutes, I wonder... Let's try and see!

This could be important.

We need to dust the desk.

I'm not sure of the name, but the extension is 211.

We were both very tired.

The mother's voice fetched her child.

I saw her play the piano.

Can I reserve a flight to Osaka?

I want to take a plane back to Boston.

She was blackmailed by him.

We eat so we can live.

I have three dogs.


What was she doing when you saw her?

Why would Walter be here?

Does she plan on coming back home on Monday?

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This is a good book, but that one is better.

When I heard the news I was caught with my pants down.

What was it you asked me to do?

Saad paid the ultimate price.

I want the same dictionary that your sister has.


He left his books all around the house.

Unfortunately, I find myself forced to cancel my lecture.

That's his home.

I know that better than anyone.

Edward inherited his uncle's property.

You seem to understand us.

Kyoto is worth visiting.


He gave me a half dozen linen handkerchiefs.

I have always wanted to see a dragon, but dragons are not real creatures.

I'm not disagreeing with you.

What is it that Claude wants?

Theodore didn't follow the rules.

Seen from a distance, he looks much younger than he really is.

He's the head of the marketing department.

Can you hand me a tissue?

I thought this would make you happy.

He had two hundred head of cattle.

Has Hubert been convicted?


I don't think anything will change.

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Give this to us.

He suffered great losses.

And he's gonna get away with it?

I left him behind.

We were surprised at the sound.

He let me go.

This is for your own good.


Piete's pulse is very weak.

I barely knew them.

Our system is corrupt.

I've never seen her around here.

What an amazing palace we saw yesterday!


No autumn fruit without spring blossom.

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We want to leave our descendants a clean and green earth.

Should I go tell them that?

Everything is ready now for our start.


Here, you have translated from the sentence in < the language you have translated from > and you created a link to that one. I think this is the sentence in < the language you want to translate from > that you wanted to translate. To do this, you must first click on the sentence in < the language you want to translate from > before clicking on the translation button. The sentence that you are translating must ALWAYS stand on top of the pile (in the largest typeface) and it is the only one visible at the time you're editing your translation, and that is on purpose to avoid influence on your translation, as in Tatoeba, sentences are linked by twos, not as blocks, since a sentence may have several different translations in the same language!


Politicians are good at raising money.

We do not have snow here.

Do they live in Algeria?


The professor lectured on French history.

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Lindsey didn't want to be sent to jail.

But it allows you to enter the church.

I have a little money. With you and this, I am happy.

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Tell them everything I told you.

I'd like to do without commas, but 6 feels odd if it doesn't have commas.

I'll do that for you if you want me to.


They have an extra bed.


No one I know can afford to eat out anymore.

Can Superman also see through clothes?

Trust Vistlik.

She was not impressed.

The black kitten hopped to avoid the puddle, and passed under the neighbouring hedge.

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He hadn't been in the office five minutes before he told us what to do.

His story amused us very much.

"Define your terms," requested the businessman at the contract hearings.


Comfort Claudio.

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Dani hopes to become a famous painter.


I caught five fish at the lake.

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He received a large sum in insurance benefit.

Novo's dream is to become a famous singer, but the only problem is that he can't sing.

Murthy isn't a fool.

Manners and customs vary greatly from country to country.

The fashion will soon lose favor.


I agree with much of what Steen said.

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Teri and Howard folded up the flag.


She has a small waist.

Official business is never urgent.

You're no prize yourself.

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Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.

Betty looks pretty miserable.

I followed Wilson's orders.

I don't think you'll make it in the special forces.

There must be a balance between chaos and law.

Jay has been a perfect gentleman.

I'm not really that sorry.

Cyrus wanted to hear every detail.

I should have read the instructions.

What makes one person more intelligent than another?

How did last night go?

I hear you're looking for a new assistant.

I'm not all that busy right now.


She worked side by side with men.

I hope I didn't make a fool of myself.

It's fruit fresh from the tree.

It is used by a great many people.

Let's hear your opinion.

We called him a "hero", but he betrayed us.

Try not to be late tomorrow.

Are you saying that this is my fault?

I've always been the number one.

I can imagine how the stars feel on tour.

Thomas surrendered.


You can do whatever you want.

The mother fed the newborn colt.

I'm not worried anymore.

How do you travel to work?

List needs more.

"Come on, let's go." "Where are you taking me?"

The passengers remained calm.


There's nothing more fun for me to do than to talk with him.

Federal departments have been hit with an official hiring freeze in an attempt to bring down government staffing costs.

Dimetry didn't take off his shirt.

The question is can you do everything we've asked you to do.

He has guts.

Oh, the streetlights have turned on.

When we discussed where to go on a picnic, some wanted to go to the forest, others wanted to go to the sea.


It sounds like someone's crying.

I stayed up till very late last night.

Yvonne is sobbing.

Her answer is anything but perfect.

I was just trying to be helpful.


If you want me to, I'll do that for you.

Edmund said he couldn't believe it.

Richard appears to be in a lot of pain.

I'd like you to translate this report into French.

This is the fruit of your imagination.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.

We need to be proactive.

It's the war of all against all.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning.

Don't mess around and finish your meal quickly.

The dog is white.

Oh, by the way, I have something to show you.

The company shares give a high yield.