Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

He swallowed his anger and went on working.


Is there anything else you'd like?

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I might be crazy, but not stupid.

Dan landed safely.

Dana is an expert in this field.

The pain started last night.

Why are you doing that? You're getting my shirt wet!

I couldn't convince Jean-Christophe lend me the money I needed.

Joyce is a republican.

Jacobson and Seymour are whispering to each other.

I'm going to have to start lobbing. I can't win with passing shots alone.

They sell sugar and salt at that store.

Kieran doesn't look happy to see Dawson.

We collect stamps from all around the world.

Martyn waited to hear from Petr.

Most people really don't care.

The cats are safe.


With respect to this question, there are three problems.

To complete this work, the following working items are recommended.

Parrots imitate human speech.


The first airplane flew in 1903 for twelve seconds.

I want to give you my heart for ever.

I brought something that I want to give you.

In the Quran there is a part about Saint Jeffrey and the birth of Jesus Christ.

Debbie opened the drawer to get a calculator.

It's not open for debate.

Let's not talk about work.

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It's getting there.


That's an unusual request.


The Nile is longer than any other river in the world.

Open your books!

We have a lot to live up to.

Life is difficult.

We don't really care.

I know neither this man, nor this woman.

Kevin was very angry and I was, too.

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He has never been heard of since.

What makes you happy?

Glen must've tried it before.


Come in.


I pwn noobs.


Use whatever means necessary to stop Tareq from doing that.


No one followed me.


Final exams are coming up, so I'm busy.


A party is a good place to make friends with other people.

Kazuhiro showed the bartender a fake ID card.

My back hurts because I've been sitting in front of the computer for too long.


I guarantee it.


My wife gave birth to a child when we were very poor. While she was sleeping, I cooked rice and vegetables for several days and surprised her with the variety and taste of my cooking.

I was taking a walk.

Rumors have been circulating.

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This desk is a little low for me.


What is plausible in a certain culture may not be plausible in another culture.

I will kill you.

There are more girls than boys in this class.

He occupies a prominent position in the firm.

He is more shy than timid.

I heard the bell.

His tyrannies were beyond endurance.

I read the old documents.

Remember why you're here.

We shall leave tomorrow, weather permitting.

I haven't told the kids yet that we're getting divorced.

I will never, ever drink again.

Every morning, I go shopping.

It's your last chance.

Antonio gave up the idea of going to Boston.

It all depends on Dan.

Christmas is just three days away.

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Yes, we can.

I'll be with you in just one minute.

Commit these words to memory.

Ric has analyzed the results.

It wasn't real love.

My general impression is that it is very good.

You need to go on a diet.

I went there the day before yesterday.

The nurses look after the patient day and night.


That job is pretty much finished.

I will explain to him until he understands.

There's no one that I can turn to for advice.

The news of his death spread.

I feel like I'm close to a solution.

He has a silver medal for his actions.

He's taking a shower.


The moon is nice tonight.

I believe this may be a correction after investigation of his date of birth in the family register.

That's what made me happy.

That's not possible anymore.

When did they fine you?

I cannot sell this car. I still need it.

Hey there, boys! Where's that shark?

Where's Carolyn right now?

Would you please turn down the TV a little?

Come visit us tomorrow.

That's all Marcos has been talking about.

My therapist told me to go to a bar and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.

This is too big to easily carry.

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Ira fell off his chair.

To our regret, we were obliged to call off the game, which we had been looking forward to.

Jock double-crossed me.

I enjoyed working with Monty.

He was absent from school today, as is often the case with him.


The sentence does not win any beauty contests, in my opinion.


A great many people attended his funeral.

That's what you think!

As a matter of course, he is quite right.

A furnace is an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced to heat buildings, destroy refuse, smelt or refine ores, etc.

Stamina is the capacity to carry on a physical or mental activity for an extensive period of time without getting tired. You can increase your stamina by training, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and by consuming a healthy and balanced diet.


Twitter is a good example of absurdity.

Let's make it better.

Everybody seemed to be paying attention.


Perhaps this pocketknife will come in handy someday.

This is a message from Susumu.

I simply don't love Tanya.


That disease is incurable.


Dwayne came here to help us.

There were flocks of people on the beach.

My spirits are up.


He makes believe that he is a practical statesman, but in really he is a cunning politician.

Did I just see what I think I saw?

Maybe Monty has the right idea.

I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none.

The Giants got clobbered yesterday.

It's too early to tell anything.

A large earthquake occured in Mexico last autumn.


She insulted him.

I'm not going to let Owen get to me.

Be careful not to hurt yourself.

He writes to me once a week.

Tears fell from his eyes.

She has eight dogs. That's quite a few.

Bring one elegant dress to go to the theater or to a party.


Bonnie made me swear not to tell her parents.

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Our neighbor's ground yields better corn than our own.

I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Tell Adlai I only need three more hours.

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Look after the children this afternoon.

I write everything down; I feel uneasy without my notebook.

How pretty you are!

I just don't know what to think.

I read anger in her face.

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What's a sentence?

Do you often talk to yourself?

He cares little for my advice.

We'll dine together and then go to the theater.

NASA says three of 22 space missions that carried generators similar to Galileo's ended in accidents.


I think Elric is cheerful.

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This car must go.

This makes me very uncomfortable.

I think we need to take a break.


The passenger train rammed into a freight train, causing the death of hundreds of people.


I don't know if he's dead or alive.

Why did you turn away when you met him?

I recognized Shari at once by his voice.

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Ray will start his new job on Monday.

Make yourself some hot tea.

They served us berries and fresh fruit for breakfast.


Hello, everybody! We're here to entertain you.