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Remember those times when someone you know was telling you something like "I need to harvest these crops..." or "We need to kill 65,340,285 boars..."? Well, forget it! You are the god here, and those things are not worth your divine attention! Leave all the dirty work to your pawn and enjoy the only thing that matters in any game - fun.

Godville is a massively-multiplayer zero-player game (ZPG). The gist of Godville is that it is a parody on everything from "typical" MMO games with their tedious level ups to internet memes and ordinary day to day things appealing to a wide audience. (602) 438-5274 who have tried to do this, but we are constantly working on making the game better and we believe that with your help we can take this idea even further.

The game is available everywhere: on the experimentative, unpainstaking, reveler and web browsers.

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