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The Green Building Registry is a 
SaaS data solution that provides access to verified green and energy efficiency home data.

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Map of Home Energy Score Data

Use the map below to see actual data from the Green Building Registry. Zoom in using the plus and minus buttons and click on the dots to view the Home Energy Score for that home.

Why Green Data Matters

In most places, any energy upgrades, solar installations, or green certifications related to a home are dependant on the listing agent to input the data into their local multiple listing service (MLS). Not all real estate agents are deeply knowledgeable in the attributes of energy efficiency or green certifications. Due to the lack of verified green and energy efficiency data on most home listings, appraisers often leave out those attributes as adding value to a home.


The Green Building Registry solves the problem of getting verified data into MLSs by pulling green data directly from qualified sources like the US DOE Home Energy Score, RESNET, and other green certification and energy efficiency programs. Through our proprietary API we can make it easy for MLSs to connect to our service, in turn providing quality data that appraisers can rely on in making their valuation. The more homes that are listed, at the time of sale, with verified data, the more the market will begin to value these attributes and demand them on the homes in the market. That demand will help drive more efficient residential construction and renovation, ensuring a cleaner energy future for all of us.

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