Silverline Securities Private Firm is a professional ukrainian security company providing protection and security services in Ukraine for foreign visitors, residents, investors and other private individuals or international companies with interests in Ukraine. Our private security services in Ukraine includes Protection on Meetings and Bodyguard Services, Manned Security and Meet and Greet services, Comprehensive Security Diagnosis and Private and Corporate Security, Courier Service and Special Event Security and many other professional services. We also provide Professional Security consulting and practical support. Our Private security agency in Ukraine has experience in the security businesses what gives us advantages over another similar security agencies in Ukraine.

Our Private Security agency in Ukraine - Silverline Securities Private Firm, was created in 2002, by professional specialists in safety, protection, private investigations, security and provide our professional security and safety services in Ukraine for foreign residents of all countries in the world. For our Private Security Agency in Ukraine there are no borders in the work (in legal field).

Silverline Securities Private Firm - Private security agency in Ukraine was the first, who start offer the security and safety services through internet in whole Ukraine for foreigners. Our Professionals in Private Security can help to our clients in many situations - if you come to Ukraine and need Bodyguard, to protect yourself or your family, if you have the problems in your company with dishonest employees, if you need Special Event Security and many other. You can find more about our security services in Ukraine on our SERVICES page.

Our private security agency in Ukraine cooperate with other security and safety companies of Ukraine and many other countries of the world. Silverline Securities Private Firm - Private security agency in Ukraine, guarantees our client the high professionalism and quality, while doing the security work. If you want - Nobody will know about your reference to our Private Security agency in Ukraine. We assure the policy of confidentiality of customer references.

Why Us?

We offer a PRIVATE Alternative to Bank Safe Deposit Box Rentals

SSPF rents safe deposit boxes like those found at banks but with two primary differences.


Complete Privacy

Clients are identified through biometric (iris scan and hand geometry) technology.

Enhanced Security

- Client’s assets are protected with security measures not found at banks:

  • - Our structural steel, reinforced concrete vault, was designed to withstand natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes as well as assaults that could occur in the event of civil unrest.
  • - Access to the vault requires biometric (iris scan/hand geometry) identification.
  • - ADT monitors the vault 24 hours a day via video “guard tours” from its central station.
  • - The vault is equipped with motion detectors, heat sensors, and other sophisticated security measures to detect the presence of intruders after regular business hours.
  • - In the event of any perceived threat, ADT shall alert the Chiswick Police Station - Metropolitan Police Service (less than five minutes away) as well as their private armed response team.
  • - Our security system features multiple layers of redundancy.
  • - The vault is sealed and cannot be opened except during prescribed business hours.


SSPF vs. Bank Safe Deposit Box or Home Safe


Class 1 steel vault
Protection from natural disaster
Protection from fire
Private viewing rooms
Large safe boxes available
In & out access in 5 minutes
24/7 camera monitoring
Dual biometric access
Motion detector security
No probate lock out at death of box owner
You keep all keys to your box




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Head Office: 569 Chiswick High Road Chiswick, London W4 3AY Branch Office: West Storage House 6, Carsegate Road, South Inverness IV3 8LL info@silverlinesecurities.com