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How To Be An Expert At Posting Public Replies

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Public replies are such an import aspect of your Storefront. Buyers, reviewers, browsers and anyone who sees your ResellerRatings’ page are looking for those Public Replies. It shows that you are engaged in what your customers have to say – good or bad. So let’s break it down.   Overall Tips: 1.Canned responses come off as […]

Incoming Algorithm Update – Series II

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After giving merchants a lead time, We’re releasing our algorithm changes today.  This is an exciting time for us to reveal a simpler way to understand the overall Rating.  We’ve been at work hard to ensure the new algorithm is much simpler to understand and more transparent.  You can see our new Trust & Ethics […]

Incoming Algorithm Update – Series I

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Dear Merchants In May, ResellerRatings will be updating and tweaking how it calculates and displays merchant ratings.  The goal of our latest algorithm adjustment is to ensure ratings that accurately describe the customers sentiment and business activity for the current consumer. Our past Algorithm used a tier based system that effectively worked like a sliding […]


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Your day is going great! You had your breakfast, the sun is shining, and you are ready to start your work day with enthusiastic passion because you love what you do and do what you love. And then, all of a sudden you see a “bad” review of your company. Your heart sinks, the room feels […]

Update to Rating Calculation and Display

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On Thursday 2/7, ResellerRatings updated how it calculates and displays merchant ratings. The main goal for the change was to improve accuracy for consumers, and to simplify the user experience to avoid confusion. In terms of the algorithm itself, a merchant’s rating has long been calculated as the simple average of reviews received from customers. […]