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Brad exceptional youthful good looks are complemented by his great body that has been sculptured by numerous visits to the pool as a squad swimmer. This makes Brad a natural for modeling. He was a bit shy however when it came to taking his clothes off.
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Star Sign : Virgo
Age : 18
Height : 6' 1"
Weight : 164lbs
Hair Color : Blonde
Eye Color : Brown
Body Type : Toned
Smooth/Hairy : Smooth
Favorite Sports : Swimming
Favorite Movie : Million Dollar Baby
Favorite TV Show : Will & Grace
Favorite Music : Top 40
Favorite Band/Artist : No Doubt or U2
Favorite Color : Blue
Favorite Destination : Italy
Why? : Love of Culture
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Lifeguard Love

I loved my summer job as a lifeguard. It was great because the work wasn’t ever that bad, and I got paid to get a great tan. In addition, I was able to swim a lot! This gave mea pretty well defined body, which went along great with all five feet, nine inches of my tan. Being out in the sun so much also left me with slightly lighter hair than my normal sandy blonde. I’m not sure yet, but I think the sun lightened my already sparkling hazel eyes. Being in the sun so much dose good things to your body. I had one small problem though, I was gay and there weren’t ever any hot, or even remotely cute guys come to the pool. According to the other guy lifeguards, we had some pretty hot chicks come in though. The summer between my junior and senior year in high school, however, was going to be a different story.

It started off as any other summer: really hot days with no cute guys in sight. As time went on, I was scheduled to work all the evening pool rentals and lap swims. No big deal! That is, until, I found out that our football team for the coming school year was sending some of its guys to swim every day in the evening instead of the morning. I wasn’t too excited by this because it was the same every year. The football coach gives all his guys a choice: they can run every day, or go swimming every day. For the past few years, most of players ran. The ones that did swim always brought their snobby girlfriends with them and weren’t much to look at anyway. When a few of the players arrived in the evening, however, I was pleasantly surprised. There were three guys total. The first two had the usual football player’s body (kinda nice), but they both had their sluty girlfriends hanging off them, so I didn’t give them a second look. Then Jeff came out of the locker room. (I didn’t know his name yet, but was determined to find out.) It was like a God had stepped onto the pool deck. He had the most amazing features I had ever seen. He had an awesome tan, a tan that spread so beautifully all over his five feet ten inch body, it almost made me jealous. He had very nice muscles all over his body that gently flexed and relaxed, driving me mad, as he walked across the deck. (His ass was amazingly hot too!)

He had the most beautiful smile, face, brown eyes, golden hair, and lips that I had ever seen. HE WAS GORGEOUS. I only let my cock stir a little, for I was sure that at any moment his equally beautiful girlfriend would come out of the women’s locker room. She didn’t! I sat back and returned my focus to the other swimmers in the pool. It was very hard to turn my eyes away from Jeff’s amazingly good swimming form, usually, all the football players that swim struggle endlessly to get to one end of the pool to the other during their “laps”. Jeff was different. His strokes were long and powerful. He was graceful and cut through the water like a pro. I got very hard just watching him. I did my best to hide it. When he was finished, I complimented him on his excellent form. He told me that he used to be on the swim team at his old high school but switched to football when he and his dad moved here only two weeks ago. (By the way, his voice was heavenly!) I asked him about his age and became even more excited when I found out that he was the exact same age as me, and his birthday was only one day before mine. I also found out that we had a lot in common. Especially when it came to computers and computer games. I also found out that he was top of his class just like me. I thought for a while, and realized that we were not nerds; we just excelled in whatever we did. (I wondered what Jeff excelled at in bed) We continued to talk and, in just that one evening, we became very good friends. I didn’t tell him that I was gay because I didn’t want to chance ruining our friendship. As the weeks went by, I gained more confidence about telling him everything about my life. All except the fact that I was gay.

About the middle of the summer, something happened that I thought would destroy our friendship forever. It didn’t however! I was totally alone on evening just before the evening lap swim began. I was sitting at my laptop watching some very steamy gay porn DVDs. (My friend and his boyfriend gave them to me after I helped them make their own porno’s. Oooh, that’s another steamy story!) Anyway, I must have left the door unlocked because as I was sitting there, someone walked in on me. Now this someone wasn’t just anyone. It was Jeff. I was horrified. I quickly shut my laptop, but it was too late.

“Well,” said Jeff, “that’s interesting.” I began to stumble and stutter, “I’m sorry you saw that. I was going to tell you.” I finally said. I had never been so embarrassed in my life! “I don’t care right now,” Jeff said. “I actually came down here to talk- I cut him off “I know, you probably found out I was gay, and you don’t have anything to do with me now. I completely understand.” I was feeling worse every second.

“Actually,” said an unusually confident Jeff, “I came down early in hopes to tell you that, well, here goes, I’m gay too. I thought you wouldn’t have anything to do with me if you found out.” I could not have been in a more surprised and relieved state. “This is awkward,” I said after a few moments of stunned silence.” “I hope we can still be friends,” we both said at the exact same time. That was all it took. We rushed forward and fell into the most passionate and sensual kiss I have ever had. Sparks flew and we were both in heaven. We stood there kissing very deeply and caressing each other’s bodies for quite some time. Then realized that the lap swim would be starting in only a few minutes.

“I’m sorry,” I finally said as we broke our embrace, “I have to guard this lap swim and it is too late to get another guard.” “That’s OK,” said a panting Jeff, “I can’t stay tonight. My dad and I are going to be out of town for the next week. I just wanted you to know about me before I left.” I was mortified. The hot boy I had finally found was going away. “Please call me as soon as you get back. I want you.” I was shocked. Had I just said that out loud?!?!

Jeff, obviously sensing my embarrassment, said, “that’s OK, I was actually thinking the same thing.” “In that case,” I said feeling a little better, “I think you are the hottest thing to ever walk this fuckn’ earth.” Jeff blushed a light pink, laughed, and said he would call me. I couldn’t contain my excitement. I jumped forward and we kissed lightly. The next week was a living hell. Time seemed to taunt me. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, I got a call from the person I thinking about constantly. “Hey there,” said Jeff with obvious excitement in his voice, “wassup?” “I’ve been waiting for six days for your fuckn’ call.” I said. “When can we meet?”

“Right now! My place,” said an even more excited Jeff. Those words gave me (and my cock) a great big jump. I said I’d be there as fast as I could in the shakiest voice ever. The drive over was horrible. I was only a few minutes but it felt like an eternity. As I ran to the front door, I imagined if Jeff would answer it completely nude. The most erotic and sensual fantasies were madly running through my mind as I got closer and closer to his door. My cock was so hard I didn’t know if my pants could hold it. As the door opened I was about to jump into the arms of my fantasies when I saw . . . . . .



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