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About EGY-Techno

We, as EGY-Techno Provide Egyptian Oil & Gas production companies, Power Generation Plants, Mining Industries and Petrochemical Production Companies with special technical solutions related to production facilities, such as, pipeline, piping bulk materials, steel structure, heaters, boilers, desalters, pumping stations, power module, Fire Fighting, Fire & GAS Detection,…etc

EGY TECHNO provides clients with site assessment for the existing facilities, towards rectification, upgrade and / or replace with new items.

Our Services

Technical and Engineering Activities

Project Management Activities

Construction Activities

Manpower & Human Resourcing

Process Design and Business Development Activities

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EGY-Techno Technical & Engineering Activities

EGY TECHNO has got the technical ability for process analysis and modeling for a limited production facility via the following:-

  • Perform site survey.
  • Develop as built process block diagram.
  • Develop all engineering sketches and drawings.
  • Develop underground as built drawing via manual excavation and ultrasound technique.

EGY TECHNO has got the ability to set supply specifications for production equipment / facilities in order to procure it via the following strategy:-

  • Define process parameters.
  • Develop Material Requisition for Purchase.
  • Manage collection of offers from international reliable suppliers.
  • Perform supplier manufacturing drawings and documentations review and approval.
  • Supplier fabrication follow up and expediting activities.
  • Manage inspection activities and witnessing tests (through certified third parties agencies).

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EGY-Techno Project Management Activities

Define project management strategy.

Complete Management for project phases; engineering, procurement and construction.

Project planning, scheduling and progress / cost monitoring and reporting.

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EGY-Techno Construction Activities

EGY TECHNO establishes a very strong network for local construction subcontractors, covering the following construction activities:-

  • Civil construction activities.
  • Steel Structure fabrication and installation.
  • Piping & Pipelines welding and testing.
  • Tanks & Vessels fabrication and erection.
  • Pumps, Heaters, Towers installation.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation installation work.
  • Construction supervision and commissioning and start up assistance.

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EGY-Techno Manpower & Human Resourcing

EGY TECHNO depends on project oriented manpower management strategy, high caliber staff is assigned for a dedicated project to assure adequate and high performance.

EGY TECHNO provides clients with a specialized manpower under special contract for a defined scope and time frame based on seconded basis and agreed man hour rate.

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EGY-Techno Process Design and Business Development Activities

EGY TECHNO has the ability to perform Business Process Design and Market analysis to help in hunting promising opportunities for your product or Service.

  • Process modelling and charting tools.
  • Common Stages of the Engineering Design Process.
  • Customer and Competitor analysis.
  • Market and user analysis.

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