Our Mission

Ending the slaughter of these magnificent animals requires an effective global strategy to protect wildlife in their environments and dry up demand for trafficked wildlife goods. We believe the best place to start is on the front lines. That is where you come in. The Ivory Army exists to stop the illegal poaching of African Elephants through contributions made directly to anti-poaching programs with a proven record of efficacy.
Elephants are among the most exploited animals in human history. It is estimated that 10% of the entire African elephant population is actually being killed annually.

How Did We Get Here?

An estimated 10% of the African elephant population is killed annually. The ivory trade combined with human expansion has caused a devastating decline in the elephant population.

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The Battle

The time is now to pressure governments and international organizations to take the steps needed to more effectively combat wildlife crime and stop the slaughter of African elephants.



Join the Team

Governments have consistently failed to take sufficient measures to combat wildlife crime. We believe the best place to start is on the front lines. That’s where you come in. We welcome the help.



Where Your Contributions Go

We are big believers in the power of technological innovation in the battle against the bands of well-armed poachers and ruthless trafficking networks that threaten the region’s elephants.

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