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Welcome to the Game of Games — the playing field that mirrors the Game of Life.

The Game of Games is a suite of games in which your goal becomes a game and your project becomes play. Each game is is played by  no more than eight people, each seeking to achieve his or her own goal.

Your game  goal can be anything  important to you, either personal or business. When you play the  games, you’ll work to achieve your goal, while helping others do the same.  Games are played via e-mail,  telephone conferences, and on a special internet game platform.

  • Learn about Clarify, the short game that helps you get clear on what you really want to achieve
  • Learn about The Jump Start Game, the six-week game that gives you the tools you need to launch a successful project or business.
  • Learn about the Game of Games, the 10-week challenge that helps you visualize, plan and implement your goal.
  • Testimonials
    “For me, Clarify was a chance to hang out with a group of high quality people, engaged in the passionate pursuit of helping each other — and me! — succeed. I ended up getting quite a lot from playing — a range of unexpected insights and strategies for helping me achieve my goal.”

    — Adriano Sverko, filmmaker
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    Game Schedule
    May 20Free Webinar Intro to the Games
    June 3-6Clarify
    June 24Free Introductory Webinar
    July 8-July 11Clarify
    Free Introductory WebinarJuly 22
    September 14-Oct. 19The Jump Start Game
    September 29-Dec. 9Game of Games