A Stone Island Super Freak? Badges worn and seen their days? Send us details of your badge and we’ll make you an offer – see if you can resist!

A Stone Island Super Freak? Badges worn and seen their days? Send us details of your badge and we’ll make you an offer – see if you can resist!


Sell Your Badge

Simples. Have a badge to sell? Your old clothing seen its days?

Heck, we’ll give you a few $’s or £’s for it.

Our Facebook page will soon close and all business will happen from this website.

Typically, we’ll pay £2 for a good quality badge – upto £5 if a rare version.

What badges do we buy? Stone Island. Ma Strum. Any badge that you can attach to your clothes.

Your badge MUST be genuine. If required, we’ll ask to see your clothing items and inner tag labels.

(956) 724-1994.

Buy a Badge

Replacement Stone Island badge. Exactly like the real McCoy. Has drop stitches left and right and top + a subtle one on the bottom.

The new version of Stone Island badges are exactly the same. The only difference is that the real badge is warped and out of shape. When you wear the badge, it sits like a piece of card board that you’ve tacked onto your expensive £800 jacket.

Our badge: it curves to your clothing and sits like on it’s own level. It doesn’t look cheap and tacky – you won’t find stitching sticking out or excess material on the edges or sides. These are all things you’d get on the real badge.

IMPORTANT: the badge is JUST a replacement and meant to be worn on Stone Island clothes only. It’s meant to replace only. We’re selling as a spare part. So similar to buying a spare part for your car – or getting compatible ink for your printer.

IMPORTANT: the badge will most likely be a refurbished badge from badges we get sent to us. We take the badge and send to ‘badge hospital’. The badge is stitched up, maybe reinforced, maybe add missing parts – or simply just trimming off excess string or material. The end product: is a born again Stone Island badge.

FACT: Stone Island don’t sell badges. You can’t buy from ANYWHERE. You HAVE to buy another Stone Island jacket to get another badge. It’s like buying a super expensive BMW car for £50,000. Someone nicks your badge (or is taken off by a small child that is fascinated by the badge and decides to give it a tug!). You can’t buy a BMW car logo because BMW won’t sell you one. (I think you can buy a BMW badge actually – but just using as an example, so follow me with my story.) ONLY choice: to buy another BMW car for £50,000 to replace your missing badge. Madness. Who cares. Fashion and making an impression is everything in life – nothing else matters. 😉

Buy a Badge here.


The Humble Stone Island Badge

Why why is the Stone Island Badge so poorly made? Like they made little effort into making it? The edges aren’t straight. String sticking out. Excess material that just wasn’t cut off. The above was seen on the Stone Island Corporate website: /www.stoneisland.com/experience/en/the-brand/brand-philosophy/ – seen in 2016. Or am I being too critical? Maybe all things have …

Sell Your Badge