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Welcome to Wildwood Studios, the creative facilities of eclectic enterprises LLC located in paradise on the Hawaiian island of Kauai (USA). eclectic enterprises LLC combines our passion, commitment and expertise creating, producing and performing positive, multi-media and theatrical projects. For over thirty years our projects engage, enlighten, educate, and inspire audiences and clients throughout the world.

Published works including choral/inspirational music, musical theater, musical revues, popular ballads,
artist-specific pieces, film themes. We also create customized material on a commission basis.
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Digital audio editing, audio engineering,
studio and on-site recording.
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719-666-3025Performance packages - We provide cast, crew, set, and props to perform in your venue.
  6467289689 “How to” sessions on technical theater,
video, and audio; performance workshops.

 Digital video and photographic editing
services, lighting design.
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  6032081483CDs and DVDs are available for purchase
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Performance Packages

We provide cast, crew, set, and props to perform in your venue. Contact us for pricing details.

Mrs. Claus in Menopause
Our latest offering is a hilarious one-woman musical.

(228) 575-5557
Frog Carols
Ted and the Toads perform classic Christmas carols with an amphibian twist!

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