You Can Do More. And in Lesser Time.

Curious to know how? The only way to find out is to check out Tuned.

With Tuned what you see is not all you get. It isn't your typical project mamagement kind of an application. It is so much more. You can manage your entire life here. Whether it is your work or your home or your kids! Manage household tasks between you your spouse, like who has to buy what, ensure your kids do their homework, check up on your help. See the progress of your projects in the office, find a list of all your tasks, send task as audio notes or images if you don't feel like typing and you can even organise events using the scheduler, and it's all in one place One click is all it tasks. So, why won't you click?

Meet the App

Easily Create Tasks

Instantly create and assign a task to anyone and manage the task that you have to complete.


Schedule your events and invite users to join you. And communicate with them from within the event.


Communicate with the users through the app using text, audio notes, images or your location.

Manage Tags

Tags are simple to create and efficient for filtering of tasks, users and communications.

Sync with an Alternative App

Sync any third party application and get your tasks and messages from there on Tuned.

Explore More Features

Voice Input

Speak to create tasks.


Prioritize your important tasks.

Group Management

Manage users by grouping them.


Time Duration

Manage both start time and due time on a single task.

Advance Search

Easy to use Search to only focus on the next things you need to do.


Get notified when important changes happen via emails or push notifications.

Tuned is with you everywhere

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