Marvin is going to propose.

Nick asked me to meet him here.

I hear voices in my head.

What wine goes well with Brie?

As all of you probably know, I'm Maria.

Is it clean?

It would mean a lot to me.

Sean has brown hair.

Excuse me a moment.

Do not let him know the truth.


I wish I were as rich as Alastair is.

Angus won't be wearing a tie.

I'll get the doctor.

Did you read the instructions?

You should stay in school.

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The police intervention in the early morning of November 1st was precisely one of the points that greater stains have spilt over the municipal actions in the political investigation of the tragedy.

Let's call a bus.

One of us has to go.


CK should definitely go Sony!

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He is in want of good assistants.

You're afraid that I'm right, aren't you?

Do you think Theodore was drunk?

I am so thirsty, probably because I ate pizza yesterday night.

Sandy kept silent all day long.

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Let's go outside and talk.


You might think I'm too old for you, but I don't think you're too young for me.

Nathan only likes women under thirty or over sixty.

You'll probably die in prison.

Clarissa was searching for his wife Jordan.

I like to relax with a good novel.

The bad weather prevented me from going to work.

Linley was an angry young man and now he is a slightly less angry older man.

How long'll that take?

You smell so good.


Please fill up the front.


Some companies guarantee their workers a job for life.

I'm hoping to find Gunnar.

Peggy is somewhat older than I.


Which one would you recommend?

Harmon always sets two alarm clocks when he's catching the early morning flight.

You've been acting weird today.

Maybe I should just tell Brandon the truth.

He revealed the secret to her when nobody was by.

I'm sure I've never heard of him.

The little ones stood quite silent, but only for a minute; then they shouted till the room rang: they danced gleefully round the Tree, and one present after another was plucked from it.

This carpet is more valuable than that one.

She has unruly hair.

What does she think of the situation in Paris?

Believe me when I tell you that I don't love you.


I'll stay until the day after tomorrow.


She lost her dog.

The top execs are gathering for a power breakfast.

I'm not sure I disagree with Vincenzo.


Jacobson doesn't know anything about me.


That must've been interesting work.

Some of them go without shoes in this country.

How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.

Roderick said he'd stay there till 2:30.

Did you write down Olof's number?


I have three daughters.


Amir didn't have the courage to tell Jeannie that he had made a mistake.

The milk boiled over.

I'll take care of it right away.


How are they doing this?

How did you become so successful?

They decided on the date and location of their wedding.

We all need to lighten up a little.

I'm waiting for you in my room.

I want to become better at guitar.

All the photographs and videos of the aeroplane dropping teddy bears are claimed to be falsification and provocation by Belarusian authorities.

Blaine says he'll go to Boston soon.

Maybe we shouldn't have taken this road.

Daryl opened the door to his office.

He's clearly intelligent.

Am I doing this the right way?

A galaxy is a cluster of stars, dust, and gas which is held together by gravity.


There's been a burglary.

He heard a wee, little voice say in a beseeching tone: "Please be careful! Do not hit me so hard!"

It snowed a lot.

We need fresh air.

Kazuhiro wasn't the star.


You can come as often as you like.

You may not have to go.

I'm asking Marnix to wait.


It is a fact that I don't know her name.

Let's bounce.

Maybe you should've said something about this earlier.

Do you know how to operate this machine?

That man can not so much as write his name.

That felt great.

Your Honor, I shall have to dismiss the entire panel.

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Joanne said to ask you.

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Have you met each other?

I'm not saying you can't swim. I'm just saying I think you shouldn't swim today.

You'll never know until you try.

I think I'll ride back with Jeannette.

Should I talk to her?


Penny's hair started turning gray before he turned thirty.

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What is it then?

Don't you have anything better to do?

Who is that guy?

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I've been after Brandi to do that for weeks.

While you are reading to me, I can do my sewing.

Cliff had an accident when he tried to ride a hoverboard for the first time.


Allen didn't want that to happen.

We'll straighten everything out.

Al's got a tremendous amount of work to do.

No sooner were the professors of Christianity sufficiently powerful to employ the sword than they did so.

They built fences to keep people and animals out.

Take your time. We have all afternoon to shop.

She is old.

Loren is always trying to make everybody think he's cool.

Micky wanted to apologize to Heinz.

I'll afraid this kind of meeting isn't getting us anywhere.

We'll eat lunch together at 12:30.


I don't have the option.

Srivatsan mocked Clifford for her failure.

I don't know what Case wanted.

Ed is in his room, writing a letter to his grandmother.

He hasn't been able to come because he is sick.

Malaclypse Jackson has spoken at my church.

Don't hinder me in my work.

You better sleep.

You're not expecting me to do that, are you?

In the near future, we may have a big earthquake in Japan.

Check these papers over.

I think Kevan liked it.

My reputation has been destroyed.

Christmas shopping is stressful.

What kind of stuff do you keep in the trunk of your car?

This morning the weather is dreadful.

She isn't what she appears to be.

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Where can I hang my jacket?

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Lyndon put air in his tires.


I have had it.

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I'll go on Sunday.

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How do I know who to trust?

Marlena and Tricia tell each other a lot of things that aren't true.

Didn't I say it was a trick?

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Ira found a chair and sat down.

No one loves war.

I will attentively review your comments over the next few days.


We don't really care.

Then came King Herod.

He didn't drink wine.


That doesn't ring a bell.


The old woman smiled with a sigh of relief.

All you need to do is remember these three very simple steps.

Louie is being very vague, isn't he?

Val used walking poles to assist her with the uphill and downhill sections of the journey.

If I were in your place, I would buy it.

I guess you've been to Boston before.

I'm sorry, but I'm already dating someone.

Never tell a lie again.

I'm afraid not.


The father is very tired.

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I must be getting old.

I don't feel very well.

I went to the airport to meet my father.

There is enough money for John to buy a car.

They say nitrite is harmful to the colon.


A departmental manager is always between a rock and a hard place.