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Stack Version: v5.42
Build Date: Jun 09 2017 00:08:00

This site demonstrates the power, flexibility, and scalability of an 8, 16, or 32-bit embedded web server. Everything you see is powered by a Microchip PIC microcontroller running the Microchip TCP/IP Stack.

On the right you'll see the current status of the demo board. For a quick example, click the LEDs to toggle the lights on the board. Press the push buttons or heat up the thermistor and you'll see the status update immediately. This examples uses AJAX techniques to provide real-time feedback.

This site is provided as a tutorial for the various features of the HTTP web server, including:

  • Dynamic Variable Substitution - display real-time data
  • Form Processing - handle input from the client
  • Authentication - require a user name and password
  • Cookies - store session state information for richer applications
  • File Uploads - parse files for configuration settings and more

Several example applications are also provided for updating configuration parameters, sending e-mails, and controlling the Dynamic DNS client. Thanks to built-in GZIP compression support, all these tutorials and examples fit in the 32kB on-board EEPROM!

There is also an ICMP client example running on the demo board. Pressing the rightmost button will cause the board to send an ICMP Echo Request (a ping) to a Microchip web server. If the ping was received and echoed successfully, the response time will be displayed on the LCD. An error message will be displayed when attempting to use this demo if the board isn't able to connect to the Internet.

For more information on the Microchip TCP/IP Stack, please refer to the TCP/IP Stack API installed with the stack. This manual can be launched from your Windows Start menu.