Mom is making a cake.

Your orders have been changed.

He's doesn't have a head for numbers.

This jam jar's lid is stuck and won't open.

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Maybe I'm the asshole.

I don't want to have you involved in the trouble.

I'm Jack.


I'm waiting for him.

It's not that bad yet.

The legality of his act is not in doubt for me, because everything he does is completely legal.


It's about my brother. Lately, he's been hanging out with the wrong sort of people. Don't you know anything about it?

I think Rick is trying to trick us.

Don't just stand around, lend a hand.

After playing a theremin, all other instruments make you feel like you're in a straitjacket.

There is an urgent need for peace talks.

She's not like Root!

There is nothing you can do that I haven't already done to myself.


I just want them both to be happy.

I've been giving that a lot of thought.

I must remember to buy that book tomorrow.


What'll you do next?

It was a crime of passion.

I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.


Rick walked away from the accident unhurt.

Plants grow towards sunlight.

I couldn't make out what he meant by 'megafeps'.

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I know exactly how Pierette feels.


The people in the rear of the room could not hear the speaker.

I knew you were alive.

The eyes are windows to the soul.

His new car is a beauty.

I've dealt with this store for years.

A burglar broke into my house while I was away on a trip.

These are questions worth debating.


Laurie collects his thoughts for a minute.


The roof is leaking.

Anton was executed three months ago.

Please don't open this window.


I plan to tell Giles what happened.

Just fancy!

I love watching golf.

He almost erupted in anger.

I can't jump over that ditch.


Marriage is a unity made from love.

Police are everywhere.

Get on with your duties.

Hong Kong International Airport is a busy airport.

Tell them that everyone is here.


We have to convince Margot to stay here.

A scientist had to know how to ask the correct question and to state it so clearly that the answer would be, in effect, a definite yes or no, not "maybe".

You shouldn't drink so much coffee late at night.

It isn't a hospital.

We all have dark secrets.

I already did my homework at school.

Aren't we missing something?

Saiid unwrapped his sandwich.

He was asking for it.

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Ahmed had a skiing accident.

He tries to be unlikable. People make fun of him, and no one praises him.

I often use SSH to remotely connect to my computer.


They provide value for money.


They abandoned their homeland.

We believe in democracy.

He took it for granted that she was happy.

Would you mind staying home and taking care of the children?

Do you want to live in Boston?

I saw him three years ago.

The back seat of the car will hold three passengers.

I answer for his honesty, for I know him well.

Don't tell me you weren't doing something.

Dan claimed that Linda was the reason for his unhappiness.

Kuldip glanced at the mirror.

I think you should do it yourself.

I wonder what it was like for Linley.

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They carried a map with them in case they should lose their way.


Do you think I'm shallow?

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Casper is just plain lazy.


Of all the places I've been, Alaska is the most beautiful.


Japan entered into an alliance with France just before the war.

We sat at the table in silence.

Do you think Dad will change his mind?

Cory gave in.

I'm going to look for him now.

We will arrange travel expenses for trips for research purposes, so go to whatever country you want to.

There's nothing Pamela can do to help me.


Is the apple red?

We didn't do it.

How many other girls have you said that to?


She's always hungry.

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Jock didn't lift a finger to help.

I don't have a wife.

I got my son to fix the door.

Let's get drunk.

Travis said that he'd rather come tomorrow.

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Isidore doesn't have time to help you.


Please extend my apologies to Rabin.

He was so childish that he couldn't resist temptation.

Keep in mind what I tell you.


I'm being arrested.


Tourists often bought souvenirs in this shop.

It's a small problem.

I felt the sweat trickle down my brow.

Don't you want to know what Patricio really thinks of you?

Germany is expecting about 1.5 million asylum seekers this year.

Are you sure you want to throw that one away.

We're going to give it a try.

Jarmo and Thad were staring at each other.

Don't get everybody confused.

Malloy was out of town when the fire broke out.

You have a gum infection.

I did none of those things.

Stars undergo nuclear reactions that burn hydrogen in their cores.

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I want to be near you.

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Lea has written a very good paper on the production of rubber.


Don't change horses in midstream.

I don't wait for anybody.

The Catholic Church is opposed to divorce.

Rajarshi seemed lost.

This is not a hospital.


I really wish I'd paid more attention in Budapest instead of going shopping and seeing the Harry Potter movie.

She's with Rebecca.

I'd suggest that you don't eat there. It's high priced and the food doesn't taste all that good.


I hope you'll get over your cold soon.

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I waved him back.

The Beatles consisted of four musicians.

You're dead.

I picked a most unfortunate time to visit him.

Should we go inside?

This job eats money.

I've misjudged them.


I mean what I'm saying.

She is anxious about the results of her son's test.

Awake or asleep, she was thinking about it.

If there's no water, there's no whisky.

She is partial to chocolate cake.

I've enjoyed working with Dick.

Dr. Ride was committed to promoting science and math education to all learners.

As they ran, their arms turned into legs, their faces lengthened into snouts and their backs became covered with long gray hairs.

Gideon is rather eccentric.


This language has been in decline for several centuries until recently.

Tell Cecilia that I'm not at home.

You must read the textbook closely.

Why am I here?

I am proud of my shoes.

Raj yelled.

Sunil can barely see.

I like to fry fish.

Give them everything we've got.

Gregg tried to regain his balance.

I'm still grieving from the death of my eldest son.

Can you see that mountain with the snow-covered peak?

That's right. In Japanese, "uetoresu" corresponds both to the English "waitress" and "weightless". However, "waitress" is the more common meaning.

We've been abandoned.

I think Mat doesn't swim very often.

Root was extraordinary.

Today's arraignment hearing offers the defendant his first opportunity to state his case personally.

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Your behaviour was totally out of order.

Nice ass!

I was born on 23 March 1969 in Barcelona.


My boss made me work overtime.

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I thought that I told you to stay where you were.