I can barely hear Piete.

My mother forgot to add salt to the salad.

Takao plays the drums.

She handed him his jacket.

And then something very strange happened.

The drink made Nicolo sleepy.

Byron ate a lot. He must've been hungry.

I like to listen to nasheeds.

Brace for impact.

You're early, aren't you?

Naomi skipped lunch.

Joshua's fears were well founded.

I promise to leave her alone.

People would be better without guns.

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According to the weather report, the rainy season will start next week.


Sumo is the traditional sport of Japan.


He opened the door of the car.

The best thing to do was to not talk any more about those events.

Has Norma been invited?

Would you mind helping us?

The statesman and writer is dead.


It has nothing to do with this.

She got off at the next station.

Alpine flowers are abundant there.

Lorenzo's neighbor is a busybody.

Walk faster so as not to fall behind.

Billy told me that he would like to buy a new bicycle.

I'll drive myself.

Spy was gullible.

Leave the past behind and take care of the present.

I know that cntrational is interested in Lojban.

We had high hopes for them.

You were wrong after all.

Molly must really like you.

You need to learn how to be assertive.

Everett told me I had to go home.

He almost convinced me.

Venkata realized that Son wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.

Let him use the telephone.

You were always playing tricks on me when we were in junior high school.


How are you going to pay for this?


This stuff's awful.

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev was the lead Soviet rocket engineer during the Space Race.

I didn't mean right now.

Syd began screaming.

She copied a sentence.

Have you known them long?

There's a package in the mail for you.

Farouk is eloquent, isn't he?

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it.

I baked some cookies for her.

This event suddenly happened on its own.


Success in life lies in diligence and vigilance.

As the saying goes: "good always triumphs over evil". But there's another saying that: "the fight against evil is a constant struggle".

I wasn't able to find what I was looking for.

Casper is a very shy girl.

There's no water in the well.


The fish is in clear water.

You'd better not drink that.

Who else knows about this place?

Roses smell sweet.

I'm glad you showed me how to do it.

"Are you hungry?" "I'm not hungry. When I was at school, I ate a sandwich."

He needed capital to start a new business.

What've you lost?

I will remember for you forever.

Merry Christmas!

Would you please turn the TV off?


I wanted to ask Ramneek if he'd ever consider changing jobs.

Ramesh cried in my arms.

I know you're making it all up.

You drove.

Suyog told me to give you this.

He broke up the chair for firewood.

What motivated you?

Do you think he will be elected president again?

She burst into tears at the news.

Could you do anything to help?

My wife, the mother of my children, is Palestinian.

I can't imagine a world without you.

On a bus or a train one must pay a fare.

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Uri came to school very late today.

University was a wonderful experience.

I think I might be interested in buying one of your antique chairs.

Darren wiped his forehead.

Does your dress become me?

A lone sailboat is sailing against the wind.

Let's all just calm down.

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I can't take it seriously at all.

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Can you read between the lines?


I'd like to be as rich as Louie.

I guess that she is over thirty.

I have a natural ability in mathematics.

Christopher Columbus once saw a UFO, and ordered his men to fire his ship's cannons at it.

Christophe has to help Sigurd.


Many people are upset.


When was the last time you ate a home-cooked dinner?


I tried to cheer him up.


Bradley volunteered to help.


I'm not the same man I used to be.

I'm very proud of them.

I'm preparing a present for Hotta. I hope she'll like it.

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Be very careful.

Rathnakumar is forceful.

He ran away with the money.

I walked three-fourths of a mile.

The cyclists are wearing cyclist shorts made of spandex.

Dan didn't say anything about his past.

I was a fool to trust him.

I thought it was a good movie.

He knows nothing about anatomy.

Something's not quite right here.

He lived idly and found himself already forty years old.

We are ever brutal to those who love and serve us in silence.

They lost their way; otherwise, they would have arrived long ago.

Duke loves what he does.

This reference book is of benefit to you all.


Esperanto is a truly regular and easy language.


Anatole is the best carpenter I know.


Can I borrow some money from you?


That house needs repainting.

You were absolutely right.

When it's spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it's autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.


That request was ignored.

Siping needed to sweep the floor.

Where is the beach?

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Wait over here.


The Indians had difficulty finding food.

What a disappointment!

Put on your coat lest you should catch the cold.

I don't know what I'm going to do with Janet.

What's your first memory of falling in love?


She called me a stupid bitch.

Harold would be proud of you.

How do you say "telephone" in Turkish?

After all the trouble we went to in coming up with that project, it only took them a second to shoot it down in the meeting.

The north wind held on all day.

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Life is a web, with every strand connected to every other strand.


I can't stand my crazy life.


We waited too long.

We're still figuring it out.

The old man is hard to please.

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Don't do this to me! It's not funny!

We'll pick them up on the way.

What's it doing out here?

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He doesn't know the name of the chemical element Yb.

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There's no need for her to go there herself.

Lloyd bought Stanislaw a gift.

When my children are happy, I'm happy.

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Have you tried talking to Pandora about that?

Narendra will be home any minute.

Have you told her?

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Do you like my motorcycle?

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I don't need more advice.

This house belongs to me.

Wait a minute, my laundry is done, I'll go hang out the washing.

The old man spent most of his time looking back on his youth.

I have a pain in my back.

How do I get back?

You'd look good in that dress.

I just want this to go well.

Avery won't have to apologize.

I have a notebook.

I think that that clears matters up.