" B2SCAN smartly connects people
                                  by forwarding the right information to the right person,
                                                                                           increasing the flow of business "             
Frédéric Semour
Bond market trends
Type in MM ABS/MBS/RMBS   +1+1      -      CONVERT   00      -      CORP   -290--290      -      CORP SUB   -18--18      -      COVERED AND SSA   -594--594      -      FIN SENIOR   -1 134--1 134      -      FIN SUB   -84--84      -      GOVIES   -165--165      -      
Sector in MM Aerospace, Electronics and Defense   -21--21      -      Automobile   -95--95      -      Banking   -438--438      -      Beverage, Food and Tobacco   -135--135      -      Buildings, Real Estate and Construction Material   -11--11      -      Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber   +19+19      -      Computing, Software and IT   -30--30      -      Containers, Packaging and Glass   -6--6      -      Diversified Services   -4--4      -      Finance, Leasing, Investment Company, Financial Services   +1+1      -      Governmental Agencies, Sovereigns, Supranational   -2 159--2 159      -      Healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetics, Education and Childcare   +53+53      -      Hotels, Leisure, Inns, Catering, Gaming, Luxury, Mass Media, Motion Pictures and Entertainements   -16--16      -      Insurance   -50--50      -      Manufacturing   -27--27      -      Natural Resources and Commodities - Mining, Metals, Oil and Gas   -161--161      -      Printing and Publishing   -7--7      -      Pulp, paper and Wood   -16--16      -      Retail Stores, e-Commerce, distribution   -29--29      -      Telecommunications   -65--65      -      Transport (Personal, Cargo and Motorways), Logistics   -19--19      -      Utilities (production, distribution - Water, Gas, Energy)   -43--43      -      
B2SCAN is a French company providing software applications and services to the financial industry.

B2SCAN helps you race ahead
Its eponymous web application delivers Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Management Companies and Private Banks a set of high performance tools to facilitate business in the Fixed-Income securities market. B2SCAN is a web-based pre-trade information tool that matches buyers and sellers of credit instruments.

B2SCAN enables asset managers to search for the bonds they wish to trade and identify the appropriate counterparties in an efficient and effective manner.
B2SCAN provides a powerful search engine that allows buy-side dealing desks and portfolio managers to search for bonds while allowing banks to control of the information they share.
Clients can search B2SCAN's database to identify a bank that is willing to buy or sell a particular bond or list of bonds.
With over 11,000 bonds axed daily, B2SCAN significantly increases the probability of a successful trade and improves the efficiency of the execution workflow process.