The valley echoed with his call.

I had to stay behind.

That must be rather confusing.

He is very accurate in his work.

I was relaxed.

I feel really respected.

I remember it as if it were yesterday.

I just didn't believe them.

Dominic picked up his coffee cup and took a sip.

Meehan lost confidence in himself.

Teruyuki has his daughter with him.

I'll pay with my card.

I shouldn't have eaten so much ice cream.

Jinchao doesn't know the answer.


Why is Germany so tough on Greece?


Dawn will never tell you that.


Hilda says that's not true.

I took for granted that they would give me a receipt.

I talked about music.

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Did you phone them?


When he heard the joke, he burst into laughter.

I couldn't believe this was really happening to me.

Jacob got some wrong on the test.

The loss adds up to $1,000,000.

Who buried the gold bars here?


Does that window open?

I had to pay no less than 1,000 dollars for this watch.

Mom, Ralf's hitting me!

I shouldn't have gotten up so early.

You'd be a fool if you borrowed money from a loan shark.

Freegans employ a range of strategies for practical living based on our principles; these include waste reclamation, waste minimization, eco-friendly transportation, rent-free housing, going green and working less.

It pays in the long run to buy goods of high quality.


Epistemology is a branch of philosophy.

Could you introduce me to Mr Ono of Randolph, Ltd?

Thank God I survived.

Do you have the key to this suitcase?

Calvin claims that Google Translator translates better than I do. This is a bold lie


When the antecedent is this, that, these or those it is usual to use 'which'.


I'll never forget this experience.

You will wait.

I like country music.


Open the panel.

I think she's faking.

Very well, we'll make an exception in your case.

Watch out for the pedestrians.

I'll bring the book back to you tomorrow.


Real told Uri she didn't want him to date other women.


Surely he'll phone me tonight.


I cannot bear this pain.

I think I need to talk to you.

I can't tell you how glad that makes me.

I'm not the one looking for a girlfriend, Micah.

One gypsy family with their caravan was encamped.

Please fill out this form and wait for us to notify you.

The walking stick serves the purpose of an advertisement that the bearer's hands are employed otherwise than in useful effort, and it therefore has utility as an evidence of leisure.

What defines us is how well we arise after falling.

I didn't just make the plan, I carried it out.

I made you wait so long; I beg your forgiveness.

Three years he spent travelling through forests and wildernesses, but could find no one able to tell him anything of the Princess.


I can't get them to slow down.


You seem upset.

Vickie read it out loud.

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.


He has a good command of French.

Who owns this food?

Their common aim was to make the project successful.

I want to go to Italy.

I hope you brought an umbrella.


Ah, screw it.


The bursting of Japan's so-called bubble economy sent shockwaves through international markets.

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He was afraid about what was going to happen.

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Do you want me to stay with Darci?

The policeman told me that the last bus leaves at ten.

Van picked us up at the airport.

Do you like books written by Franz Kafka?

Although she practised every afternoon, her tennis didn't improve at all.

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Latin American novels are characterized by their contrast.

Nguyen is out of control.

They overcame the enemy.

Rand removed his wet socks.

I have been abroad several times this year.

Donn is richer than anybody else in town.

I'm French.


Beethoven's music portrays the whole spectrum of human emotions, from exhilarating joy to deep despair.

You can't keep doing this, Lex.

I'd like a cup of coffee, please.

Please make sure that the conference room is clean.

Louie helped Glynn wash the dishes.

The townsfolk were convinced that the string of murders was tied to a satanic cult.

I'm looking for an apartment in the center of town.

A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.

Why did they dislike him?

It may seem like a crazy idea, but I think we should go visit Walt and Shaw right now.

I waited for her till it got dark.

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I'm beginning to understand why Janet loves Boston.


It's clear that Herbert doesn't know what he's supposed to do.

Let me give you a little tip.

Space is a Boston native.

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No matter what we do, Vicky won't be satisfied.

You can't go home yet.

There's no need to be scared.

Every part of science, whether connected with the geometry of the universe, with the systems of animal and vegetable life, or with the properties of inanimate matter, is a text as well for devotion as for philosophy.

Dave bought an expensive sports car.

He grew up in a Christian town.

You can't swim. Isn't that so?

I caught up with you.

Arlene is in no mood for jokes.

Give her a smile.

Pick on somebody your own size, you bully.

Thanks for coming so quickly.

Let's see what's out there.

Promise you won't get mad.

A miracle among others

Making this matter public would have an effect on our sales, so we're going to overlook it this once.

Those are my orders.

They'll believe that.

Golf courses are a major cause of water pollution.

They shouldn't trust her.

He drank detergent by accident.


I teach English.

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He retired from the army 20 years ago.


You can't be too careful in driving a car.

He finished his work without sleep or rest.

Mommy, where's my booger?

I need to get away from her.

Do not eat in class.


This music is from the 40s.

Sunday is not a workday for me.

The hospital took him in yesterday.


The winters were bitterly cold.

He was wearing a long black coat that reached almost to his ankles.

Is your headache gone?


The influence of covariates on the primary outcome variable was explored using logistic regression.

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She had changed so much that I couldn't recognize her.

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Wolfgang swept the floor.

Eduardo doesn't eat meat or eggs.

Revised just stood there watching everybody dance.


The English are a hardy people.

Kelly is always blaming himself.

I'm not in it for the money.

Get him over here right away.

Who said it?

Tell Penny that I'm here to see him.

We need to know more about them.

Luc is impossible to satisfy.

I'm still not convinced that Rafik is the best person for the job.


He does not like to take a bus, no matter when.


The king is the best.

Her work is better than mine.

Monica can't do anything about that right now.

Ellen is a hard person to say no to.

Woody doesn't seem all that old to me.


There were only five people present altogether.


Patty will always be there.

We soon caught up with them.

I'm going to show you my new car.

He made a thorough analysis of the problem.

I'd like to help if I can.

Does he live here?

There is no creature among all the Beasts of the world which hath so great and ample demonstration of the power and wisdom of almighty God as the elephant.

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I should've known you'd come back.