We will go to watch TV.


The president abolished slavery.

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Thanks to the nice weather, we were able to harvest all of the crops in a day.


I need to borrow your car.

Aristotle was toadying up to the Macedonian monarchy.

They were frightened.

The small seed became a large tree.

There is a strong presumption against its truth.


Konrad wouldn't go to the hospital.


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.


There are various actions in conversations.

What is life's greatest pleasure?

The villa was harmonious with the scenery.

The longer I waited, the more impatient I became.

Evan is getting married on Monday.


It's difficult to explain.

It's cruel to put a live lobster into a pot of boiling water.

I have a lot of faith in Norma.


Some wealthy people don't pay their fair share in taxes.

I'm staying over at my friend's place.

What is the meaning of this word?

Where are you going?

Mind your step.

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Let's break off for half an hour and have some coffee.


I'm meeting Surya next Monday.


The company is owned by a group of entrepreneurs who started it right after the war.

Tollefsen introduced himself to everyone.

He won the election by a large majority.

Try to figure it out.

Do you spend a lot of time with your friends? Who are they? Funny people I think.

Dan bailed Matt and Linda out.

Scot closed the car door.

We have had little snow this year.

He's a newbie in Esperanto for sure.

Americans on the whole are a talkative people.

The boys set up a hockey rink on the frozen pond.

No matter how flat you make a pancake, it always has two sides.

Isn't it a beautiful day for a picnic?

Do you have any objections?

I suppose I can ask him.

Someone who is carefree easily changes their tune.

I'm only suggesting we don't do what Mats asks until we carefully consider the consequences.

Once a thing is posted, it is in the care of the Post Office.

He isn't wearing a hat.

Spring arrived.

That child caused a lot of trouble.

Louie is pretty mad at me.

You're brilliant.

Aren't you going to miss them?

He had two sons, who became doctors.

Do you recognize that guy?

May I borrow your telephone?

I'm here to help her.

I don't know when I need to be there.

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He was playing with the kids in the pool.


We'll do the rest.

I never really knew her.

I haven't been to Boston in a long time.

I'm at a loss for what to say.

We'll take care of the arrangements.

It just takes practice.

Scot just wanted to see what it was like.


This is the house I lived in when I was young.


We are going to talk in a little while.

Vicky knew what Laurel wanted to buy.

Anita can't seem to understand what you're saying.

Jayant's not what he seems.

Ski jumping looks scary.

This is discouraging.

The hero of the book rails at the injustices of the world but does nothing about them.

Prakash didn't like Hirofumi and she didn't like him.

What are you gazing at?

I hope you are not thinking it is my fault.

He is much better than you.

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It's going to rain. Look at those dark clouds.

I'm here because of them.

A Mr. Smith came while you were out.

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We put up at a small hotel just on the edge of the town.


I wonder how someone can still defend a backward and cruel dictatorship such as Lukashenko's who has managed to have every one of his opponents beaten up and imprisoned. It's just beyond me !

I am in a bind as my money has been stolen.

None of these books were very interesting.

My parents met each other in the mountains.

She went to the market once a week.

They will ask you why you want to become a teacher.

Let's go outside and play in the snow.

Privacy is as necessary as company; you can drive a man crazy by depriving him of either.

Women aren't interested in him.


I will go with you after I have eaten my lunch.

Judith is never going to let me go.

The USA is very big.

Salted monkey nuts are popular in many parts of the world.

Sundar showed up at John and Pamela's wedding.

You always take the lion's share!

We value punctuality.

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I'm really glad we had this opportunity to talk.


Monty said he didn't want to go.

When the vacation is over, I will catch up with a lot of work.

There is a church across the street.

"Have you finished?" "No, I haven't even started."

All you need to do is get back the time you have wasted.


That boy is in love with his teacher.

Shall we meet tomorrow morning at nine?

I had a slight headache, so I went to bed early.


What's your speciality dish?

I'm sure there's a way to find out.

We won't leave anyone here by themselves.

I'd like to see Teruyuki first.

Vassos didn't have Joseph's phone number.

I wasn't interested in it.

We know we haven't done anything.

I can't see this picture without thinking of my mother.

My Internet connection is slow and expensive.

I am a Mexican. I speak Spanish fluently.

This song is known to everyone.

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I guess we could do that.

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I'll get you a beer.

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His back itches.

I would like to make a few remarks before turning to a close examination of the theory.

I enjoyed myself a lot.


I'm going to sleep in about an hour.

That scares me.

We're on your side.

I wore this tie yesterday.

Jitendra called a friend.

I leave it to your imagination.

Aw, how can you say that?

"Peace is evitable", said the old general.

We could use a hand.

Our universe is expanding.

The front wheel plays an important role in two-wheeled vehicles moving without falling over.

I don't have time to help you now.

I'll keep you posted.

List looked so funny that I couldn't help laughing.

Hector Skeleton, the ancient stage doorkeeper, sat in his battered armchair, listening as the actors came up the stone stairs from their dressing rooms.

Could you exchange it with another one?

Dan was to sign the contract in July.

You're not paid to ask questions.

Why did you give Edwin so much money?


They introduced a bill in Congress.

Eye witnesses saw Reid walking south on Park Street just after the bombing.

Pregnant women often experience morning sickness.

Do you believe him?

Who did Sedovic go to Boston with?


You can't always do what you want.

O that I had never left Skyros.

If I hadn't had his help, I would be dead.

I wanted to talk to you first.

The plane seemed to just disappear into the ether.

I want to know how many will make me happy.

Good bye, and safe trip.

What is cooking in the kitchen?

Was that all you wanted to say to me?


Jean-Luc gives Beverly the book by Shakespeare.

You don't need to say anything.

My cat is mad.


You break it, you buy it.

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You should hold your tongue while someone else is talking.

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To tell you the truth, I don't like him.

Remember what we talked about?

Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, Sermons and soda water the day after.

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John is free from worry these days.


I'd love to see that happen.


This is her fault.