Professional dog grooming

At Pride & Groom, we aim to deliver a professional relaxed approach at all times and strive to make the grooming process as stress free for your pet as possible. Our salon is fully equipped with top quality products, and professionally managed to a high standard.

Why choose us?

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Only dog in the salon

To minimise stress and discomfort for your dog we ensure your dog is the only one in the salon. this prevents your dog from being stressed by the presence of other dogs and it gets complete undivided attention from the groomer.

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Training in all dog breeds

As fully qualified dog groomers we have training and experience with the cutting practices of all dog breeds meaning that your dog can receive breed standard trims that are either adapted to suit your life style or show standard.

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Breed standard or customer preference

At Pride and Groom we understand that breed standard trims don’t suit every dog’s lifestyle and as a result we provide free consultations which enables us to discuss with owners exactly what they require from a groom, and tailor it to suit. This could mean a normal breed standard trim or something different.

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Quiet and calm environment

The salon is set up to be a calm, quiet environment to minimise stress. We ensure your dog is always groomed by the same groomer and is given regular comfort breaks. This ensures that your dog is calm and relaxed as possible and has a more enjoyable experience.

Fully Insured & Qualifed

The City and Guild qualification covers many vital skills which are described below:

  • Health and safety, legislation and codes of practice for the dog grooming industry
  • Preparing styling and finishing a dog
  • Health checking and handling a dog
  • Customer service and record keeping
  • First aid specific to dogs
  • Specific treatments for different coat types

The salon is fully insured and aims to give you and your pet the best experience.

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Our Services

Full groom

A full groom will consist of a bath, dry, nails clipped, ears plucked and cleaned, groin clipped out, full body cut, and overall health check.

from £25

Doggy maintenance

Involves a bath and dry with nails, feet, face and ears trimmed to help maintain a chic look in between full grooms.

from £15

Hand strip

This is a grooming technique used in breeds such as border terriers and cockers who haven’t been neutered. This method creates a waterproof jacket and is standard practise for these breeds in show circles.

from £30

Puppy introduction

This is recommended from as early as possible (12 weeks onwards) to help puppies learn how to behave during a groom. It includes a bath, dry and basic groom which helps them not only look smart but also ensures that they enjoy the experience.

from £15

Happy dog owners and dogs...

I have been taking Pippa to see Francesca over the last six months on a regular basis & found it a very good service that she offers. Although she operates from her home she has a purpose built grooming salon for the dogs which is comparable to any high street grooming parlour. My dog which is not always the most friendly, thoroughly enjoys the experience & comes back looking fantastic. I find it to be excellent value for money & would whole heartedly recommend Francesca & her dog grooming service

Chris & Pippa

So friendly and warm, welcoming - give us tea and coffee! - Mila loves going there, she always smells so amazing and fresh afterwards - cut is always exactly what we asked for, always done beautifully with great attention to detail, - we never want to take Mila anywhere else

Gary & Mila