I could go with Marc.

All the villages were beautiful.

Gesture is another way of communication.

We have to keep working.

I'm sick of eating out every night.

In the end the two families accepted their fate.

And that one over there is Mars.

Either way works for me.

The bin lorry will not be coming tomorrow, then.

At last, he became aware of his own mistakes.

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Ronald plowed the field.


Travis is in a good mood today.

I wish that Brent would help us.

Sometimes I wonder if this world is just in someone's head, and he dreams us all into existence. Perhaps it's even me.

Better run away immediately!

Noam didn't care who helped him, as long as somebody did.

You should've studied harder.

I suggest you let Miltos handle this.

I thought a walk in the park might take our minds off our troubles.

Ofer represented her team in the competition.

What did you give Mike on his birthday?

They possibly did not feel welcome.

You'd better revise history for the exam.

I think that it's completely understandable if she turns down his offer.

Her dog isn't very fast.

Where's my daddy?

I thought Randall was my friend.

Who are they cheering for?

We always have to pay more.

When the antecedent is this, that, these or those it is usual to use 'which'.

Who took it?

I'll do anything that Jaime asks.

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Judging by her expression, she looked worried.

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He breezily asked whether I had any cash.

You shouldn't drink so much coffee late at night.

Do not copy-paste sentences from elsewhere.

Where was everyone?

We're out of ammunition.


Can you lend me a stapler?

I wouldn't have been able to do that without Lord's help.

I wish Geoffrey could've been there.

Every day was exhausting.

We'll meet her there.

Dwight turned red.

Annard is a pretty hard guy to impress.


Is Leon bluffing?

I changed my mind.

Walk calmly to the door.


My father is suffering from a cold.

What kind of food do you like?

The game lacked excitement.

Shyam was invited.

I really like that feeling.

He is very sullen now.

I'll help you as long as I live.


She's really quick.

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One of my suitcases is missing.

We know exactly what Ernest can do.

I'm not on Sandra's side.

His hat looked very funny.

Greta Garbo was a Swedish actress.

Fourteen mice were lost when the Jupiter rocket they were aboard was destroyed after launch from Cape Canaveral on September 16, 1959.

They don't speak French.

Where is the arrivals hall?

I'm not sure if this painting will fit on the wall.

I am sure that Greg is going to follow in his father's footsteps.

Daryl broke the long silence.

This will teach that he must obey the law.

I suggest you give your old computer to Jisheng.

I'm glad you agreed to see me.

I don't know where this goes.

What are you watching?

Women generally outlive their husbands.


When you back up into a tree, you make the trunk smaller.


I didn't want Ofer to overhear our conversation.

Is that rule applicable to us foreigners?

This hat is yours.

You should realize by now that you can't fool me.

The problem should be solved.

The line is busy now.

They handcuffed him.

Aoi dances well.

Murat is still staring at Rogue.

Can you verify that this message came from Old?

"Left-Wing" communism is an infantile disorder.

We became very close.

Is your sister older than you?

Dan left Linda with no money.

She was young handsome vain and giddy and completely the slave of fashion.


We think, and this allows us to do the marvelous things that we do.

I'm waiting for a call.

You know what else? My daughter wants a pony and my husband wants a yacht.

She can speak English, of course.

The global press praised him as an exceptionally imaginative director.

Basing his invention of public relations on his uncle Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, Edward Bernays has left a lasting legacy on the media and how they interact with their audiences.

The scandal could lead to the firing of some senior officials.


She might possibly know the answer.

Ceres was discovered on January 1, 1801 by Italian Giuseppe Piazzi. He discovered it while searching for a star.

Finally, Susan cuts her mother short, promises to write, and hangs up.

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Maria tends to appear on my doorstep whenever I'm about to go out.

What is reported in the paper is an obvious fact.

The Nile River is the longest in the world.

She finished the race.

Before they let us use the software, we had to sign a confidentiality agreement to say we would not release anything about it to the public.

I have been completely devoured by this business.

Put this in your backpack.


You need to wash your hands.

Things are getting out of control here.

The opposition was divided.

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The job of a driver is harder than it looks.

Instead of putting the car into gear, she put it into reverse, causing a great deal of damage to the store-front.

I want you brought to justice.


She is a bigot.

We managed to save them.

Why are you suing Saul?

There are tulips around the steel building.

We're waiting for her.

I got what I needed.

Ravindran can't hurt you.


Kelvin caught Jeanette snooping through his stuff.

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Sundar is much taller than Gale.

I don't want you to give up.

We'd better get going.


Her face turned white.

We ran out of gas in the middle of the desert.

The correctional officer beat an inmate.

That isn't enough.

I have gathered examples with the object of making a dictionary.

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I had a nagging sensation that I'd seen him somewhere before.


The only missing feature of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is Turkish keyboard layout.

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Did you ever tell anybody about what happened?

I didn't even know that you had one.

Pierce tried to scare Kit.

I'm fine, thanks for asking.

You shot Brender, didn't you?

Can you write?

Almost all of the dogs are alive.

In Hawaii you can swim in the sea all year.

Dannie threw Molotov cocktails at the police.


I think Barrett is bilingual.

I was really surprised.

The exception proves the rule.


Better alone than in bad company.

Since Margot arrived at Guantanamo Bay he has been exposed to different forms of torture: sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, extreme temperatures, prolonged isolation, lack of sunlight and limited health care.

We've been trying to avoid that problem.

When you hear two rings on the phone, that will be the signal that I'm leaving.

I'm not sleepy anymore.


I tried to call Coleen.

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I read your report.

I'm confident that I'll win the tennis match.

Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.

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A friend of mine is distantly related to Emily Dickinson.


None of the victims' names have been released.

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I can't watch.

Malcolm asked Delbert to teach him how to do the waltz.

Japan and South Korea are neighbors.

The Journey: Per Ardua Ad Astra, Through hardship to the stars.

I can drive myself.

Politics is the science of how who gets what, when and why.

What could Mason possibly want now?

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Who plays the keyboards in your band?

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We'll go in a minute.


There's no logical reason for this.

I contacted Samuel yesterday afternoon.

Ami wondered how long John and Dave had been dating.

He is on good terms with Mr Brown.

"Do the kids get in line in a specific order?" - "Yes, by age please."