He dashed out like a bullet.

This isn't the time or the place to do that.

Now everyone has one.

Tiefenthal got tired of waiting for Pete, so he went into the museum without her.

You didn't have to hide from me.

Is your wife tall?

Debbie's face showed his surprise.

Give me those things.

I will give him another chance.

We see what we expect to see.

Let me go with you.

There are high walls about the town.


What's your favorite song to sing with young children?

What do you suppose these are?

Who on earth would want to do something like that?

I was hoping I could get a little help.

I definitely want to do that.

Avery has done some unconventional things.

Why do I need to learn French?


There are 5 people in my family.

I was completely deceived by her story.

This house is a very beautiful one.

I don't know those answers.


You do that!

I am studying electrical engineering at the University of Plymouth.

I have a skunk in my backyard.

There are too many bridges in this city.

Open your book to page 59.

Do you have a crush on him?

She trusts me.

Kent has never heard of me, has he?

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I like the white of an egg.

Why was everyone so surprised?

That was a good joke. Tell us another one.

Thunder rolled with menacing crashes.

Tickets are $30 per person.


Jacob goes to school with my daughter.


It's nice to have you back.

That's a delicate problem.

How much time do you spend studying French every day?

I think we did very well.

We are engaged in a difficult task.


Three new stamps were issued last month.

The money will go a good way towards my school expenses.

He had some money in an account that he'd set aside for his kids.

She's not young, is she?

Don't pressure him.

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I'll have to study ten hours tomorrow.

Guy says he doesn't like air conditioning.

Her house is a little way off the road.

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Are they really soldiers?

Izzy approved.

Did you lock up the house before we left?

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I can't buy it for lack for money.


The Prime Minister had resigned yesterday.

They ambushed the enemy.

Oh! Thank you, my dear.

Boyd and I both want you to be happy.

When challenged to pronounce "shibboleth", Christopher Columbus did it in such a perfect way, that he was instantly recognized as the new leader of the natives' army.

Tovah needs to pay more attention in class.

Today I hooked my trailer up to my car, filled it with rubbish and took a very full load to the local rubbish dump.


There's something wrong with the phone. I can hardly hear you.


Florian looked great.

I was just tidying up.

I saw him crossing the road.

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Neil Alden Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Another Scotch and water, please.

What are you going to make a survey of?

What are you going to eat for dinner?

I'm perfectly all right.

This plant is dying for want of water.

Is it true that you borrowed a million dollars from the bank?

I do not understand the problem; I could make neither head nor tail of it.

Where do they want me to put it?

It was a mess.

Do you two work together?

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Sergio's unhappy.


I'd like to help Kayvan prove it.

There's a degree of stress in every job.

It might rain. We'd better take an umbrella.

He will leave here for good.

Let's mosey on down to the river.

As a new graduate with no work experience, Jiri was wet behind the ears when he started his first job.

There's no cause for alarm.


I am going to water the horse.

How many people are in there?

"We need to help Kyrgyzstan," said Putin to Hu Jintao... in my dream.


It's not for me to say.

It's just not possible for me to do all the work in one day.

He wrote her a long letter, which he didn't mail.

Collin might've eaten on his way home.

Dan didn't even pay the bill.


We may as well just go on home.


That's rich, coming from you of all people!


The police were unable to cope with such violence.


Though she is rich, she is not happy.

I would take it as a sign.

You don't need to get excited about it.


You have to go talk to them.

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The widow had to get through a lot of hardships.


The damage from the flood was negligible.


He was able to solve the problem.


He really gets into anything he tries.

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I want change. I hate being in one place for too long.

Rusty tried to make friends with Granville.

The policeman was off duty when he was shot to death.

Who's speaking?

The student arrived after the examination was over.


He is earnest for success.


An electric heater warms up the ceramic tiles of the bathroom floor.

This cooking technique has passed into oblivion.

What did Malloy's house look like?


I can stay.


That sounds pretty bad.


I love roast chicken.


Hal knows Russ won't do what John asked her to do.


I'm fascinated.

I consulted with my sister.

One should put a full stop at the end of the sentence.


You're not going anywhere.

We can't close the deal until my partner arrives.

Nobody's laughing.

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The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.

This computer saves us a lot of work.

I will never forget to keep sweet thoughts in my heart for my dear professor.

What happened to Murat in Boston?

Nhan says he can't wait to get started.

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Luc colored the picture.

Here or to go?

That'll be a lot of fun.


Monty was afraid to go to sleep.

I love our little jokes and I'm quite jealous of your thinking and views on things.

Ray doesn't know anyone in Boston.

Which theater is that?

It seems like I'm the only one here who knows how to speak French.


He was on the way to the airport to meet Mr West.

He hasn't made a record or had a concert for many years.

She is a graceful beauty.

She wished for a more relaxing life, but that was impossible under the circumstances.

Look at those black clouds. It is going to rain.

I don't know that word.

Why is the world so cruel to me?


They're headed this way.

It's been long enough now that I assume that they must know.

I'll be free tonight.

Annie is Stefan's mentor.

I'll support him.

Andy and Barry rarely go out.

You were right, he doesn't live in Rio.

The new fact has come to light.

The notes are at the bottom of the page.

What is the total amount?

We still don't have enough money.

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I told Sandeep not to do that.


I know it's asking a lot.

It was clear that Hanako did not wish to marry Taro.

He fell down in the mountain.