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Green Cloud Project - Eliminating Muri-Mura-Muda in Energy Consumption of Information Systems

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This project aims to improve energy efficiency of IT systems used in manufacturing supply chain participants. We have been improving supply chain management eliminating Muri-Mura-Muda in manufacturing supply chain. Now its application expands to IT systems that include data center cooling improvements, server consolidations, solar power sourcing and cloud computing.

Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd. is an automotive parts supplier company with 30 subsidiaries. It has a long history of manufacturing Kaizen to reduce waste and improve energy/resource efficiency to lower environmental impacts.

3 years ago, we have found that in-house IT systems consume approx. 80% of electric energy used in non-manufacturing sites. This project started to improve this situation.


  • Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd. JAPAN
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, JAPAN
  • Information Systems Institute, Ltd. JAPAN
  • Daiwa Kasei Europe Ltd. UK
  • Global Wise Co., Ltd. JAPAN

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IT Systems Energy Efficienty Improvements

To improve in-house IT systems energy efficiency. Still the impacts were limited within the subsidiary groups.

  • Server Consolidations
  • 3D CAD Thin-client Implementation
  • Server Cooling Improvements with Micro-Coolers
  • Solar Powered Data Center
  • Utilizing Private/Public Cloud Computing for Information Systems Replacement

Expanding Energy Efficient IT Systems to Inter-Enterprise Area

30 companies (including subsidiaries and external suppliers) are using the automobile parts procurement systems in production by Dec 2010. It has improved logistics operation of these companies without further IT energy consumption.

A simpler version is also developed and we expects the user of these systems will be around 10,000 by the end of 2011.

  • Cloud-ready Inter-Enterprise SOA Framework
  • Automobile Parts Procurement EDI Systems
  • Generic Procurement EDI Systems for SMEs

Expanding Applications of Inter-Enterprise SOA Framework

We are now extending the system to handle other resource procurements including electric parts and chemicals, etc. Also a chemical contents information gathering system has been implemented on the same framework to effectively gather SVHC contents information effectively.
This enables suppliers to gather and trace SVHC information in a timely manner.
A CO2 emission gathering system is also implemented. It enables each participants to know the current CO2 emission in real-time. All these systems are on the same cloud environment to minimize the energy consumption with lower operating costs.

  • Chemical Management Systems (RoHS/REACH-ready)
  • CO2 Consumption Monitoring Systems


This project has been partially funded by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, JAPAN.


- IT Award 2009,2010,2011 - Japan Institute of Information Technology
- Green IT Award 2009,2010 - Green IT Promotion Council, JAPAN
- Japan IT Award 2010 - Nikkei BP Company