Why am I shooting these guys, tell me, what have they done?

Dan claimed that he had lost his key.


Hans eats tofu quite often because he heard that it was healthy.

Isabelle likes football a lot.

Rich is quite different.


I think we've met before.

We can't all do everything.

You must pay in advance.

I can't show you.

He is drunk.

We don't live in Scotland yet.

Antony is working on another novel.

I thought you said it was yours.

Is something wrong with him?

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I was just going to write a letter.

She deserves it.

He set out for Canada yesterday.

Would you like to wait?

We really hate them.

Did you know that?

This cake is sweet.

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Jonathan lied when Urs asked him how old he was.

I saw a dog swim across the river.

Begin with such books as you can easily understand.

Do you rest on Sundays?

Just do what your mother tells you.


Please speak a little more slowly.


He doesn't appear to be wise, does he?

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I hope you're not going to oppose me.


I'll never let that happen again.

Jacques attacked Martyn from behind.

She really likes gossiping.

We never meet without a parting.

I have no more than ten English textbooks.


She can't drive.

We know exactly what Ethan can do.

The doctor's remarks reassured the patient.


The following passage was quoted from a well-known fable.

Thank you, my dear.

Adlai hates waiting in line.

I trusted people too quickly in the past and just assumed everyone was good.

Have you ever been abroad?

He's been out of work for a month.

God shot himself.

She gave it her personal attention.

Is it true that you authorized the driver to take the car home?

I'm just saying it's possible.

Amedeo almost forgot about the meeting.


My son went to the United States to study medicine.


This is the book I was talking about.

What a wonderful town!

The day-old chicks cheeped shrilly as their mother returned to the nest with a beak full of food.

Stuart is all grown up.

The revenues go to a charitable foundation.

I've had enough of this.

He doesn't seem so well.

She tried to get up, but the pain was too great.

We shouldn't have given up.


I enjoyed being in Boston.

In winter, I always go to bed wearing woolen socks.

Nhan doesn't know the difference between God and the Devil.

I'm coming to see you tomorrow.

I find myself thinking about you all the time.

An ugly wife is a good fence around the garden.

I know you have an essay to write.

She argued with him about their children's education.

Don't think you're going to get away this.

Skiing in fresh snow is a lot of fun.

He doesn't know how to play the guitar.

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I have to ask her to help us.

Carolyn is always saying that King isn't romantic enough.

I don't really know that much about Suzan.

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I can't stand that kind of politician.


Reid isn't a racist.

We have time.

This is the first time I've ever phoned Marika.

I've told you what I think.

If anyone can do it, Raphael can.

It was an interesting dream.

Didn't you know that Masanao could play the guitar?

Do you know how to swim?

Try to sleep.

I'd like to know how Philip got there.

You know what's wrong with you?

Many people spend more than they earn.

The accident caused a traffic jam.

"Why in the world would you do that?" the other asked.

His language does not please me.

Here, drink this.

Nancy motioned for Tarmi to join him.

The chairman would only make her comments off the record.

The dolphin and trainer communicated much better than we expected.


I told Christophe I wasn't happy with the way he was acting.

How interesting!

Gypsy is all the world to him.

Let's hope Kiki didn't do what you think he did.

I was welcomed.

I am fond of the cinema.

We're not going to let Wayne go to the party.

Is this a cat?

You don't have to do that now.


Don't ask me why.

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I arrived home just as my parents were leaving.

The bank is not open on Saturdays.

Brooke nearly got killed.


I had to climb over the fence.

Andy is a good chess player, isn't he?

Tanaka is different now.

I'll take Sedat home now.

That reminds me of him.

He never saw his sister again.

I'll never get used to skyrocketing prices for gasoline.

He likes games of chance.

Jim just stood there looking at Gideon.

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Knut tried to pry open the window with a screwdriver.


Are you still mad about last night?

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I've seen you playing music at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

Some house.

Let's take it easy at the beach today.

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No roses without thorns.

Amigo doesn't know how to put on his own pants.

Reducing deforestation is one way to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

It's been a very difficult year.

We need everyone to be patient.

I am not about to pay ten dollars.

Tell her I'm coming back.

I'll help when I come back.

He laughed the matter away.

This is spaghetti.

I am having a look at it.


I want to bring him here.

Theodore owns the rose.

I don't want to discuss it anymore.

I thought we agreed we wouldn't do this.

We hoped for a miracle.

Stefan can get them.

I wish people would stop staring at me.

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They studied English yesterday.

Her diploma.

I already miss her.

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What is the English for "Saigen"?

I'm dying to see Paris.

I stuck around for a while to see if anyone else would come.

Let's proceed.

Betty waited for Jin to unlock the door.

He is above finding fault with others.

I'm not afraid of ghosts.

You're the only one who can convince Santa.

She's a lovable person.

Show us what you've got.

My initial assumption was correct.

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I wasn't sure where I belonged.

Pedro started to feel like his life wasn't worth living.

I've only known Leon for a few months.

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He often shows his anger.


This is the shortest way to the station.

Can you lend me some money?

Thad filled his glass with water.

Human nails were part of the witch's brew.

Just go inside.

The average American wedding costs about 30,000$.

This can't be a coincidence.


How to live is an important question for young people.

That couldn't happen.

You said that you had been in Russia for seven years.

I liked your picture.

Myron had already eaten lunch when Jan arrived.


You will find a hearty welcome here whenever you call.