This looks like silk.

Ritalynne found it difficult to decide which one to buy.


She's Georgian.


Gilles is talking on the phone with his mother.

Keep your eyes closed until I say that you should open them.

That's awesome!


He had the kindness to help me.

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I don't feel like doing it today.

If I've made a mistake, please let me know.

Matti and Dieter are trying to sell their house.

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I don't blame her.


Hundreds of years ago, married Japanese women would blacken their teeth to beautify themselves.

Adrian ate dinner by himself.

What happened at the beach?

Who looks after the children?

This is the penultimate version of the paper.


That might be a problem.

I said that I would help her.

Liza must've made some mistakes.


We will go, but without you.

John's father has some knowledge of French.

Gunter hung a calendar on the wall.

The wound Dan had on his cheek resembled a bite mark.

I just wanted to make sure you knew what to do.


We adore them.

Ignoring the significance of Tagalog isn't wise.

My mother lives a lonely life in the country.

What do they think it said?

Two crows are flying in the sky.

You may be seated.

There is no god.

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Kate's father walks home from the station.


Matti wanted Ro to pose in the nude for his painting, but she refused to do so.

Is she having an affair?

The church was built in the fifteenth century.


The cat meows.

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I'm better off here.

Thanks for the cake.

So what's your problem?

Christina was with Boyd all afternoon.

I'm the one you talked to on the phone.


There's no good reason not to do that.

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Ramsey graduated third in his class.

Patty loves reading.

Clarence's dream is to travel around the world with Elliott.

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Firstly: We, your forebears, cannot help you from the land beyond. Secondly: The slayer of wheelchairs came here incognito and therefore could only have brought a small number of guards with him. And thirdly: there is (supposedly) no beautiful princess. Got all that? Well, then have fun with your task.


I would be very grateful if you would help me.

Please bring a salad.

He that cannot ask cannot live.

Come eat!

We're no longer in danger.


Now what's your question?

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We had not gone very far when it started to rain.

What is my purpose?

I think it's very deceptive.

You're incredibly hot.

No one can go in there.


It will be very, very hot.

Vassos always has to put her two cents worth in.

Put something on and let's leave already.


The helicopter landed on the roof.


Joachim had his hair cut short.


Why can't you be more like your older sister?

After he came back from service in Afghanistan, Sharan was plagued by flashbacks and nightmares.

Where can I find the produce?

I nearly killed myself doing that.

Carolyn doesn't have to go unless he wants to.

I'd never do that to her.

I'm surprised they'd be so careless.


It's not time to stop yet.


Nora has tested positive for Ebola.

You weren't disappointed.

Sylvan wondered how fast Kay could climb a ladder.

Only with wisdom can one distinguish between good and evil; only with humility can one build a happy life.

I complained, but they refused to take this sweater back.

Lynne got a good grade in science.

I think we'd all like to know what happened.


How did you get him to say yes?


The problem is whether you can follow her English.

In effect, flowers are the creators of honey.

I hope you find her.

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The weather's not as good today as it was yesterday.


All of the toys are wooden.

The children were all drawing pictures of animals.

Do you need a new keyboard?

You were confused.

Margie's parents left him.

The room is very dark.

Hillary loved it.

Thinking about it, I must look dangerous.

I'm determined to solve this puzzle before I go home today.


The impact of the crisis is enormous.

I'm not joking. I really mean it.

I don't know when it'll be fixed, but I'm sure either Christina or Sanche will fix it fairly soon.


We'll be leaving shortly.

This sentence does not belong to me.

Joachim is still afraid of Rodger.

We're untalented.

My wife is from Algeria. She is Algerian.

I'm not eating this fish.

Do you want to see my cat?

She's Jitendra's sister.

John and I took turns driving.


This isn't a new development.

If you want to throw your life's accomplishments away, that's your prerogative, but I'm staying right here where I'll be safe from your lunacy.

The train was clear of the station.


Bit by bit, he could attract her with his behaviour.

Jenine doesn't have a chance.

My grandpa is out of step with the younger generation.

He intends to visit his uncle.

When he arrived, I was making coffee.


Harv isn't a child anymore.

He interrupted them while they were breakfasting.

Do you have something you'd like to tell me?


We would be closer to the truth.

Where are you going to go on your vacation?

Only when it comes to tenses and phrasal verbs is English grammar more difficult than German.

I've been charged with a serious crime.

I thought him very clever.

"How are you doing?" "Not bad."

Now we see more and more foreigners.

We care for Joyce as much as you do.

I'll leave the book for you with my neighbour.

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Slander is a crime.


He needed money.

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I'm glad to meet you, too, Mr Ito.


My knife has lost its edge.

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Hal has already left for work.

My feet are sore.

Sandeep and Sergeant take turns taking out the garbage.

We've never been to that place.

He is sure of success in the end.

I came to say goodbye.

Hearing Spanish makes me think of beautiful tropical destinations.

Their manners and customs are different from those of this country.

I don't understand a word.

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I just want to disappear.

Everyone's going to be tired.

I am content with my current position.


The gala dinner is at 10 p.m.

We're not going to fire you.

That would make a great gift.


Do you want kids?


Some flowers bloom in spring and others in autumn.

As is often the case with him, he was late again.

That man is Pedro.

Cathryn is more clever than honest.

I have no particular talent.

The latter half of the drama was a little dull.

I was born and raised in the Boston area.

Should Marshall really be doing that?

She goes to the supermarket every three days.

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Saul dated Ramneek for three years.


You have nothing to worry about.