I didn't know you felt so bad.

I don't care for wealth and fame.

Stu emptied the trash.


The media are more concerned with profits than the public good.

We're still looking for them.

Be sure to follow them step by step.

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I wish I had a house in the same neighborhood as Tollefsen.

The game is not over.

The clock struck ten.

Is Lewis alive?

These green leaves turn red in the fall.

Claudia is fast asleep.

How can I reach Sekar?

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You need to turn left at the second light.

Bonnie wore a long, loose-fitting coat.

She left here right away.

Our school has adopted a new teaching method.

I don't know what you're talking about!

I'd like to lose some weight.

I called him today.

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Once there lived an old woman on a small island.

I will lend you a pen.

I was too scared to do anything.

The field was white as far as the eye could see.

Boston is great.

There was a storm that night.

Land prices still show no sign of evening out.

We're supposed to be helping Gregor right now.

I know who he is.

Tyler majored in economics.

Ramesh always obeyed the rules.

Sergio crawled out of the window.

She will be able to swim in a week.

I'll turn over a new leaf and study English very hard.

He took no notice that there was a sick man sleeping in the next room.

She was always able to answer all the questions.

My father has a blue and gray tie.


It makes no difference whether you go today or tomorrow.


Mechael tried to hide her feelings.

Everyone is waiting for me.

She had white shoes on.


We'll take good care of Rafik.


We don't do anything anymore.


I thought that was already obvious.

Jesse felt both betrayed and humiliated.

I did some research.


I'm not racist, but I just don't like you people.


I've got some suggestions.


What do you think my old guitar is worth?

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What does Tony do?

This is reality.

Death of two lynx.

Yesterday I did not visit my parents, but I will visit them today.

I had to book a flight for her.


Please, get in, sir.

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Dani is a gourmet cook.

I want to give Edmond something special.

Don't wake the sleeping cat up.

Do you realize what time it is? What were you up to at this time of night?

I squished one.

My uncle gave me an hourglass.

I tried to stop their quarrel, but that was not easy.


Terrence was put in prison.


A beam of sunlight came through the clouds.


He fed the chickens millet.

Our lives are in grave danger.

In the morning, she called her office to say that she was taking a day off.

I doubt if you'll know anyone there.

If you allow me to speak, I'll be able to explain everything.

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In Africa there are many lions.

You can come in.

The lady's name is Sue.

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She took a close look at the ring.


It's OK now. Don't worry. You can depend on me one hundred percent.

He came to find her a man.

Manuel is the only person who can help me now.


Do I remind you of the one of the guys you left behind?

Sonja lay awake for a long time thinking about Philip.

Kenton bought a refurbished phone.

What exactly will Derek be doing?

It feels great.

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Knapper's house is full of toys.

Where is the nearest service station?

This chocolate is very sweet and tasty.

You're a better shot than me.

Seen at a distance, the rock looked like a human face.

It went downhill.

Belinda didn't have to tell me why because I already knew.

She has had a magnificent career.

The post office is the brown building.


Vic was born three days before Christmas of 2013.

People at all levels are the essence of an organization and their full involvement enables their abilities to be used for the organization's benefit.

I wonder what you were referring to.

Enough is better than too much.

Get started.


His letter made her angry.

We'll have to come back.

No more chatting!

Alexander ordered the tomb of Cyrus to be opened.

Nice try, but no cigar.

I assume you share your Sri's sentiments.

She gained weight.

You are lying to me.

He is carrying out experiments in his laboratory.

Since we can't find a better one, let's make the best of what we have.

That's someone else's problem.

We don't need to attend that meeting.

Do you want me to get rid of this?

The European Union has abolished the death penalty.

Do you like Africans?

I made that.

I can be as stubborn as you are.

How gullible does Kay think we are?

I have a high opinion of this book.

He emptied the container of its contents.

Actually, Rajiv isn't my real name.


She wants a large house and a big car.

Now where did I park the batmobile?

I held the umbrella over her.

Such evil customs should be done away with.

I've only seen Eric twice.

I think I deserve a raise.

That was a good movie.


We're being conned.

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Kevan will never consent to that.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Alf is a few months older than Darryl.


All the exams are now behind us.

Is that a valid reason?

Let me fill your glass again.


Often at midnight the Snow Queen flies through the streets of the town, and looks in at the windows, then the ice freezes on the panes into wonderful shapes, that look like flowers and castles.

This problem demands immediate attention.

He was at a loss to explain where he had put the dictionary.

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Come over and help out.

You can't get a job if you don't have useful skills.

I thought we could use the cloth napkins.

Your idea is definitely worth thinking about.

Mike is the brightest student in class.

Thomas and Syed moved into their new house.

Have fun with that.

If you have any problems, I'll help.

Give these children three pieces each.

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Don't worry guys, I've got this.

Tell me when to call at his office.

You should put this phrase in parentheses.

I was barely able to work.

Ramadoss likes to go out with his friends.

He has been unconscious for three days.

Twitter suspended his account.

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Let's get some lunch.


I missed the arrival of Sinterklaas.

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Do people ever accuse you of being snobbish?

Another factor to be taken into consideration is that the present situation is favourable to us.

My heart was pounding as my turn got nearer.

I thought you might want to look over these documents.

How long will it take for the letter to arrive?

Raghu never hurt Hartmann.

If it rains, please call me.

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Rolfe began to feel a little guilty.


Neil may have lost his way.


I'll buy what we need.