I'll be the one helping them, not you.

He bowed out as engineer.

The paper discusses the problem in terms of ethics.

Why the hell not?

You can't have that.

Dirk certainly had something to say.

You are going to be OK.

He came at about four o'clock.

I would like to see my father.

Miniskirts have gone out of fashion.

The result is all that matters.

Don't judge a man by what he has.

Let me be honest with you.

Even as he was speaking, a shot rang out.


I feel out of sorts today. That well water is why.


I'm your new assistant.

Thank you for your translation!

I've been sober for eight months.

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I'll go swimming.


I'll make it simple.


Though young, he is an able man.

The girl didn't say anything

Jean-Pierre, what do you want for supper?


When is that supposed to happen?

She was on the verge of crying.

Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

I could see Ramsey was busy.

You don't smell good at all.

My legs feel wobbly.

I wanted you to help me with my homework.

Tell her that I am looking for the keys.

In this case, let's go.

Beckie was arrested on unspecified charges.

You don't think this is the right way, do you?

They want to have a meeting with you.

Wombat is a typical australian animal.

What were you doing in there?

Kurt passed out on the floor.


Jack bores me with stories about his trip.

Health is more important than money.

Get away from there.

"You're not being chased, are you?" Just as he said that in a quiet voice, the corner house's light went out. The rain became more intense...

The conference offered us the opportunity to reconnect with associates of different countries.

Well met.

I thought you might want to see Vickie right away.

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This is a sick joke.


Who will win the World Cup?

I walk to school in 30 minutes.

He is subject to fits of anger.

My mother asked me to shave off my beard.

Get me a slice of pie, too.

Where's a ravine, there's a cossack.

We'll wait for the signal.

I heard you have a beautiful voice.

Aren't you guys done yet?

Mario injured himself mountain climbing.

In legal terms, children are called "issue."


He chipped the edge of the tea cup.

They all want to know what happened.

which singer do you like?

There's no way I can catch her.

This desk is made of wood.

I think I can do it in my spare time.

We gave him a royal send-off at the airport.

He annoyed us with his complaints.

Jitendra lives a sheltered life.


She wanted him to sing her a song.

Cut the paper into two halves.

His report does not sound true.

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My cassette tape recorder needs fixing.

She boiled an egg.

He is always going after fame.

I assume you're referring to what happened here recently.

French isn't a difficult language.

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You do know that, don't you?

I'd be happy if that happened again.

It sucks to be you.

Before coming to Berlin, I had very little interest in German history.

Which Spanish-English dictionary would you recommend for beginners?


I didn't finish the job.

It comes with soup or salad.

I heard they caught him.

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The Second Solar System War devastated the home planet.

Reason is the only thing that makes us human.

I have a fever at night.

Victor followed them.

Let's get organized.

Knudsen is a careless driver.

John Glenn was one of the first seven astronauts in NASA's space program.

I can explain it all.

The world's first Ferris wheel was built in Chicago. It was named after its contructor, George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.


Leonard will follow my advice.


It is the place where there is no person in question, and you shouldn't say abuse.

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Sanjay isn't that cute.


What's the most read book in the world?

The color of that tie does not match the suit.

Society is divided.

I didn't need his help.

I got nothing.


Can you cover for me?


I'll get ice.

Without your help, we couldn't have done it.

My food is cheap.

Now, we exact justice.

It was very unreal.

They always skip school.

I see you've been shopping again.

We're hardworking.

I don't have time to eat right now.


His way of thinking is very similar to mine.

In most countries, with the exception of the Arab countries and Israel, Saturday and Sunday are defined as the weekend.

This is the bottom of what inning?

There sure is a lot of traffic today.

Darci saw Joe standing at the top of the stairs in her pajamas.


I've never given anyone a Hermes scarf.

I see Jack playing the piano.

I've decided to apply to Harvard.


Why should this happen?

If I could have understood what Allan meant, I wouldn't have made this mistake.

I don't think this is such a big deal.

I made an ass of him.

What are you thinking of?

My brother is out.

Jayesh doesn't have any teaching experience.


How did dinner go yesterday?

Everybody is in a good mood looking forward to the five-day holiday that starts tomorrow.

I used to beat my wife.


I think Milo will probably be late.

The proof is trivial.

Who will host the party?

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Many ports are in the east.


Ricardo is likely to arrive soon.


I went stag to the prom.

Rodney advised Beckie not to go there by herself.

John grew up to be a great artist.

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There is a mistake in the sentence.


He will walk in the park this afternoon.


I thought Barrio and Ronni were married.

Raul doesn't look much older than Andries.

I will buy a new umbrella.

I'm sorry, I just can't remember.

Many shark species are threatened with extinction.

She knows what's going on.

It was a great loss.

That desk does not fit in this room.

I saw one, a mermaid, when I was a primary schooler. But it wasn't that sort of fairy-tale atmosphere of a story.

I met Bob once.

You make an interesting argument.


I almost forget where I was.


I think Anne doesn't speak French very well.

I'm happy because my wife is so happy.

I happened along when the car hit the boy.

They have nothing.

I don't dare ask the boss to borrow the car.

I prefer grapefruits to oranges.

Would you mind turning down the radio?

I have a feeling you're not going to like the gift Mariou got you.

That's why he keeps pausing and hemming and hawing.

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His report has just been handed in.

I'd call that a coincidence.

Steve was arrested and charged with murder.

It fits you like a glove!

Shutoku had flu-like symptoms.

Ninja has a perfect alibi.

I don't feel like doing anything when it's that hot.