Dr. Elie Daher is an accomplished senior-level executive with 30+ years track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership in both public and private organizations within the energy, Education and IT industries. He is visionary and creative with a positive attitude and steadfast commitment to excellence. Elie has strong expertise in managing organizational change to achieve maximum results. He combines his entrepreneurial leadership style with highly effective planning, organizational, and communication skills as well as a solutions-oriented approach to problem solving.

Throughout his executive career, Elie has held various top executive and leadership positions such as CEO of a Joint Venture, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Global VP of Strategy and Marketing, Head of Consulting division among other roles while working across four continents with both medium size and fortune 100 companies.

During his career, Elie has coached numerous C-level executives, heads of HR, directors and high potentials across a wide range of functional responsibilities. His holistic approach and passion for excellence spur already successful leaders to greater level of effectiveness for themselves and their organizations.

He has authored more than 20 papers on scientific, human resources and leadership related subjects in the Energy, Technology and the Education sectors.

Dr. Elie Daher demonstrates broad-based strengths and accomplishments in:
Board Level Interactions Organization Restructuring
Strategic Planning Mergers and Acquisitions
Executive and Financial Management Business Consulting and Executive Coaching
Marketing and Branding Multi-Cultural Business Development
Information Technology and Software Verticals Energy and Education Verticals
Executive and Leadership Coaching Consulting and Coaching for Change


Dr. Elie Daher Serves on several advisory boards namely:


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