Up until three days ago, I'd never even heard of Konstantinos Jackson.

That's probably not good.


What are you contemplating?

Well, you might be right.

I need a smoke.

Anatole's garage is filled with things that he never uses.

You haven't shown this to anyone else, have you?

They found out it was way the very same house, so they went to the Movers to see if the little House could be moved.

The fry does not need to be taught to swim.

No one can know everything.

Elisabeth stripped off her clothes.

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Will you help me with this?

As soon as he saw that piece of wood, Mastro Cherry was filled with joy.

Shannon is still crying.

Foreigners admire Mt. Fuji.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.


Why did you let her go?


I gave all the money I had left to the hairdresser.


My husband tells me feminist, but he is too sexist.

Barton was convicted of kidnapping in 2013.

Everything is still new for me.

When do you get up?

The enemy were driven out of the land.

Which of the two has the bigger penis?

You could never do that.


Something wrong was about to happen.


Some holy men affected sackcloth and ashes.


It doesn't have any problem.

I wonder why no one tells the truth.

Paul didn't seem surprised by Urs's news.


You're obviously too drunk to drive.

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Can we do anything to help him?

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I'm aware of that possibility.

I'm ready to do that.

The answer is still no.

We may be able to help.

The visitors were herded into the elevator.

Let me carry your suitcase.

Here's a good one.


How do you find food in outer space?

Mott saw you.

You shouldn't have come back.

There are plenty more fish in the sea besides him.

It all ended as suddenly as it started.

The instant I saw him I knew he was angry.

This person sold their sold to the devil.

It rains softly on the city.

The calendar interests her.

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Diane died at the age of 97.

You can't leave.

He made sure the story was leaked to the media.

We went to a hockey game.

You're so attracted to me.

I ran as fast as possible, but I was not in time for the last train.

Max explained to Julia why he could not come to his farewell party.

I was wondering if anyone could think of a translation for "con atino".

What a queer story!


This is the cheapest shop in the town.

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Children are our future.

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Merton's anger faded.

Wait a minute! Hang on!

I trusted her.

The whole town will know!

They love us.

Stacy was told to go home.

It has started to rain.

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Colin threatened to beat me up.


This isn't my key.

I have trouble sleeping.

That sounds like a plan.

Have you ever left your office open?

Why are you here today?


Most Hollywood films have happy endings.

Do you happen to know Kenton?

I want to give Shel something nice for his birthday.

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There are books on my bookshelf that I haven't read.

What did the other guy look like?

The teacher told Gilles to hold her tongue.

A small, homogeneous population with a precious culture--a Hopi village on a mesa top in America, e.g.--may be unable to tolerate any outsider for long.

"Will he come home soon?" "I'm afraid not."

Did you read the book I gave you?

Izumi just wants you to take care of his dog.

I always wanted to do that.

I want to focus on that.


I have a metal table.

We've had four retirements this year.

That's nothing but a figure of speech.


Do you believe in reincarnation?

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I solved the problem.

Irvin flipped through the pages.

I'm not hungry anyway.

At work they are at the whim of the boss.

She set a bird free.


I hope that you will enjoy this video.


They were stranded on a deserted island.

They're enemies.

Sonja speaks with a lisp.

His eye was swollen and his nose was bleeding.

There doesn't seem to be anyone home.


Roland should have known better than to believe John.


My boyfriend is possessive.

That amount of food will last them for a week.

Leonard exchanged glances with Jordan.

I hammered a nail into the wall in order to hang a painting.

Where's the closest restaurant?

It's like a war zone there.

Did you know that Anderson had left home?

We will trust you.

Let's get back to business.

My uncle died of lung cancer.

Those two will always be together.

Devon couldn't believe the news.

Guillermo was standing still.


She decided not to attend the meeting.

I don't want you to worry about anything, OK?

What we've been asked to do is very dangerous.


We may be here several days.


Is the post office open on Sunday?

Please show me this book.

"This is very amusing," thought the devil.

Damon didn't come and Jane didn't come either.

That's adorable.

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We made too many mistakes.

I found, to my surprise, that she was dead.

The weatherman predicts snow for tonight.

Lance gave me more money than I need.

I'm sorry about being late.

I don't disagree with your decision.

I just want to see her.

Ahmed pushed me away.

Make it quick, will you? I haven't got all day.

I've never met anyone quite like you before.

I watched the news on TV after supper.

There was no damage reported.

Our boss turned down our proposal.

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Don't forget what I told you yesterday.


What's the daily rate?

I wish I'd called Kenneth.

Kirsten went abroad.

I like city life very much.

Skef sought shelter from the rain.

We should consider the problem from a child's perspective.

At first they try to ignore you, then they start to laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

He also discovered sunspots, the dark areas of the Sun. He saw that the planet Venus has light and dark phases just like the Moon. These discoveries provided empirical information that proved that the Sun is at the center of the Solar System, as Nicholas Copernicus had predicted.

Did you get the note that I left you?

School begins at nine.

It was a hamburger of epic dimensions!

I was just about to get started any-how.

Please put away this box for me.

My name happens to be Boyd, too.

The economy is improving.

Colin was accused of doing sloppy work.

I don't care to see more than one bottle of prosecco a year.

He makes friends with everybody he meets.

It was a huge disappointment.

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My father lives in a squat.

Please develop this film.

Toft spends most of his time at home.

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It's not expensive.

There's nowhere to run.

Could you please drive a little faster?


I'd like you to have an ultrasound.

We plan to tear down that old hotel soon.

I want to see him again.