I eat pasta.

Don't be a fool. Let me help you.

I am not sure of winning the game this time.

Helen assumed that Amir would pay her bills on time.

We are going to his house. Want to come with?


Before the grass grows, the horse dies.


Pia came to school late this morning.

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What are you unhappy about?

You look just fine.

Elliot doesn't want to go to the dance with Daniele.

Mitchell is interested in fossils.

Casper helped out.


I felt safer.

I have a collection of documentaries.

I have a pretty good idea where Jenine might be.

The spokesman confirmed that the report was true.

A few minutes' walk brought me to the shore.

There was almost no color in his face.

I am completely exhausted.

Rutherford Hayes was born in Ohio in 1822.

By tomorrow, there'll be no more problems.

He made many costly purchases.

Here's one I forgot.


Not words but action is needed now.

We're ready for anything.

If I remember correctly, that's what you said.

I thought Bobby and Benson broke up.

My parents were teachers.


You'll be able to speak English better if you practice hard.

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The ship hull is divided into watertight compartments.

Peggy looked like he always looks.

I thought Annie was a Canadian.

I make it a rule to brush my teeth before I go to bed.

You should've come.

They were crying.

Do you have a problem with her?


Is this what you really want?

There's no time for this.

I can't be killed so easily.

Even though the accident was six months ago, my neck still hurts.

I will graduate in two years.

I don't think you did this by yourself.

You can use my car if you like.

I'm not quite sure what to tell Granville.

Erik did acknowledge that he was pretty competitive.


To my surprise, the door was open.


No, I'm waiting for my wife.


My girlfriend is tall and beautiful.

You don't explain, why do you hate Esperanto.

The young men play and the old men watch.

The patient is feverish this afternoon.

Jeffie could've done it.

I can tell you're a nice guy.

I don't think that's the solution.


Axel likes to listen to Liz sing.


I'll wait at the bus stop.

Is she faultless herself?

Did she forget her money?

I don't want to keep Erick waiting.

I think you should call them.

Suzan is crazy.

Happy Independence Day!

How many years has it been since I last saw you?

There's a row of ants coming in and out of the kitchen.


I have two red fish.

Corals can live for thousands of years.

Nothing interests me anymore.

Many workers are facing the ax in the assembly department.

Anybody have a match?

All three were wounded.

All of Noam's friends laughed at me.

The boy caught the cat by the tail.

The waiter was told that he need not stay.

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Why did you leave Honzo alone?

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What a huge setback will make a people suicide.

Is German so difficult to learn?

"Liza, hurry up." "I'm coming!"

They've heard by chance some suspicious activity in the thicket which indicated that a bear smelled their food also.

He put down his burden.


I prepared a weak solution of sugar and water.


I'm going to go buy a ticket, so please watch my bags for a minute.


The bad weather marred the ceremony.


I like to play music written by my friends.

The letters q, w and x exist in English.

He never loses hope.


Your sudden appearance has surprised me.

You may wait outside.

Izzy isn't a suspect.

I'm not leaving Alastair here alone.

He is lost in thought.

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The fundamental problem in arguing with a person who denies global warming is that they use erroneous logic.


I am Gregor.

I want to know how tall Suzanne is.

The typhoon hit Tokyo.

Sonny just moved to town.

Knute is very good at problem solving.


He is living in an apartment at present.

We've worked together for over thirty years.

A little lower.

We can't go right now.

If we'd followed Hui's advice, we wouldn't be having this problem now.


As far as I am concerned, I don't think it's true.


It's been a long week.

Kiki sat at the bar drinking by himself.

His illness is critical.

He refused to do so.

There is much demand for nurses in this hospital.

The difficult we do at once. The impossible takes a little longer.

There is no cure for schizophrenia.


Does this suitcase bother you?

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A miracle is an event described by those to whom it was told by people who did not see it.

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I'm glad you're my friend.

He absented himself from the meeting.

If you wouldn't mind, I could use a hand.


He's got a rap sheet as long as my arm.

Pieter was nervous.

While the daughters of the Viking invaders were brought up by their English mothers and learned to speak good English, the little boys ran along with their father picking up his less than grammatical English, as a result of which, to this day, poor grammar is associated with masculinity in the Anglo-Saxon world.

He didn't use to be like that.

My mother stopped her sewing and picked up her book.


Dominick doesn't know who Stanislaw wants to go to the dance with.


I actually haven't been to Boston yet.


They are lazy. I can't understand such people.

I don't like getting dressed up.

Take the road on the left.

She became more tranquil.

Lenora is content with his present salary.

Hawaiian and Tahitian languages are similar.

He is not what is called a genius. Rather, he is a hard worker.

Are you sure there's nothing else to eat?

I have three times as many books as he does.

I don't like you either.

When was the last time you wore your earrings?

We don't want to do this.

I suggest we first find out if Shane is interested in the job.

I wonder if there is any reason to translate this into French.

He came back to Japan for the first time in eight years.

When one of my coworkers starts racking up good sales figures I can't let down my guard.

Rules are to be observed.

Ritalynne has been working as Stanly's chauffeur for years.

Never trust a naked woman.

We'll let him worry about that.

I still love the way you smile at me.

I use flashcards to study French vocabulary.

Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas.


A change of scenery would provide comfort.

The pioneers met with many dangers.

It was not until I called that he came.


Tahsin would never leave Donovan.

Everything has a price.

This work is difficult for us.


I took the word, because I could no longer hold my silence.

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You can't swim here.


I bought her a clock.

I snapped the thread on my canine.

The level of the lake dropped.

What'll Elisabeth do about it?

What is so special?

She loves poetry and music.

Pablo knew you'd try to talk him out of going.


She is a highly influential manga artist, and many people credit her work with boosting the international popularity of Japanese comics.