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Events Opportunities Events & training opportunities offered through this site.

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The Upstate New York College Collaboration initiative is comprised of several institutions all with a focus on improving the quality of higher education experience for their respective student bodies.

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A table showing upcoming events and training opportunities. It allows viewer to sort by course name, category, date, etc.

Event Additions

Form for adding a new Event to this site. This site will enable institutions to manage enrollment in each Event listed.

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This site will offer management of training opportunities UNYCC members wish to make available to faculty & staff at other member institutions. Management includes setting aside a reserve number of attendee slots for the host; capping enrolments and other registration services.

Symbiotic Learning

"Networking with other professionals was as valuable as the instruction!"

"Attending at another institution made this training obtainable a lot sooner"

"This was like attending training at a conference; without the steep registration fees and travel costs"