If you want to decorate a party in a special way, or you are looking for a romantic motive for a wedding, or to make a gift that is beautiful, a wreath of flowers can be a good option since you can also do it yourself. Learn now the steps to follow to make a beautiful and simple flower crown. We all know that a wreath of flowers is usually associated with funeral wreaths that are sent when someone dies, but the truth is that in this case we speak of an authentic crown for the head. A crown made with flowers that you can wear or give as a trend complement or also choose as a bridal headdress for your wedding day.


If you have little ones at home, a close birthday or a graduation, what better way to congratulate your family than to make them feel like kings and queens on such important dates.

On this occasion, we explain how to make a wired crown. With the following tips and tricks you can create a beautiful and inexpensive crown, that yours will wear proud on that date. Look for special wire for crafts, put imagination, take out your creativity and … Hands on!To carry out this craft you will need: special and flexible wire, you can find it in craft stores or in gardening stores. Also, you will need pliers – if the wire is harder – or else a pair of scissors.Create a pattern Although we can not draw on the wire, we advise you to design a template on a blank sheet. In this way, you can follow the drawn pattern and you will have a reference when creating your wire crown.Next, unwind a piece of wire and create a circular base. The size of the piece of wire will depend on the size of the head of the crown carrier. Mold the circle with your own hands.Once the first circle is built, pull a little more wire and give another turn of wire to the base. With this, you will get to reinforce it. Remember that there is no need to have a perfect round, with which you can notice the two turns of wire of the base.Follow the designed pattern and start creating the tips you have decided to make. You can make them all the same size or alternate it. For example, make a crown of 5 points of 5 centimeters high each.You see measuring the wire to create the tips of the selected size. To make the tips, start from the base, raise the wire, turn it at the high point and go back down until you finish again in the circle. Once down, take a couple of turns at the base, rolling it to fix the tips.In finishing the first point and having rolled the wire in the base until leaving it at the outer end of the circular base, repeat step 6 again to create the other ends.



Measure the head circumference over the forehead. Then cut off a piece of wire 6 times the length of your head.

Align the long wire halfway and wrap around the paws of the pliers to make the first small loop around which the decorative tape will be tied. Start twisting the wire up to about 10 cm (see 4 inches below).

As you twist the wire along the entire crown, make sure it is evenly tilted to make it look neat.

When you have made 10cm twisted wire, put the bead on one of the two ends of the wire.

Determine how long you want a “branch” to be long (suggest about 4cm), fold the wire to that length, place the bead in the middle, tighten it with a wire and wrap the wire down.
Continue by wrapping both wires and making the next “twig”.

The space between each twig depends on your desires, but for a richer crown, we suggest a 1-2 centimeter spacing.

If you want a richer twig with two ends, take the following steps: switch the wire to the same length again, place the pearl in the middle, tighten it with a wire and rewind, but this time only to half the length of the twig.