I let my guard down momentarily.

Yesterday, I asked Hiromi out on a date, but she rejected my offer out of hand.


Do you have much snow here?

In most countries, people under the age of 18 are considered minors - they cannot vote.

This movie is so terrible it's hilarious.

Thomas refused to answer questions.

You've got another big day tomorrow.

Darren needs a bigger boat.

Mongo will never willingly go there by himself.

It makes me kind of happy.

I need to go somewhere else for a little while.

I'm not sure if that was meant as a compliment or as an insult.

I made her laugh.

We need to take care of this problem as soon as possible.

The storm was rolling in.

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Ken appears a friendly person.

My explanation was not sufficient.

The teacher submitted a request for more funds.


I am uncertain whether this is a thing of value.

Marsha likes hunting.

Forgive me, Brother.

Quitting my office job was a leap in the dark.

He traveled at the expense of the company.

Four more are needed to make fifty.

How about we play baseball in the open space?

You wouldn't have liked me the way I was three years ago.

Tell her it's a priority.

We should not fret for what is past, nor should we be anxious about the future; men of discernment deal only with the present moment.

He fell into the habit of keeping late hours.

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See you in an hour.

A drop of mustard fell and stained my tie during lunch.

The professor is familiar with contemporary literature.


He's an excellent kisser.

He received a tremendous punch on the jaw from his opponent.

Conrad is the only one who can help you now.

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That's part of the fun.

The experiment succeeded.

It was the first gold medal that she had won.

Do you really think I'm afraid of the dark?

I didn't know, so don't chew me out.

Hi, I have an appointment with the general manager. This is my interview notice.

You were incompetent.


Could I help you?

Take not God's name in vain; select a time when it will have effect.

One should not lament over past mistakes too long.

Most of our employees are young.

Leaves are to plants what lungs are to animals.

Make hay!

You should chew your food well.


Last week I was in Boston with my wife.


Piete got down on one knee and asked Micky to marry him.

I would want to eat breakfast.

They say he is guilty, but I believe the contrary.

Where is Banja Luka?

Space doesn't want to talk to Vicki.


Thank you for considering me for the job.

All the apple trees were cut down.

I know what you must think of me.


I went over the itinerary with my co-workers.

It must have been his sister's doing.

She ran out of paper.

Has a Beckie ever asked you to lie for him?

Before deciding to buy it, I tried on the jacket to see if it would fit.

John writes to his parents once a month.

Donald walked through the kitchen.

He won't come in a rain like this.

Don't get on the train yet.

Is this really possible?

Even though I ate three bowls of cereal for breakfast, I'm still hungry.

I think it must've been Lar who broke the window.

She would often bring home table scraps from the restaurant where she worked to feed to her dog.


I haven't decided yet.

I think that this is important.

Ti didn't want to be intimate with Indra before marriage.

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It was very helpful.

One learns from one's mistakes.

Patricio put on his coat and went out.


Angus is now staying at his uncle's house.

I wish I'd bought a size larger.

For long drives, a sedan is more comfortable than a pickup truck.


Setting a wolf to guard the sheep.

He haunted the art galleries.

Are you dressed?

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I'm still trying to do that.


Pessimists say "I'm not rich." Optimists say "I'm not rich at the moment."

That'll be all.

It's your last chance.

My older brother often stayed up all night reading novels.

This problem was troubling us until last night when we found the cause and fixed it.

I took care to make the letters large and be generous with character and line spacing in order for it to be easy to read for the elderly and those who have problems with their sight.

If you have something to say, just say it.


Has the evening paper arrived yet?

I want to know when your birthday is.

We can get a lot of things.

Val can't come to the phone.

It seems that my little sister got her wallet stolen at school.

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Edmund slipped off her robe and got into the shower.

That question naturally invited debate.

Now you've got me all mixed up.

Did you get what I sent you?

The actress is learning her lines.


John is quite greedy, isn't he?

Please hurry up.

We gather here once a week.


The year 1932 found him in Paris.

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I can't be positive.

Jobs are hard come by these days.

I think I'm ready for a change.

Can I get a blanket?

Seymour couldn't help but feel sad.

I need a little help!

Me too. What about playing tennis.

Why do you take by force what you can't take by love?

I don't know where to begin.

Can you pass me the salt?

Bill and John like to get together once a month to talk.

I will stop you.

I'd never hurt you.

He bet two pounds on the horse.

Great men are fond of sensual pleasures.

The president left Washington in early September.

Kent accidentally locked himself in the wine cellar.


I like them better.


The dog is man's best friend.


I could hardly keep from liking him.

I couldn't stand the itching.

Is sentence construction in Esperanto freer than in Portuguese?

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That's about all.

It's late and we're all tired, so I think we should go home.

She did nothing but cry all day.

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I've been told that Troy can't speak French.


I have no idea how that happened.

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Where's the exit?

Eric tried to open the drawer, but it was stuck.

"I think you'd make a cute couple." "Whaat?"


Nobody's trying to tell you anything.


Who lives in that house?

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I'm very, very happy.

We think in generalities, but we live in detail.

You shouldn't trust the man.

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That couldn't happen.


Let's find something we can agree on.

Pravin made himself a cup of tea.

Subra took part in the race.

I said get down!

I doubt the authenticity of the document.

How much is this watch?

I can't be positive.

Fletcher lost his hearing.

Would I lie to you?


The next one's for you.


They are all innocent children.


He gave the dog a bone.

He was cured of his drinking habit.

Why won't you let me talk to Mysore?

I don't wear shoes in my house.

We have to work hard to fix this problem.

I don't think Soohong lives here.

Bertrand is setting by money to go to Japan.

My brother in Kyoto became a teacher.

Yes, I understand.

Ima lost his job because the firm decided that a robot could do his job better.

Diana doesn't have to go to Boston next week.