Tickets are available here for $30.


Roland wasn't scared of the police.

Don't intrude on her privacy.

Let's take the subway.

What did you get exactly?

I'm just trying to consider all possibilities.

Did you really plan to do this all yourself?

Go and talk to her, Mah. What are you afraid of?


I am drinking coffee at a cafe.

I prefer spring to autumn.

Theodore couldn't remember where he'd first met Julie.

Everything you want is there.

Please don't ask me to do this again.

Everybody knew it, but I didn't care.

You'll never make it out here alive.

I can't believe you actually did that.

This man's ramblings are the furthest from the truth I've ever heard!

The entertainment expense was borne by our group.

His name is Kenji, but we call him Ken.

This was her first novel.

The Prime Minister fell from favor with the people.

She's stabilized for the time being.

He had to leave his cat at home.


I was asked to look into the matter.


My parents said it's bad luck to walk on your knees.

I won't say anything to Lex about this.

Why are you picking on me?

The weather seemed favorable for the test flight.

This is my page on Facebook.


Cindie is a little unusual in that he doesn't drink tea, coffee or beer.

The men loaded the baggage into the truck.

Kanthan became blind.

I've worked really hard.

Absolutely nonsensical things happen in this world.

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Has anybody spoken to her?

I'm fed up with all their lies.

Pamela is short for his age.


I'll be with you in a sec.

We are to meet in front of his house.

Thank you!


My laser printer can only handle black and white.

All you're doing is trying to escape reality.

I've already eaten my lunch.


I don't deserve to be so happy.

It's his greatest fault to be too generous.

I'm too busy to talk to you now.

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Tomorrow I'll clean my room.

The car hit a tree.

I don't know if I should be telling you this.

He has no interests, apart from his work.

Johann knows me very well.

In the Paris Commune, for two months the proletariat possessed political power; this was the first time in human history.

The hat is yours.

I'm taking the week off.

It looks like you just saw a ghost.

Shyam hasn't changed his mind.

That chapel was built by the Spaniards some centuries ago.

I've known Jim since we were children.

Can I borrow your umbrella?

You should have Mr Green correct your English pronunciation.

I didn't hire Leith.


These programs had to be paid for by taxes from the people.

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Don't talk about Mason that way.

Why do you need to do that?

Suresh is a student.

I had a mental blow at that time.

You have a tendency to talk too fast.

Words could not describe it.

She climbed down from the roof.


Her sister looks young.


I don't know for certain when he'll come back.


It's not always so easy to tell right from wrong.

Sorrel apologized.

If Anita is here, we have a problem.

I'll be careful.

Mom and Dad went to a party.

About the question: "What do you drink for breakfast?", "Nothing. I get up and read my email."

Please don't talk.

Klaudia isn't interested in a promotion at the moment.

I had gotten no sleep the night before, so I kept dropping off during the meeting.

His explanation is by no means satisfactory.

Saying and doing are two different things.

If you don't hurry, you'll miss the last train.

How long are we just going to sit here?

I'm aware of the problem you're referring to.

He was an indolent man, who lived only to eat, drink, and play at cards.


You might find this interesting.

No other casualties were reported.

Betty was the last to arrive.


Monty is the country's foremost expert on the conflict in Syria.

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The result was really satisfying.


Do we have something to celebrate?


He died before I arrived.

She's my sister.

Could you all please just go home?


The bridge couldn't sustain the force of the strong current and collapsed.

She sat up late last night.

He stood by the gate, rubbing his hands together.

The old teacher began to talk about the good old days.

It is rumoured that a spaceship has been seen near Shanghai.

The park is well wooded.

Lila opened the trunk of the car.


I told Lloyd to calm down.


The poem was written in Spanish and then translated into Portuguese.

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The doctors say it was a miracle that Amigo made it through the night.


A group of youths attacked the old man.

To speak frankly, I don't like your idea.

One cannot learn a language without being in touch with the language.

Your generosity is appreciated.

I assume that's the reason Patricio isn't here.

A "shiitake" is a type of mushroom.

I promised myself I wouldn't do this again.

Charleen gets along fine with Pia.

He looks wealthy, but actually he's not.


We are growing lilacs in our garden.

Everyone of us is responsible for their own conduct.

Google makes money by selling advertising.

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Bud asked me why I worked so hard.

Spy was very calm.

I won't let you die.


Alberto fell into a coma caused by his alcoholism in January 1983, and died in May without having regained consciousness, at St. Shuvra's Hospital in Herne.


We just won a 20 LB. turkey

Their job is to confuse learners of the language.

I don't know anything about guns.

The noise disturbed his sleep.

You hate me, don't you?


Here is a reminder for young people: you will all die sometime.

I'd rather not try.

It's raining pretty hard.

She got the thief.

Anything he does, it makes no difference for me.

What is your suggestion?

You're not as smart as you think you are.

Hang your coat and hat up on the rack over there.

Bavarian cooking is hearty and rustic.


Fortunately I was well trained.

One can even learn at an old age.

He wanted to know how it tasted, so he bit off a little piece.

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There's a woman waiting over there who wants to talk to you.

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She just called to make sure that you were safe.

Don't let them fool you.

He has been struck by lightning three times.

Did you hear anything unusual lately?

How much is it including insurance and tax?

I don't feel up to running to the station.

Now you just hold on for a minute.

That wasn't him.

That should tell you something.

Myrick denies those allegations.

We should keep every school open and every teacher in his job.

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The book is about the law.

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Jennifer and Geoffrey are so delighted that they found an honest and capable painter.


He is not very good at mathematics.

I was worried you wouldn't come.

Ken was sick, so I stayed home to take care of him.

When do I get to talk to her?

He did it for himself, not for me.

Promise me you won't make fun of me.

I couldn't have predicted this happening.

He didn't know Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet.

Saqib withdrew three hundred dollars from his personal account yesterday.

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Would you like some of those pictures?