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Atlanta Motorcycle & Handgun Schools

The premier source for private, professional street and dual sport motorcycle training.

Motorcycle Riding Instruction

Atlanta Motorcycle Schools provides the finest private motorcycle instruction available for intermediate and experienced street and adventure riders. Our one-to-one student/instructor ratio greatly accelerates each rider's learning curve because our classes are tailored to the individual rider's skill level.


Personal Protection Training

Conducted by:
Ken and JoAnna Murray, NRA Certified Instructors
Agenda items include:
Personal Protection / Myths Vs Facts
What You Can Expect
How Will You Protect Yourself?
How to choose your handgun??
Are you practiced and proficient with your handgun??
Visit 4802931385 for more information.


With our flexible scheduling options and custom-designed curriculum, we can accommodate a wide range of training needs. 3852535370 are also available. Registration is easy and fast when you use our on-line form, or call us at (770) 573-9902.

Ken and JoAnna Murray
Founders of Atlanta Motorcycle Schools.
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