Every dad on the planet love their Smartphone and tablets so much, maybe not as much as they love their kids but we do not need a rocket scientist just to know how dads value their “techy” toys. Dads love these gadgets for so many reasons and one of the reasons have something to do with apps. There’s already like a million mobile applications nowadays. Some apps are free and some apps will cost you few bucks to download. It can be an entertaining app or something that is work related. My dad personally love all his games but also his ever trusty planner apps.

With that being said, listed below are some of the best applications that can absolutely make any dad’s day. Surprise the best man in your life by making sure that these apps are already in his smartphone.

Does your dad love music? Then Shazam is a great choice. This app is just like any other music player with all the ordinary features, but in some manner Shazam differ. This application allows to view YouTube videos of the track you have chosen and information on the song can also be shared with friends over social networking sites such as Facebook. In addition, this software allows user to tag a particular song in a Good or Bad list. Provided that the song is group into the Bad list, then they are less likely to appear during playback while songs classify in the Good List will come out more frequently.

If your dad is an avid reader, Kindle is a good app. It is recommended to install Kindle whether you are using your personal or business phone. This software is one of the most popular eBook reading applications available today. Kindle access to millions of books to read, outstanding eBooks I must say, so your dad can be assured that he have always something to read no matter where he is and at any given point of time. Kindle also allow user to adjust size, bookmarking of pages and allow you skip a page.

Your dad might be too busy and forget to take his breakfast and drink his coffee in the morning. Starbuck application is perfect to use. With this app, your dad can locate the nearest Starbucks coffee shop. This app is perfect for travelers as well or if he is new in the place.

If your dad loves knowing the latest movies, this app is a must-have. Fandango allow user to watch movie, trailers, read reviews. And even purchase movie tickets. Your dad will absolutely love how easy he can access to all the newest and hottest movies today. In addition, user can put theaters movies in his favorite list, see movie stars pictures and videos as well.

CBS Sports
For sporty dads out there, CBS Sports is the best application to have. This app provide the latest reports on all the big guns — the NFL, NBA, NHL, college basketball, MLB, golf and tennis. Here your dad can be updated on the latest happening whether it is in the stadium, on the court or arena!

There you go, some great apps that you can download for your dads! I didn’t put any games apps since there are so many. But trust me when I say that you need to put games on your Dad’s smartphone too. So put some Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja on it too and your Dad’s smartphone would be perfect!

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Awesome Cyber Monday Deals!!
November 10, 2013 – Featured, News, Trending – no comments
Cyber Monday Deals aren’t usually released until at least after Black Friday, but this year, we are finding more and more Cyber Monday ads and deals that retailers are promoting. So to keep you excited for our favorite day of the year, here are 5 of the best deals we could find online right now.

1. Amazon.com’s 24″ 1080 Monitor — $129.99

cybermondaycoupons Awesome Cyber Monday Deals!!

2. WD My Passport External Hard Drive, 1.5TB – $89.99

cybermondaycoupons5 Awesome Cyber Monday Deals!!

3. ASUS MeMO Pad, 1.00GHz Tablet, 7″ 1GB DDR3 Memory 16GB – $89.99

cybermondaycoupons4 Awesome Cyber Monday Deals!!

4. Lenovo G500 Intel Core i5, 4GB Memory 500GB HDD 15.6″, Windows 8 – $430

cybermondaycoupons3 Awesome Cyber Monday Deals!!

5. Wal-Mart’s LG LED HDTV (1080P), 42″ — $379


Bluehost vs Hostgator

Bluehost vs Hostgator: Who Will Win The Battle? Which Coupon Would You Use? To start your own website, you need to start at the right path. And one of the first things you would want to get right is to get the best web hosting service. Finding a reliable host can save you a lot of headaches down the track. To help you with that, today’s coupons at Vailpromedia.com are web hosting coupons from two of the best web hosting sites nowadays – Bluehost and Hostgator.

Both are great web hostings that would be the right path to go. But what would you choose to use? Bluehost coupons or Hostgator coupons? Let us do a comparison for both then. I was initially going to do a Bluehost review and a Hostgator review separately. But I decided to really go overboard and let everyone know who will win the battle in case these two – both fantastic web hosting sites – battled it out. When it comes to reliability I have had a fantastic experience with both providers. But in every battle, there’s always one that would stand out. Read on to know who won.


Bluehost has been serving customers since 1996 and has been voted as one of the 20 largest web hosting companies in the world hosting just under 2 million domains. Hostgator maybe a newer one but has been voted in the Top 10 largest hosting provider for many years now. They have 9 million websites hosted in them.

Winner: It’s a TIE. Both have EQUAL credibility.


Bluehost and Hostgator both provide awesome cPanel. They are up to date, files and folders are organized and safely tucked away from intruders. Both are easy to navigate and billing areas are well maintained. Although Hostgator slightly get ahead of this due to their creative harness of the power of their mascot “gator” beautifully. People can see their alligator and know for sure that it is them. Bluehost on the under hand doesnt even have something to represent their brand.

Winner: Hostgator.Thanks for their mascot.

Features and Pricing

Hostgator and Bluehost both provide similar awesome features. Bluehost provide one flat plan, Hostgator offers a variety of options depending on what is required. While an all you an eat plan sounds enticing, you don’t always need it. More does not always mean better.

Winner: Bluehost. One plan. One price.

Customer support

I think the technical support aspect of a web hosting provider is one of the most important thing people should look out for. As for Hostgator, I always get quick and very accurate answers to all my problem. Bluehost is equally as good however I must admit from time to time I have received mediocre live chat support that I suspect was probably outsourced to a foreign country on some occasions.

Winner Hostgator. 100% success with their live support.

Performance and reliability

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the performance and reliability of both hosting providers. Both offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and I have to be honest that I am yet to experience one outage with either of them. Based on customer experience, performance and reliability my experiences with Hostgator have been amazing so Hostgator wins hands down for me.

Winner: Hostgator

So now that you’ve read our review, which web hosting coupon would you choose to use? Bluehost coupon or Hostgator coupon? My two cents would be, Since, I have been hosting with Hostgator for many years and I have had less downtime than others and always get great customer support.

Coupon Tip from our Authors:
You can get $3.95 / month with this bluehost coupon for 2014.

Top Antivirus Brands This 2014


Every year, antivirus brands launched a new product or update their old ones to stand out from the rest. They updated a number of technological trends and features that will make their antivirus more effective. In this article, let us see what important features should an antivirus have this year and which brands top each features. Read on

Mini Suite Instead of Standalone Product
People nowadays are always looking for a package. Something that they can buy once and without any fuss but will contain everything they need. That is why this year, antivirus make lesser of their standalone products and more of their mini suite. Our top pick for mini suites is the McAfee brand since the McAfee All Access allow people to install it in more than one computer and device and it has everything in it including antivirus and online security. McAfee All Access sells for only $49.99. Get it at an even more affordable price with this McAfee promo code today.

A powerful firewall is one of the defining elements of any antivirus as it protects outside forces trying to get access to your network and your computer. This year, several free antivirus versions provided a fully functional firewall such as Panda, McAfee and AVG. However, when it comes to paid and really effective firewall protection, Norton tops any other brand. Get Norton antivirus today at a more affordable price using this Norton coupon code.

Phishing Protection
Nowadays, Phishing is becoming more and more alarming as more cybercriminals want to lure people on clicking their links and then get their most important information. This is why antiviruses made their anti-phishing feature even more effective. Bitdefender has one of the most highly effective phishing protection tool. AVG has a links scanner that scans and marks all links seen in your browser if it is a safe site or not. McAfee Antivirus has a SiteAdvisor that does the same but does it even better.

Data Blocking/Removing
Only BitDefender Antivirus does data blocking and removing really well. It is on the spot and attacker/hacker cant retrieve or access the data. However it is worth stating that Kaspersky and McAfee Data shredder is a good way to block data too as it removes all the data traces attached to computer or internet use and can never be retrieve by any other recovery software. Get Kaspersky in a more affordable price using this Kaspersky discount coupon today!

Better Interfaces
When it comes to interfaces, antivirus companies have redesigned and improved the interface of their antivirus products to make them more user-friendly and uncluttered. Some of my favorite interface includes AVG and Norton.

Fine-tuning PC
Almost all antivirus software have the feature to optimize your PC for enhanced security and performance.