Orville didn't know what time he was supposed to be there.

I know you still remember all the good memories between us.

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It was big.

What's today's dinner?

I've been crying all morning.

Why are you crying, my beloved?

A smile played on her lips.


Heinz really made you happy, didn't he?

Do you think we'll get a chance to rub shoulders with any celebrities?

How can I lose weight quickly?

You're all adorable.

By the time I noticed that the newspaper had fallen into the water, it had turned into a mushy pulp.


He promoted the idea of world government.

The pants I bought are too tight.

I've been wandering around.

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That wasn't hard.

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Takao hired Gabriel to clean his house.

You have a good plan, Comrade Zhukov.

"Then I will be all yours," said the little white rabbit.

Why did Link have to go missing?

Roxane and Keith want to help.


Let's take a break and drink some tea.

Mann made no move to leave.

I was thinking about what you said earlier.

Nowadays, rooftop solar panels are popping up like weeds.

Your explanation lacks concreteness.


"Six pence per second," Bob reminds her.

Your crimes have desecrated your ancestor's graves.

He is the very person I have wanted to see.

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It might happen to you.

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Lori has already done it.


Clifford wished he had studied some Georgian before he began travelling through the mountains of the Caucasus.


Where does this road lead, please?


I was just thinking about Donal.

She tried to allay their fears but only ended up heightening them.

They are my friends.

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I told her to stay in her room.

I went through the gate out onto the street.

You are drinking fresh water.

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Marnix has you to thank for his success.

Cleveland decided that high tariffs were wrong.

They need a sharp knife.

I thought it was worth a try.

Stop next to the school.

Bobbie came into the room without knocking on the door.

Due to injury to the cervix during dilation used in some abortions, your next baby may have a low birth weight or you may be more likely to have a spontaneous abortion in later pregnancies.


Lois was the one who taught me to swear.

She phoned her husband to come immediately.

Gypsy played spoons and Angus played kazoo.

I really like Hokkaido.

I'll meet you downstairs.

I'm going to watch the baseball game on TV.

Are you sure this isn't poison?

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Here is another quote from Luis Fernando Verissimo: "Never be afraid of trying something new. Remember that a single layman constructed the ark, and a large group of professionals built the Titanic."

How much do these pants cost?

I hope that will change soon.


She is by no means beautiful.

Do we have to keep this a secret?

I'm not ready to give up yet.


I think that's great!


What you see above the water is just the tip of the iceberg.


Don't worry at all.

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I told you, but you didn't pay attention.

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Cary couldn't help blushing.

Sedovic isn't a religious man.

This time is going to be different.

We're not afraid of a fight.

Duane ought to have known better than to say that.

Dawson asked me how many guitars I owned.

I objected to being treated like a child.

I never called her an idiot.

Everyone looked over at them.

Stevan doesn't have to do that right now.

Latvian girls are among the best girls in the world!


On April 12, 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit Earth.

He is also returning late today.

Billie marked a sentence with a yellow highlighter.

You weren't expecting this to happen, were you?

Kyung and I went to high school together.

He has a penchant for whistling at pretty ladies he sees on the street.

This room is very stuffy.

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This plan will bankrupt the economy of our town.

I'm going to call it a day.

Jong doesn't know what the homework assignment is.

Eduardo jumped.

I can make it.


This vowel change has much to do with the overall accent pattern assigned to each word.

I really enjoy what I do.

We will have a meeting at his house this evening.

My father made me a delicious lunch.

I can't believe Jose did that to Colin.


That medicine worked.

Is that normal?

Let's play a new game.


I take my hat off to you.

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At that time, she was busy with some sort of work.

This building is ancient.

You worry too much about what others think of you.

He's so cute.

Some people seemed to think the good times were going to last forever.

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She buys what she wants regardless of the cost.


I thought Leonard was trying to impress me.

We learn by trial and error.

There's no mistake about it.


Love is like some fresh spring, that leaves its cresses, its gravel bed and flowers to become first a stream and then a river, changing its aspect and its nature as it flows to plunge itself in some boundless ocean, where restricted natures only find monotony, but where great souls are engulfed in endless contemplation.

We considered the report as false.

They love it.

All people are good in the bottom of their hearts.

Who'll succeed?

I know you're making it all up.

I do not suspect that his opinion is any different from ours.

I got it in the mail today.

Having made all the preparations, he set out for Tokyo.

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A special pen had to be invented for astronauts to be able to write while in space. This pen uses a rubber-like ink that also works well underwater.

I'm sure it wasn't me who broke this.

The project to build a new sports center has fallen through for lack of adequate funds.

If we have money problems we can always dip into our savings.

How would you know?

We need another plan.

They're really good at making clothes.

I finally met him today.

She must have once been a real beauty.

All of my clothes are custom made.

We've got a 13-hour fight ahead of us.


At last, the gem was in his hands.


I should've known you'd come back.

She has a bit of a bad temper.

Let's do one thing at a time.

Before Per met Pim, he drank heavily.

You should do it like this.

Shouldn't we lock the door?

Jane went out of her way to be nice to the new girl.

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Saad spoke softly.

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It was wrong to try to judge happiness in terms of worldly success.


His doom is sealed.

What is she late for?

The scientist was working on a new experiment.

There can be only one queen in the hive.

We can see who's laughing, but not who's crying.


Why don't you let me handle things?

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It was mesmerising.

I don't know where Eddy lives.

You were his greatest fan, you see.


He went to see her in hospital every other day.

There's no buried treasure here.

Now that we're in our new house, I have to inform the post office of the change of address.

He's making his children sick with his cigarette smoking.

Stick to jackets that aren't too gaudy.


My husband won't let me get a job.


Mitch was lonely and wished he had someone to talk to.


I understand that you're angry.

Can we turn on some lights?

Get him over here right away.

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You are jealous.


The kangaroo mouse lives in the Nevada desert.